The Premier is “out of luck”: the green heist is over!

June 21, 2013

             Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future, wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario. It is safe to say that Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement of ending the FIT in the FUTURE, and some vague allure of community engagement on sitting, did not mesh with the immediate problems of Rural Ontario. In fact, the vagaries were perceived by many as insulting. “Unfortunately,” said Sherri Lange of Na-Paw, “it does not appear in the       language of the announcement for changes in green energy policy that anything substantive will change, save the developers in future years, beyond the mayhem now in Ontario, will have to scramble for competitiveness in the marketplace. Projects already approved, most of them already in the line, will not be cancelled, despite strong universal and growing objection, and municipalities advising the Premier one by one that they are NOT willing hosts.”

For years, the people of Ontario have variously called for an immediate moratorium, for the resignation of Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health, and for a public enquiry. Now, we are continuing our call for change by adding the current Premier to our own “out of luck” list of politicians. Seventeen members of         Parliament were changed last election, including seven Liberal Ministers. The objective now is to                  communicate more thoroughly with urban centres about the injustices and economic and environmental     problems with industrial wind, to demand political change NOW, and ask urban dwellers to join the charge for a return to a free and just society.

In the light of additional erasure of government documents, hiding gas plant buyout figures that have turned out to be astronomical, and attempts to hide facts of costs with proroguing government, changing        Premiers, and a stubbornly clung to energy policy based on now commonly known “serious                                 misrepresentations”, the insult to common sense is complete. Ontario is not ready to embrace more of the same. The Premier has dangled promises of conversation, and change, and no projects for unwilling hosts, but has not delivered. The only thing delivered in full is disappointment and shame. “The Premier is now out of luck and we enjoin her to resign as soon as possible,” said Lange. Lorrie Gillis, Chair of the Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group, shares this sentiment. “The Liberal government continues to ignore all of the   serious issues that have come forward with existing industrial wind turbines. This government continues on, with willful blindness and with NDP complicity, promoting and giving approvals to an industry that threatens legal action against municipalities and individuals and which is given full and free license to harm and destroy wildlife habitat.”

How much further economic looting will the Liberals continue to indulge in? Factories moving, high costs of energy that will never bring back jobs, insincere and shallow platitudes about “green” saving us, and      platitudes from even Mr. Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner, who is calling for more renewables. “There does not appear to be an independent view within the Liberal regime that can correct any single aspect of turbine hell in Ontario,” said Lange. “Even appearance of fairness is broken. This government additionally illegally breaks its own laws on disclosure and privacy by hiding or destroying documents. We concur with the Energy Critic, Vic Fideli, that the only option for Ontario is to engage the OPP investigate these matters as “criminal.”

Misshapen energy policies and wanton waste have driven the province to near bankruptcy, agree anti wind leaders in the province. “We no longer have visionary and responsible leadership. Instead, we have      corporations and government literally creating a legal and simplistic “green” framework amid a complete  vacuum of facts and knowledge,” said Lorrie Gillis. “People have nowhere else to turn. Nothing here is       working; they are stripped of health, homes, livestock, community vibrancy, and democracy. Everything must change, and that change must include a new Premier for this province.”

We will continue to use every opportunity to expose the government fed green falsehoods. Every other economic and social building block depends on constructive meaningful energy policy. The colossal waste of public money with the astronomical collateral damage of a wasted rural Ontario, cancelled gas plants, secret Samsung deals, Chief of Staff destroyed government documents, and waste at every level from E-health to Ornge, leaves the people no choice but to demand the resignation of the Premier. This can only be called “high octane and serial” negligence.

Sherri Lange, CEO, NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power), 416-567-5115,

Lorrie Gilles, Chair of the Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group, 1-519-922-3072



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