Bullying for Dollars

July 18, 2013

Bullying has become serious enough to receive acres of media attention. In physical form, or as hurtful remarks, bullying has been applied directly to victims, or threatened. Repeated bullying has produced suicides. Victims just give up, on themselves and on life. For them, there seems to be no safe haven, of any kind, anywhere. Some of them seem to have been induced into thinking that their personal victimhood was their normal state, unendurable though it turned out to be. The bullies are not known to have expressed any remorse. Motivation for bullying is hard to describe and explain. Maybe it is some sociopathic craving, just of itself, for real or imagined power, over one or many other people. Alternately, the main motive is extortion. Bullies avoid or eliminate fair competition. They make sure to have enough power, protection and support to overcome any conceivable act or thought of resistance. “Uncle Joe” Stalin acted this way when he starved millions of Ukrainians to death, during days of purported peace. Read about it. Ukrainians were not in tune with intentions in Moscow. The vast majority of us Beachers are not in tune with marauding developers, who purpose to dominate The Beach, as Stalin did to Ukraine. Take it all. The bullying threat of conquest by condozing now is suspended as a perpetual raincloud over the peaceful parade of life in The Beach. It is reinforced by relentless applications for acceptances of condozing that may have been rejected several or many times. This threat will be much magnified if developers ever can induce the OMB to relent just once. Lobbyists for developers might, at this moment, be trying to obtain those unwarranted permissions, unwanted by Beachers. Is there any truth in the opinion that lobbyists may be corrupters? We can be guided by remembering that bullies flee from resistance. But, they often return, in hope that resistance shall have abated. Persistent and very strong resistance to condozing, and other miscreance must increase, because stronger invasive force is to be expected. Don’t give up!

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