Tin Foil Hats – More than a fashion statement!

August 14, 2013

Much less known then the American NSA, and for good reason is our country’s own Communications Security Establishment. The CSE’s public mandate is to secure our national communications infrastructure and provide cryptologic solutions for both government and military networks. Behind this public policy, in closed doors the CSE is in fact administered by the Canadian Department of National Defence as the signals intelligence division of a much larger multi-national effort to intercept the vast majority of telecommunications, internet, and radio chatter. Most of the telecom/internet providers for financial, technological and legal reasons cooperate very closely with NATO intelligence agencies. For example, Microsoft to prove their operating systems are eligible for sensitive private networks continues to release their source code for review with the NSA. This allows the genius programmers in Fort Meade, Maryland to exploit (or hack) several different vulnerabilities in Windows that not only the public, but even Microsoft are not aware of. The switching systems in telecommunication central offices are fitted with routers, backup hardware, and a wide range of other electronic goodies generously donated for agreements to contract work out to the government. Often the general linemen or repair technician working a trouble ticket in their exchange’s digital multiplex system is not trained on the use of such “backup” hardware installed, and quite frankly has no idea what some devices are even used for. There is nothing new to this what-so-ever. Since the dawn of the digital age Bell, AT&T and all other major providers have accepted political and taxpayer support just to avoid bankruptcy. The internet itself was created by the military piggybacking on the already vast telecommunications system to network primitive computers together in event of a nuclear war. The more advanced technology gets and the more people use it, the bigger signal intelligence agencies need to become. Paranoia overlooked, this is for your safety. Every single time you use your credit card, send an email, carry a cell phone, get reward points, view a website or anything else that information is databased. This information is used by analysts to investigate acts of terror, espionage, major economic theft, or crimes so devastating that it effects national security. Yes that means the Facebook photo of you passed out drunk is archived, as is your late night call to an escort, and everywhere you have ever been with your cell phone. If this concerns you, one may either spend a while actually understanding how these systems work (to avoid mass surveillance), or you can opt-out of modern technology entirely. Please take my word – unless you are a foreign national, have links to some extremist group, or windup really ticking off the government – no one cares! Then again with the CSE and NSA being just another bureaucratic money hole, it does not take much for an incompetent employee to permanently dog-ear anyone of us as a potential threat to national security. So remember, please keep your nose clean!

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