ATTENTION!!! Sociopaths! Megalomaniacs! Deliberate Misinformers!

September 13, 2013

ATTENTION!!! Sociopaths! Megalomaniacs! Deliberate Misinformers! Wanna-Be Empire-Builders! WANTED: To run for City Council… By Mr. David Nesbitt We wish that our experiences and alerted observations had not aroused our suspicions that our municipal elections seem to put into power too many people who could qualify as specified above. SOCIOPATHIC? You know right from wrong. You choose wrong, if it gets you what you want. No regrets; no shame; ever. In fact you’re proud of it. It frames your charming smiles, and gracious praise of the suckers who pay you, even eventually out-of-Office, from their endless contributions of taxes. MEGALOMANIACAL? No praise, honour, pay, or token of respect ever will quell your desperate quest for eminence within any gathering of any people. Think of the thrill you get from sitting at the Head table, with people who really are important (which you really are not!). You want always to have something to say, so you love chaos that keeps issues on the table. DECEIVER? You know you won’t keep your promises. They are just devices in the mechanics of campaigning for office. You know not to speak lies, but you also know how to omit important truths, and how to induce false conclusions. Silence is one of your most effective tools, if maintained long enough, at the right time. Answer despairing challenges by suggesting that other people are not “working together” to help all of us to “move forward”, leaving “nobody falling behind”. EMPIRE-BUILDER? If you are any or all of the above, then you will attract sycophantic cronies, within and outside of government. You might become a macro-ruler within and outside of government. Businesses will negotiate with you, before dealing with Council or its agencies. If you leave Council, you might retire into a pre-built career, that you were paid from taxes to develop. GREEDY? Not all ambition is greedy. Not all greed is for money only. See other forms, above. But, someone we know only as “Anonymous” said, “Men want more, less than they want more than other men.”


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