Open Letter to Rob Ford

September 13, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013 Dear Mayor Ford, We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to resolve a three month “by law gridlock confusion” with a Trillium Garden here in Scarborough. You graciously and firmly established the content of the problem, and with incredible quickness of spirit and resolve, understood the significance of the improvements, and the need to preserve these. You also immediately grasped and resolved other facets of the community’s concerns. We are very grateful. As you know, many people in Guildwood have an interest in this garden, and in gardening in general, and we are happily reporting now to those asking for the results of a long complicated “discussion” with City directives. As you know, there are literally hundreds who wish the survival of this design of the garden who are now quite relieved. We would love to see you at the Awards at the Scarborough Civic Centre, October 3rd, 6:30, if you have time. We can appreciate that this garden owes its very life to you. The focal piece is the corner. It is also significant that our perception of being treated unfairly, undemocratically, was righted by your intervention and solutions. People know they have a champion of fairness in your good Office. Thank you from all of us here in Guildwood, and beyond, because the interesting story of this garden’s evolution, and ultimate protection by yourself, has reached people downtown, the Beach, and Etobicoke. You are the People’s Mayor, and it is clear that you will be Mayor for as long as you yourself will choose. We pray and know it will be, a long tenure. Warm wishes, and with respect, Sherri Lange and Michael Spencley Toynbee Trail, Scarborough, Ontario. PS: Kindly express our thanks for your staff also, who attended the site visit on a Friday afternoon.


Wind Turbine Wildlife Hell

September 13, 2013

By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power A new website, focused on the damages of industrial wind turbines to wildlife, farm animals, pets, people, birds and bats is making waves. New incredibly damaging information has emerged showing the fallacies and dangers of having wind producers do their own environmental assessments, reviews, and counts of dead birds and bats. The numbers are MUCH higher than anyone could have imagined! ( Jim Wiegand, a noted wildlife biologist and turbine bird and bat mortality specialist shared several documents and diagrams showing the circumference of what is being counted, and the actual areas where kills take place. Also noted by Jim, are the scant times of counting, not nearly frequent enough, not timely enough, and the mysterious disappearing carcasses, people obviously paid to not discover and to hide. Reported bird and bat kills are the tip of the iceberg! Thanks, Jim, for your diligence, and for showing us what a nasty brutish industry this really is. Of course, net zero power is collected from the killing fields, as well. “No matter how anyone feels about wind turbines, no one should condone the corruption, the silent fraud, and bogus studies supporting this industry.” —Jim Wiegand, Wildlife Biologist I cannot stress this enough. From what I have seen from looking at wind industry bird & bat mortality studies, this industry and our wildlife agencies are so corrupt they might as well all be selling used cars with their odometers turned back at least 90%— because this is how bad it really is. Across the nation official bird and bat-kill estimates have been derived from studies rigged to hide mortality. The real numbers are at least 10 times the amount being reported and sometimes far more. Altamont Pass has reported less than a hundred dead bats in 30 years of service, although thousands have been killed there. This industry is “set up” to hide mortality and the latest “incidental take” or “kill permits” for a few endangered bats could end up being 5000. A single permit for an eagle could easily end up with dozens being killed. One wind turbine in Delaware was reported to be killing about 82 birds and bats per year. This may sound like a lot, but after looking over the study I believe they covered up over 95% of the mortality. With their tiny searches on the gravel area around the turbine, all the data collected using flawed search intervals, flawed searcher efficiency trials, and flawed scavenger removal rates—rendering the mortality figures completely meaningless. Even two gulls that were seen killed by this turbine were not counted because they fell outside the “designated” little search area. The distance carcasses travel is one of the primary ways the industry uses to rig their mortality studies. Industry studies are designed to look in an area that goes out no more than 50 meters and AWAY from the direction of carcasses throw. The blades on most of the larger turbines are 50 meters or longer. One study that slipped through the cracks on midsized turbines showed approximately 45% of fatalities being found at 50 meters or more. On the newer 2-3 MW turbines, it is likely to be 80% or more. Goodhue County, Minnesota, put up a several-year battle and defeated this industry. The community was unified in the effort to save their eagles and other species from these turbines. I believe the project developers knew a court battle was inevitable and, since it meant the industry’s hidden mortality would be publicly disclosed, they left town. When you think about it, no matter what experts or representatives from conservation groups the developers called in for testimony—what could they really say? They would all look like idiots trying to defend the industry’s bogus mortality data. Then think of all the new information that would be revealed from subpoenas compelling this industry and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to produce documents. (I keep an entire list handy, awaiting that glorious day.) Big Wind knows their data will not hold up. This is why every community should be dragging these people into court. A generation ago these were the people we incarcerated or ran out of our neighborhoods. Now these same people are fleecing us of our tax dollars while putting us on the path of massive industrial blight and extinction of species. ~ MORE NEWS THAT WIND CREATES HAVOC: MORE C02, MORE ghg EMISSIONS ~ From a letter to the editor “Manitoulin Expositor” week of September 3, 2013: Proponents of wind turbines argue that wind power is better than other harmful forms of energy such as burning fossil fuels or even nuclear power. But as we discovered, there has to be a backup, and that involves the burning of fossil fuels. The extraction of natural gas particularly by fracking can produce significant amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas about 20x more powerful than CO2. Some studies, including those using data from Colorado and Texas, show that as the level of wind capacity increases, the CO2 emissions actually increase, and in the best case, CO2 reductions are either so small as to be insignificant or too expensive to be practical. Europe has been building wind turbines for several decades and over 20,000 are installed in Germany alone. CO2 and pollutant production has actually increased in Germany and new coal plants have had to be built as a result of the intermittent supply from wind turbines. A report by the Irish National Grid showed that as the level of wind capacity increased, the CO2 emissions also rose. Denmark produces about 20 percent of its electricity from wind and has subsidized the wind industry for decades, however this wind power has not made a major difference in the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, coal consumption, or oil use. * Reliance on wind power may increase greenhouse gas production overall! *

ATTENTION!!! Sociopaths! Megalomaniacs! Deliberate Misinformers! Wanna-Be Empire-Builders! WANTED: To run for City Council… By Mr. David Nesbitt We wish that our experiences and alerted observations had not aroused our suspicions that our municipal elections seem to put into power too many people who could qualify as specified above. SOCIOPATHIC? You know right from wrong. You choose wrong, if it gets you what you want. No regrets; no shame; ever. In fact you’re proud of it. It frames your charming smiles, and gracious praise of the suckers who pay you, even eventually out-of-Office, from their endless contributions of taxes. MEGALOMANIACAL? No praise, honour, pay, or token of respect ever will quell your desperate quest for eminence within any gathering of any people. Think of the thrill you get from sitting at the Head table, with people who really are important (which you really are not!). You want always to have something to say, so you love chaos that keeps issues on the table. DECEIVER? You know you won’t keep your promises. They are just devices in the mechanics of campaigning for office. You know not to speak lies, but you also know how to omit important truths, and how to induce false conclusions. Silence is one of your most effective tools, if maintained long enough, at the right time. Answer despairing challenges by suggesting that other people are not “working together” to help all of us to “move forward”, leaving “nobody falling behind”. EMPIRE-BUILDER? If you are any or all of the above, then you will attract sycophantic cronies, within and outside of government. You might become a macro-ruler within and outside of government. Businesses will negotiate with you, before dealing with Council or its agencies. If you leave Council, you might retire into a pre-built career, that you were paid from taxes to develop. GREEDY? Not all ambition is greedy. Not all greed is for money only. See other forms, above. But, someone we know only as “Anonymous” said, “Men want more, less than they want more than other men.”