Artsie Fartsie

August 14, 2013

Councillors Paula Fletcher, Mary-Margaret McMahon and Janet Davis arrived at this year’s Local Arts Service Organization promoting yet another pointless waste of your taxpayer money. Mary Fragedakis, in-toe as the follower she is was thrilled with the abstract expressionism and soiled canvases. A total of $533,410 tax-payer dollars has been wasted in just 2011 alone for funding this organized “local artists” union. Keep in mind this figure does NOT include comrade Davis’ newly formed East York LASO, as the so-called “creative capital funding” just recently started draining the pocket books of Ward 31 residents. Indeed, supporting well fed artists living off the disability system is the Diamond Jubilee of gravy train councillors. LASOs suck up municipal funding to “provide services aligned with those of cultural services at both the policy and operational levels” according to their website. So… wait a second, does that mean I am not aligned with the cultural (ie: political & social) policy of my city councillors on an operational level? I am a graphic designer, who has created countless works of fine art in our community. Still I have yet to wet my lips on Mary-Margaret’s milk money. I am starting to think these leftist feminist pickpockets don’t like me very much. Could it have something to do with the fact that anyone who dissents from their socialist policy, who questions closed-door talks and who demands accountability for waste is not considered a member of the community… Well maybe when it’s time to pay your taxes and vote, the rest of the time keep your mouth shut and do as you are told! As a local REAL artist in the community I find it sickening only politically correct illustrators can enjoy this pointless tax-and-waste program. Where is my kickback? I can grab a brush and mixing tray to smear schizophrenic lines of paint just as good as any of the other so-called “artists”. While the ever-growing NDP newsletters in our community such as the Beach Metro and East Yorker are more then happy to whitewash this newspaper’s take on the LASO, keep in mind Your Ward News is not a non-profit. We do not run “Happy Canada Day” advertisements from the local assortment of NDPers, and we do not believe in sucking the tax-payer’s tit. We do not support our councillor’s theft, and this newspaper is not about to regurgitate their propaganda like all the other outhouse rolls of toilet paper!


The vodka stiffener.

August 14, 2013

Wonder, wonder… what does comrade Fletcher ponder? Ban the entertainment. Ban the food. Ban the drinks and ban the jobs! No refreshments for the working man, no nightclubs for the hormone-heavy hipsters. Like to go out for a business lunch? Too bad! The NDP nanny state takes form with a new bylaw that will effectively restrict the number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in our communities. The Brainchild of Gordie Boy Perks, who has already completed several ridiculous tax-and-waste projects is now figuring out ways to utterly destroy small business owners’ livelihoods. The ends justify the means, and Fletcher wants to win the war against the capitalist pig-dogs who dare think their small Mom & Pop setup can actually turn a profit! Still, it’s always Rob Ford who has to give a wake-up call “I’m a capitalist, as you know, and I believe in free enterprise. And if people want to open restaurants, and it creates jobs, it’s fantastic for the economy” the mayor noted. So without the support of Mayor Ford, the whole rash of commie trash is once again on board. Even ‘Red Dawn Adam Vaughan’ thinks it’s a bright idea to practically ban new bars and restaurants in the core of Toronto. Someone please get this man an honorary MENSA membership! Has the fact this new bylaw will, along with the anti-casino disaster utterly destroy tourism in our city ever been seriously considered? I guess unless tourists plan on applying for a large mortgage to pay off condo-developers our local NDPers frankly just don’t give a damn. How is live entertainment, good food, a few drinks and a profitable economy bad for Toronto? Even Moscow today is one of Europe’s biggest trendy night spots. When communism fell, wealthy club owners changed the face of much of their city… for the better. I guess Paula Fletcher still wants to rekindle the glory days of the hammer and sickle.

