August 14, 2013

Beachers are becoming leaders in civic savvy.

We rid ourselves of a Councillor who seemed

mostly to luxuriate in self-representation. The

ward and our people were convenient for

advancement of a career.

Then we sent the message that Beach voters

seriously meant every word and action opposing

intrusion by windmill farming offshore, or by

condolizing on Queen Street.

Results of our latest provincial by-elections

indicate that no Liberal candidate or voter is at all

ashamed of how their Party has wreaked

permanent destruction on the social and economic

fabric of our Ontario. They are aware that voters

tend to ignore real issues. As one on-the-street

interviewee said, “We’ll vote for the candidate we

like best.”

Best choice seemed to be mostly irrelevant in

these by-elections. If they had included any part of

The Beach, any Liberal candidate might have got

only a couple of hundred votes, if anybody could

have been found to be a candidate for this utterly

vile Liberal gaggle at Queen’s Park. Maybe

Beachers are showing how to vote for purpose, and

not merely for pleasant days forward into nothing.

Your Ward News wants to hear from anybody

who voted Liberal in any of the Thurs Aug 1st

by-elections. How could you lower yourself to vote

for such a thoroughly rotten band of pretenders?

The same question is addressed to any Liberal

candidate. They and their voters are complicit in

Ontario’s Liberal stench.


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