July 18, 2013

Today’s NEW YORK TIMES (July 12 2013) runs a full feature article on noise and learning, noise and sleep           deprivation.

We live in noisy times. Yet the chronic exposure of noise can be devastating to your health, and your child’s. Add to construction noise, turbine mechanical noise and low frequency and infrasound. “Beyond harming hearing, chronic exposure to noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Children in classrooms buffeted by outside noise lag behind, and their teachers report lower job satisfaction. Pervasive background noise may damage the hearing center of babies’ developing brains, research has found, possibly leading to auditory and language-related development delays. And though people may assume they have grown accustomed to noise, a constant din, even at low frequencies, often takes a heavy physiological toll. Noise causes stress even when a person is sleeping. “There’s definite clearly defined cardiovascular impacts such as hypertension,” said Robyn Gershon, a professor in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, who has heavily researched urban noise, with a focus on New York City. “Also learning impairment in children, impacts on attention, memory, and worker productivity.” Sleep disturbances are also linked to excessive noise, with higher production of stress hormones, which, she noted, can adversely affect the immune system.” http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/07/12/nyregion/behind-citys-painful-din-culprits-high-and-low.html But if this isn’t serious enough, TORONTO, add to this what is happening in your kid’s schools, in classrooms, textbooks, and yes, summer programs. Remember we wrote last month about Robert Spencer’s new Bluffs paper, the Advocate, and the NDP leanings which of course promote wind turbines? Well, note the name on this ECO Committee again: Mr. Bob Spencer. The infiltration into your kid’s mind is ubiquitous. Not even a space for a turbine free summer. YES, the NDP staff pension is tied into destruction of very sensitive wetlands and alvars: the Gilead Project at Ostrander. (The NDP MPPs do not participate in the staff’s pension, but the links are definitely there. Part of the nice greedy bird and bat killing regime. OPSEU is also a partner!) Please also note that the TDSB is also a sponsor or supporter of this program. Feel free to add your own letter or call to Mr. Bolton, Acting Chair, if you are offended that your child’s brain is being subjected to wind power and NDP propaganda. Telephone: 416-397-3100 Email: chris@chrisbolton.ca Dear Mr. Bolton, Chair of the Toronto District School Board I wanted to alert you to some concerning developments re: the TDSB’s support for a program that is actually promoting ideological fantasy of a rather dangerous kind for kids.   The wind industry is on occasion giving out t-shirts to kids, (grade 4-8 for example), and doing other corporate forays into schools and boards that parents are finding exception to.  It is problematic when a School Board endorses a program that is actually based on misinformation, and propaganda.  Wind power is just that: an idle thought that makes developers rich, and one whose reputation is now on the line.  Even the CEO of Vestas has suggested recently that wind power is “suffering from credibility issues.”  In the Toronto Beach area recently, a program is being promoted by the NDP and a Mr. Spencer who is also advancing an NDP newsprint forum actively in support of wind power. We will also contact the Board at TREC and the Mayor of Toronto, to advise them of the public discontent over this program. We have also objected to Mr. Spencer on behalf of many people along the shores who found his paper, two editions, to be slanted, and propaganda based. We are very concerned that our kids do not receive incorrect information about industrial wind. Wind turbines are NOT green, and do nothing to mitigate climate change, in fact they ADD to CO2, if that is your measure.  Wind turbines do not even create meaningful power: with about 140,000 turbines world wide, we yet receive less than 1/2 of one percent, net zero, power.   The subsidies are massive, and pour into the pockets of the developers, on the backs of much higher hydro bills, which in turn puts people out of work.  Spain and the UK are but two sad examples of economies torn apart by green lies. Wind turbines are also an ecological disaster.  In the USA alone, between 37-42 MILLION birds and bats are killed, annually. Some species such as the Whooping Crane, are on their way to extinction.   As the TDSB appears to be a partner in this eco camp venture, we would respectfully ask that you examine carefully the facts about wind, and contact the organizers, and emphasize that the promotion of a deadly and utterly useless form of energy promotion cannot be part of the TDSB supported program. With best wishes, Sherri Lange CEO, NA-PAW http://www.na-paw.org


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