By: Sherri Lange, North American Platform Against Wind Power One of the ever emerging “hot button” issues in the wind turbine controversy is the fact that bird and bat mortality numbers continue to climb. Now estimated in the USA, by experts Paul Driessen and Jim Wiegand, a wildlife and wind turbine mortality expert, the death numbers come in at around 37 million, a big stretch from the 400,000 estimated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Canadian numbers are resoundingly low, as well. Hold onto your hats. The most recent number we could get for CANADA, was just over 900! That is for the entire country, and no one has responded to our request on numbers of turbines. Each machine has a killing “capacity” and we would suggest an “efficiency” number, too. These are indeed, efficient machines, in some instances, luring and killing at the same time. Bats, for example, are seen now to be attracted by the heat and bugs, and possibly roosting sites, too. Bats, as we all know now, are one of the most natural wonders of all time: consuming 600-1000 insects PER HOUR per animal. Their lungs, we now know, explode at the different pressure points created at the tips of the blades, or of course, after being whacked by a blade, too. Bats are a big worry for the industry, rightly so. Did you know that the rainforest is 95% populated by migrating bats? Bats everywhere are endangered, going extinct, suffering from White Nose Syndrome, and extreme loss of habitat. Take a very deep breath, if you care about Mom Nature, your own future. So when the friendly developer comes to YOUR town, and tells you his “GREEN” machine is going to save the earth, and of course you need to sacrifice a few bats and birds, and maybe some wildlife displacement, too, well, you can tell him/her what’s up. What’s up is that the systems of the planet are being pushed to the limit. One of those extreme stressors is the “turbine factory”. So the developer will tell you: we are counting, pre-construction, one year, and post-construction, sometimes three years. What he/she is NOT telling you is that sometimes the counts are done twice a week, or as in the case of the CNE turbine, stopped just before migration, or collected near turbines that are further from ridges where the massive kills are taking place, or that they are possibly colluding with a bird agency such as Audubon, to take money (Mass AU took reportedly $8 MILLION at the Cape Wind project to “mitigate”, or count dead birds in exchange for their support for the project, which originally they opposed.) What they also are not “fessing” up to, is that counters are often told to hush. Some admit to burying “evidence.” No one tells the story better than Jim Wiegand: Hi Jim, I am trying to organize a group of people from wind projects all over the world, who live close enough to turbines, to set up 24 hour surveillance cameras on the turbines nearest their homes. It is the only way to get accurate assessments of the kills from these useless machines. It would not cost all that much to set up, and to have those results on film, from all over the world, would be a huge eye-opener for the uninitiated! Many people have expressed interest in this endeavor. Any suggestions or tips? Reply from Jim Wiegand, USA If I were going to document turbine mortality this is what I would do. Beside daytime coverage, make sure that you have nighttime or infra-red surveillance. Many species are killed foraging at dusk and dawn and many other species are nocturnal. I would also concentrate coverage on the outer third of the blades. I would suggest that the rotor sweep be covered with three cameras, each taking in about 1/3 of the rotor sweep. This will help record the impacts more accurately. Two overall angles or wide angles would also be helpful. One of the overall turbine and the other with a wider angle to document the distance carcasses fly upon impact. The wide angle shots will also record wind farm personnel looking for and picking up carcasses so they can be hidden. The distance carcasses travel will help to expose one of the primary ways the industry uses to rig their mortality studies. In North America searches are rigged to look in an area that primarily goes out no more than 50 meters and away from the direction of carcasses throw. The blades on most huge turbines are 50 meters or longer. I do know of one study that slipped through the cracks that showed approximately 45 percent of fatalities being found at 50 meters or more. This study was not on the huge turbines in the 2-3 MW range so I would expect that any surveillance on the turbine class will easily find that over 80% of fatalities will be documented at beyond 50 meters. Lastly you have to make sure your evidence cannot be corrupted from theft, hard drive failures, and moles. In other words pick your associates wisely and have backup. Mullingar residents should forever resist these turbines because they are prolific killers. The green belt areas in and around your community are vital to local and migratory species. If you do not know, these turbines will slaughter the bird species that you cherish most. Unlike other forms of energy production, the mortality footprint from wind farms is unique in that it extends thousands of miles from each turbine. The public has never heard a word about this from developers, wildlife agencies or sell-out conservation groups. I am a wildlife expert from America and it is very obvious to me that endangered bats, whooping cranes, condors, golden eagles, bald eagles or any other species means very little to this industry. Otherwise they would not be asking for and getting kill (take) permits for endangered species, they would not have to use gag orders to silence lease holders and employees (witnesses), and they would also not have to rig studies to cover up mortality and cumulative impacts. This is exactly what has been going on for several decades. I believe that if the public were made aware of the extinction of species coming from these turbines and the mountain of bogus studies the industry has produced, they would want NOTHING to do with these turbines. I also believe the majority of people after hearing the truth would rather conserve energy and would be willing to pay more for other forms of electricity just to shut down these deadly turbines. It is called sharing the world, not devouring it. I cannot stress this enough to people………..From what I have seen from looking at wind industry mortality studies, this industry and our wildlife agencies are so corrupt they might as well all be selling used cars with their odometers turned back at least 90%. What is even more astonishing is that no one has yet gone to jail, or received a massive fine for killing, displacing, or harming the habitat of: an endangered species. We are waiting. The good news is that wind power is fast losing its shine. “Traitors of the countryside” are being exposed.


