The vodka stiffener.

August 14, 2013

Wonder, wonder… what does comrade Fletcher ponder? Ban the entertainment. Ban the food. Ban the drinks and ban the jobs! No refreshments for the working man, no nightclubs for the hormone-heavy hipsters. Like to go out for a business lunch? Too bad! The NDP nanny state takes form with a new bylaw that will effectively restrict the number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in our communities. The Brainchild of Gordie Boy Perks, who has already completed several ridiculous tax-and-waste projects is now figuring out ways to utterly destroy small business owners’ livelihoods. The ends justify the means, and Fletcher wants to win the war against the capitalist pig-dogs who dare think their small Mom & Pop setup can actually turn a profit! Still, it’s always Rob Ford who has to give a wake-up call “I’m a capitalist, as you know, and I believe in free enterprise. And if people want to open restaurants, and it creates jobs, it’s fantastic for the economy” the mayor noted. So without the support of Mayor Ford, the whole rash of commie trash is once again on board. Even ‘Red Dawn Adam Vaughan’ thinks it’s a bright idea to practically ban new bars and restaurants in the core of Toronto. Someone please get this man an honorary MENSA membership! Has the fact this new bylaw will, along with the anti-casino disaster utterly destroy tourism in our city ever been seriously considered? I guess unless tourists plan on applying for a large mortgage to pay off condo-developers our local NDPers frankly just don’t give a damn. How is live entertainment, good food, a few drinks and a profitable economy bad for Toronto? Even Moscow today is one of Europe’s biggest trendy night spots. When communism fell, wealthy club owners changed the face of much of their city… for the better. I guess Paula Fletcher still wants to rekindle the glory days of the hammer and sickle.

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