Harry O’Neil

July 18, 2013

Longtime Beaches resident of 20 years, Harry O’Neil has passed away at the age of 55 after suffering a heart attack. Beachers will remember Harry for his beloved WaterGarden/Koi Pond, a much visited and photographed oasis in our city. As a former social worker who dealt with troubled youth, and as a detox/drug addiction counselor, Harry was a well respected member of East Toronto. Defiant to the end, Harry not only took on major condo developers but also played his role to Occupy Toronto. Organ Donor and Canadian Eye Bank Donor Harry O’Neil is survived by his Mother – Bernadette O’Neil (Grand Falls, NB), 3 Sisters; Lois O’Neil (Toronto), Brenda Morin (Moncton, NB), Shelley Smith (Delaware, USA), a brother Terry O’Neil (Edmonton, AB), 4 nieces and 3 nephews. His remains were cremated and flown home for burial alongside his Brother Daniel [1978] in Blue Bell Cemetery, NB. The Beaches Blues Fest and Danforth Music Festival, in it’s 20th year is adding to our mission statement the celebration of past community members. We are offering our services to Harry’s friends and family in the community to plan a Celebration of Life event in his honour. Location, musical performances, food and memorials are provided. Members of the general public are welcome. For more information on location, date and time call (416) 693-6325. His pond once filled with koi, goldfish and water lilies, no longer sits at it’s usual location at Queen – just west of Woodbine. Condo developers have saw fit to annex Harry’s home and our community to make way for profit. The gurgling fountain and water-features have been donated to the Beaches Fire Department, while the area with Harry’s purple and gold house is demolished.


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