Taking Health Canada post-dated medical permits to the RCMP!

July 18, 2013

On June 18 2013, Health Canada priority posted Henriette McIntyre’s Authorization to Possess and Permit to Produce Marijuana for medical use post-dated to June 28 2013. Her doctor had not said she should wait 10 days to start her medication and Health Canada’s Bureau of Controlled Substances Director Louis Proulx had no medical reasons for post-dating its delivery. On June 25 2013 at 3pm, after suffering an extra 7 days of stress waiting for her permit to take effect, Henriette McIntyre filed a short notice motion in Federal Court T-1118-13 for a personal constitutional exemption to use marijuana for medical purposes until the Applicant’s Health Canada exemption AP-HMM-09-M55571140-54-13-A which was mailed June 18 but whose issuance was post-dated to June 28 2013, takes effect… Louis Proulx issued her new permits that day dated June 25 2013 before the 5pm hearing but processed under the new June 19th Regulations invalidating her permits on March 31 2014, though she may keep her authorization valid until June 18 2014 by providing proof-of-purchase of the government’s $10/gm product where she could have continued to produce it herself for under $1/gm for the extra 3 months. Her authorization processed under the old regulations would have permitted. McIntyre’s application to be reprocessed under the former regime continues. On July 3 2013, at 11am, Henriette McIntyre will hold a press conference outside the Police Station in Gatineau Quebec before laying an information against Gatineau resident Louis Proulx and any employees of Health Canada’s Bureau of Controlled Substances who conspired to: “post-date for 10 days the delivery of her medical authorization to use marijuana.” At 1pm, Henriette McIntyre will hold a press conference outside the RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa to lay the same criminal complaint against any Health Canada’s personnel for the same criminal conspiracy against her health. In support of the charges will be cited the file of Mike Spottiswood whose Exemption was expiring on June 22. His Crown Attorney in London, Ontario admitted on June 19 2013 that the Health Canada’s database showed his renewal had taken 3 weeks to process by May 24 2013; but since it had been processed under the new not-yet-published June 19 regulations, his renewal had been delayed 4 weeks until the June 19 2013. Regulations could take effect and his renewsals delivered the day before they expired! Though he was processed under the June 19 2013 regulations that were not yet enacted, his completed exemption was mailed out on June 18 2013! The Health Canada database records of Ray Turmel, Peter Stock, Wayne Robinson, Mike Power, Wade Faganello and up to 7,000 others whose permits may have been delayed in the allowed 10-weeks-to-process leading up to June 19 2013. Regulations should show similar systemic delay and post-dating of medical permits to put them under the new regime. Two weeks later, Ray received a rejection letter with a check list showing everything had been “OK” but that the property owner’s Consent Form F was missing and had to be re-submitted yearly. Not only was this required Form F not mentioned on the renewal page, there was no mention of it on Form R! With his Authorization expiring on May 31 2013, Ray immediately mailed off the unmentioned Form F which was received on May 1, 2013, expecting quick processing by the Renewal Team for only one form that hadn’t changed from the last year. One week passed, two weeks passed, three weeks passed, in his fourth week with only days before expiry, he called Health Canada to verify the status of his renewal and was told it would take even more weeks to process that one 1-page. Though he pointed out S.65 mandated he destroy his stored marijuana and his plants until his renewal got to him, he was told to just “follow the rules” and then start all over again.   After being caught on the Form F glitch, without which her permits would have been authorized so other later amendments that caused her complications would have not have retarded her renewals as they did, Priscilla Lavell’s exemption expired on Mar 12 2013. When her amendment issues were resolved 5 weeks after expiry in mid-April, she was advised it would still take the standard 8-10 weeks to process her permits and follow the rules and destroy her supply of medication and plants until her renewal arrived and she could plant new seeds and wait another 5 months for her first crop. Same situation Ray faced. Needless to say, since she’s not sicker or dead after those 9 weeks of expired authorization dreading being raided that she suffered through, she must have broken the law since she’s not suffering waiting for her first crop in 3 more months. Health Canada narcs seem inured to the agonies suffered by patients when they stall renewal of their expired prescriptions even longer. No doubt their database has some telling notes about stalling her 10 more weeks after she’s already been expired 5!   After Health Canada were gone home for the weekend knowing with Ray Turmel’s permits expiring at midnight, a Special Sitting of Federal Court was granted by Mr. Justice Yvan Roy at 6:30pm Friday night May 31 2013 where the Senior General Counsel and Director General of Civil Litigation Alain Prefontaine explained how he’d contacted Deputy Minister Glenda Yeates who got Director of Medical Cannabis Dr. Stephane Lessard to explain he didn’t know what had happened. Authorizations are now processed in under a month and renewals far less! When Mr. Prefontaine pointed out Ray had corrected the “glitch” in a day and that everything could be fixed up on Monday morning, Justice Roy said: not good enough, and ordered Health Canada to attend court in the morning to explain why it took more than 6 weeks to process one page. “Has the department gone fishing? I’m quite annoyed at the position you’ve put me in. Get the Deputy Minister to expedite it or see me in the morning!”


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