Lake Sewage Ontario, Poo in the pond!

August 14, 2013

By Robert James


After surviving the tropical rainstorm last month, and the uncontrollable flooding – Torontonians should breathe a sigh of relief… Right???

Well if you are going to spend a weekend in the Beaches, think again! Around one billion liters (the size equivalent of 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools) of human sewage poured into our Lake. What is the exact reason for our inability to cope? The main reason is entirely in the hands of condo developers and corrupt city councillors like Mary-Margaret McMahon who bend backwards for them.

Honestly our community’s infrastructure is in no way able to cope with major condominium developments, and was never designed to. Yet try telling that to the long line of the treacherous East End nannies who see dollar signs and votes, instead of clean water and fresh air.

Krystyn Tully, vice-president of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, an environmental justice advocacy group knows just how damaging this latest condo-kickback is to our community. “We know bacteria is present in the sewage” she said. “We’re seeing record levels of E. coli in Toronto beaches.” People and wildlife could become critically ill, it is a similar story to any major city before filth and disease stirs up the next super plague. “There is up to ten times the amount of E. coli in Toronto Island beaches where typically you would see very little bacteria in the water” Tully said.

Yet don’t worry. Janet Davis has a plan to make everything green. Just like plastic bag taxes, environmental levy taxes, carbon taxes, severance taxes, recycling taxes, bottle deposit taxes, battery taxes, e-waste taxes, the taxes on top of those taxes… well you get the point. It is a shame in all the years of tax-and-waste for the environment, none of that went to make sure our drinking and swimming water remains separate from what we flush down the toilet!

Glad we have left-wing dingbats coming up with the solution. This time $1.2 billion dollars (with a “B”) is needed for another round table talk. Wow, thank God the NDP has us covered! “We have something called a wet weather flow master plan” according to Janet Davis it is her 25-year master plan to ensure a comfortable retirement fund.

While there is no immediate action to keep our sewage treatment system inline with developer’s bribes, our city councillors will have more meetings. In the meantime, those with a bathtub in their basement can enjoy the wafting aroma and sickening disgust of having yesterday’s morning constitutional overflowing from the drain. While you may have to pay out of your own pockets to fix the mess, Mary-Margaret McMahon and her cronies are more then able to write off the costs in their own homes.


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