Much less known then the American NSA, and for good reason is our country’s own Communications Security Establishment. The CSE’s public mandate is to secure our national communications infrastructure and provide cryptologic solutions for both government and military networks. Behind this public policy, in closed doors the CSE is in fact administered by the Canadian Department of National Defence as the signals intelligence division of a much larger multi-national effort to intercept the vast majority of telecommunications, internet, and radio chatter. Most of the telecom/internet providers for financial, technological and legal reasons cooperate very closely with NATO intelligence agencies. For example, Microsoft to prove their operating systems are eligible for sensitive private networks continues to release their source code for review with the NSA. This allows the genius programmers in Fort Meade, Maryland to exploit (or hack) several different vulnerabilities in Windows that not only the public, but even Microsoft are not aware of. The switching systems in telecommunication central offices are fitted with routers, backup hardware, and a wide range of other electronic goodies generously donated for agreements to contract work out to the government. Often the general linemen or repair technician working a trouble ticket in their exchange’s digital multiplex system is not trained on the use of such “backup” hardware installed, and quite frankly has no idea what some devices are even used for. There is nothing new to this what-so-ever. Since the dawn of the digital age Bell, AT&T and all other major providers have accepted political and taxpayer support just to avoid bankruptcy. The internet itself was created by the military piggybacking on the already vast telecommunications system to network primitive computers together in event of a nuclear war. The more advanced technology gets and the more people use it, the bigger signal intelligence agencies need to become. Paranoia overlooked, this is for your safety. Every single time you use your credit card, send an email, carry a cell phone, get reward points, view a website or anything else that information is databased. This information is used by analysts to investigate acts of terror, espionage, major economic theft, or crimes so devastating that it effects national security. Yes that means the Facebook photo of you passed out drunk is archived, as is your late night call to an escort, and everywhere you have ever been with your cell phone. If this concerns you, one may either spend a while actually understanding how these systems work (to avoid mass surveillance), or you can opt-out of modern technology entirely. Please take my word – unless you are a foreign national, have links to some extremist group, or windup really ticking off the government – no one cares! Then again with the CSE and NSA being just another bureaucratic money hole, it does not take much for an incompetent employee to permanently dog-ear anyone of us as a potential threat to national security. So remember, please keep your nose clean!

The NSA (NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY) is building a massive data center in Utah that will read and record EVERY e-mail sent from most major service providers. The two-billion dollar facility, slated to be completed this year, is designed to filter through ‘yottabytes’ (10^24 bytes) of data. That is greater than the estimated total of human knowledge since the dawn of mankind. The agency can backdoor some of the most sophisticated, complex and advanced codes in the public domain. So encrypting your communiqués with closed source software will provide little protection. Complicated algorithms will assess every transmission to decide if any are of “concern”. We assume that you already realize that YOU are the enemy-of-the-state, unless proven otherwise. As soon as your e-mails attract the NSA’s attention, you will be physically located and identified. TRILATERALIZATION will allow your location to be tracked moment-by-moment. If you are outside, biometric measurements of your face will confirm your identity. If you are inside, cell phone towers make it possible to know your altitude, which will indicate what floor you are on. In a worst-case scenario, a drone could launch a deadly projectile over the appropriate building as easily as finding your home on Google Maps. Needless to say, you will then be unidentifiable. In an astounding speech that can be found on YouTube, President John F. Kennedy said that “Even the WORD ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society”. So what on earth happened between then and now? How exactly did we evolve in to this Brave New World? Who are these enemies-of-freedom? Does it even matter who you vote for? Is the sweet-talking Obama merely ‘Bush-with-a-paint-job’? And who can forget when Yale Skull and Bones members Kerry and Bush ran “against” each other for U.S. President? There’s a ‘Hobson’s choice’ for the ages. There are dozens upon dozens of spy-craft technologies available to the predatory snoops that are interested in EVERYTHING about you, your friends and your family. It’s no secret that the cameras on your computer and smart-phone can be turned on remotely. Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to joke that “In Soviet Russia, T.V. watches YOU!” Who’s the joke on now? Regardless of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s motive or character, the results of his actions are a significant blow against the enemies-of-freedom. Exposing the NSA’s ‘PRISM’ program makes him a hero, whether he likes it or not. If he’s not a hero, then the freedom-fighters in the novels 1984, Brave New World and Farenheit 451 are not heroes either and knowledge is evil. Law-enforcement interests are now developing an artificial-intelligence application for the purpose of detecting crimes BEFORE they happen, as portrayed in the movie Minority Report. If you share our concerns about our freedoms being eroded at every turn and on every level, please contact the Libertarian Democratic Reform Party of Ontario at (416) 693-6325 or

