Artsie Fartsie

August 14, 2013

Councillors Paula Fletcher, Mary-Margaret McMahon and Janet Davis arrived at this year’s Local Arts Service Organization promoting yet another pointless waste of your taxpayer money. Mary Fragedakis, in-toe as the follower she is was thrilled with the abstract expressionism and soiled canvases. A total of $533,410 tax-payer dollars has been wasted in just 2011 alone for funding this organized “local artists” union. Keep in mind this figure does NOT include comrade Davis’ newly formed East York LASO, as the so-called “creative capital funding” just recently started draining the pocket books of Ward 31 residents. Indeed, supporting well fed artists living off the disability system is the Diamond Jubilee of gravy train councillors. LASOs suck up municipal funding to “provide services aligned with those of cultural services at both the policy and operational levels” according to their website. So… wait a second, does that mean I am not aligned with the cultural (ie: political & social) policy of my city councillors on an operational level? I am a graphic designer, who has created countless works of fine art in our community. Still I have yet to wet my lips on Mary-Margaret’s milk money. I am starting to think these leftist feminist pickpockets don’t like me very much. Could it have something to do with the fact that anyone who dissents from their socialist policy, who questions closed-door talks and who demands accountability for waste is not considered a member of the community… Well maybe when it’s time to pay your taxes and vote, the rest of the time keep your mouth shut and do as you are told! As a local REAL artist in the community I find it sickening only politically correct illustrators can enjoy this pointless tax-and-waste program. Where is my kickback? I can grab a brush and mixing tray to smear schizophrenic lines of paint just as good as any of the other so-called “artists”. While the ever-growing NDP newsletters in our community such as the Beach Metro and East Yorker are more then happy to whitewash this newspaper’s take on the LASO, keep in mind Your Ward News is not a non-profit. We do not run “Happy Canada Day” advertisements from the local assortment of NDPers, and we do not believe in sucking the tax-payer’s tit. We do not support our councillor’s theft, and this newspaper is not about to regurgitate their propaganda like all the other outhouse rolls of toilet paper!


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