Way back before 1930 Insurance Companies were thought of in Canada as a trusted friend, especially in the area of life insurance. Life Insurance is the biggest money maker for Insurance Companies then and today. Then somewhere in the late fifties Insurance Companies began to get greedy. They wanted more. One of the areas they wanted to control was the Automobile Insurance Industry. They saw huge profits in this area. All they needed was to gain some control in the Ontario Government and they set the lobbying wheels in motion. Unfortunately for them they were caught defrauding people in some of their Life Insurance scams in the sixties. This would set them back for years. They had lost all of their Government friends and influence. It wouldn’t be until somewhere around the 1970s before they would find the lost gold of the Incas. Their names were Bill Davis and David Peterson. It was the Bill Davis government who killed the Unsatisfied Judgment Fund and let the Insurance Companies take over which in effect made them part of the government because as the law stated; you must have auto insurance to drive a car on any road in Ontario. And the only place to get it was from an Insurance Company. At that time the cost of Unsatisfied Judgment was just over $100.00 per year per car. Insurance Companies were charging over $200.00 for the same coverage. I wonder how Bill Davis ended up as a director of a large Insurance Company some years later? The Unsatisfied Judgment Fund was set up in Ontario and provided three important things for the people of Ontario. It meant that people who couldn’t afford regular car insurance would have an alternative so that they would be allowed to own a car. The fund only covered $300,000.00 in liability but, at least it was better than nothing. As for whatever other damage you incurred, the Government would cover those costs and then sue the Unsatisfied Judgment driver for those costs and believe me they did sue and those drivers did pay even if it took them the rest of their lives. The other thing the fund provided was that there was no phantom discrimination. Once you held a “qualified drivers’ license in Ontario” you paid the same price as anyone else. In 1990 the Insurance Companies finally not only got what they wanted but a lot more. They had a chance to become a bigger part of the Government of Ontario. Their profits were soaring, giving them more available money to lobby with. Whatever they put in to lobby a change with they got back double. Peterson let the Insurance Companies raise rates, without looking for a reason why. He turned a blind eye to what was now becoming a serious problem in Ontario. Petersons’ government was finally defeated by the one party that would make him look like an incompetent clown. But he didn’t go quietly, he left Ontarians with unprecedented auto insurance rates and the biggest debt the province had ever seen. Unfortunately Ontario became a victim of the recession and forced the Insurance Companies to become creative in the way to raise rates. One of the ways was to create losses the business was suffering. The losses they suffered were not really losses. They were non-existing paper losses. They would use the income of the current year of let say $500,000,000.00. Then they would project their income for the following year to be $400,000,000.00. An instant loss of $100,000,000.00 and a reason to raise rates. As ridiculous as this sounds it worked and is still working today for them. Next was the Mike Harris government. I had often heard that what kind of a sweetheart deal you made with Harris depended on how much whiskey you fed him. That could be the difference in him selling you a highway or a nuclear plant. The Insurance Companies began to see their profits increase to ridiculous levels and it was probably the Insurance Companies who came up with the idea to introduce s.o. 2003 chapter 9 into the Insurance Act. It was designed to bring up Mikes’ popularity and make the Insurance Companies look responsible and compassionate before the people of Ontario started to riot. What it did was to freeze insurance rates and control the incredible profits Insurance Companies were making. It sounded like a good idea. Good enough that the majority of the people of Ontario bought into it. The problem was they didn’t pay attention to the part that said that part of the bill was only going to be effective for twelve months. The Harris Government also made some changes to reduce what Insurance Companies paid out and increased what they took in. After that, it was business as usual. Of course greed only breeds greed and waiting in the wings and being sculpted to their idea of perfection for several years was their perfect puppet. A man with no morals, no ethics, no honesty and absolutely no integrity. Dalton McGuinty. The Insurance Companies still had some problems that needed to be addressed. They had been breaking the law for several years now and that needed to be addressed at one time or another. Although McGuinty was their boy they still didn’t fully trust him. Besides being a Prima Donna he was also the most despicable person ever to set foot in Ontario and if he saw a better option he just may turn on the Insurance Companies. First order of business was money. They wanted more and money of course trumps any other issues. They wanted their rates to be increased whenever they had a whim to do so. First up on September 6, 2005 was to have McGuinty promote Bob Christie to CEO and Superintendant of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. This office gave Bob Christie the absolute power to accept or decline any raises in auto insurance rate. The problem for the people of Ontario with Bob Christie was that he had a bit of a disability. He had had his face so far up the Insurance Industry and McGuintys’ butts that his lips were no longer able to get the proper formation to say the word No. He could only say” Yes” and he said yes a lot. Next in line for McGuinty was to take control of the Small Claims Court. Corrupt them and anyone who served there. Make it virtually impossible for the average person to bring a case before this court. Simple for a person of McGuintys’ character, and criminal mind. In 2009 the Insurance Companies of Ontario sold over 9.9 billion dollars in auto insurance policies. They needed more changes to minimize their responsibility to the insured. They needed this; each motor licensed vehicle must maintain at least $200,000.00 in liability coverage. Liability Insurance responds when you or a driver of your vehicle causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party. The act also stipulates that you must carry Accident Benefits coverage which responds if you or a driver in an accident, as well as Uninsured Motorist coverage if you are in an accident where the other party does not maintain adequate insurance. What the Insurance Companies needed now was one of their government puppets that wasn’t quite right in the head. Every village has an idiot and Ontario has the grand daddy of them all. Enter Dwight “Tweedledum” Duncan a rare find. Someone whose ethics and care for the people of Ontario was far below what McGuinty possessed. With the help of Duncan it was really the Insurance Companies that drafted the new Ontario Insurance Act in the Spring of 2010. Their orders to McGuinty, Christie and Tweedledum were, get it done, get it passed and have it in place by September 1, 2010. It handed the keys to the vault to the Insurance Companies with a 50% reduction in rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits, a 10% cut in income benefits and housekeeping and care giver expenses would only be available to those with catastrophic injuries. Don’t forget these items were already gutted by the previous Harris Government. The changes were stunning and had caught everybody by surprise. The best Tim Hudak could come up with was, “What I am hearing is people are paying more and getting less. The new product the government is putting out actually reduces coverage for Ontario families, and in some cases they are paying the same price or more for a lesser product.” A bold and dangerous statement from Tim Hudak considering that it was the Conservatives that let these parasites loose on the Ontario public and the shenanigans he was a big part of not only with Insurance Companies but Ontario Hydro as well, as a member of the Harris government. The moment this legislation was introduced a no confident vote should have been introduced and the government should have fell. But it never happened, and it never happened because all three parties are rule by The Insurance Industry. So why resurrect the old Unsatisfied Judgment Fund. It will create competition that will force the Insurance Companies to bring the cost down where it should be. If the Unsatisfied Judgment Fund charged $400.00 to $500.00 per car per year for liability insurance, that would seem to be a reasonable amount for anyone who owned one car. If you own two or more cars it becomes a little more expensive and that’s when it creates a field of fair competition for the Insurance Companies to play in. For instance let’s say you own a car and a motorcycle. Chances are the way things are now you are paying in the area of $1,000.00 to $1200.00 a year for just Liability on the car and $1500.00 a year on the motorcycle for the same coverage. You can only drive one vehicle at a time and you probably use the motorcycle less than six months per year. Under the Unsatisfied Judgment Fund you would be paying $1,000.00 a year for the same coverage on both vehicles. No one can tell me that the Insurance Companies can’t compete in that environment. Hudak, Wynne, and Horwath you don’t have what it takes to run this Province. Time and time again you have failed this Province.


August 14, 2013

Beachers are becoming leaders in civic savvy.

We rid ourselves of a Councillor who seemed

mostly to luxuriate in self-representation. The

ward and our people were convenient for

advancement of a career.

Then we sent the message that Beach voters

seriously meant every word and action opposing

intrusion by windmill farming offshore, or by

condolizing on Queen Street.

Results of our latest provincial by-elections

indicate that no Liberal candidate or voter is at all

ashamed of how their Party has wreaked

permanent destruction on the social and economic

fabric of our Ontario. They are aware that voters

tend to ignore real issues. As one on-the-street

interviewee said, “We’ll vote for the candidate we

like best.”

Best choice seemed to be mostly irrelevant in

these by-elections. If they had included any part of

The Beach, any Liberal candidate might have got

only a couple of hundred votes, if anybody could

have been found to be a candidate for this utterly

vile Liberal gaggle at Queen’s Park. Maybe

Beachers are showing how to vote for purpose, and

not merely for pleasant days forward into nothing.

Your Ward News wants to hear from anybody

who voted Liberal in any of the Thurs Aug 1st

by-elections. How could you lower yourself to vote

for such a thoroughly rotten band of pretenders?

The same question is addressed to any Liberal

candidate. They and their voters are complicit in

Ontario’s Liberal stench.