September 13, 2013

CRY ME A RIVER! By ROBERT JAMES Cry baby Shelley Carroll cried baby tears after losing a debate with Councillor Mike del Grande. The tears poured out like rain as council was forced to consider a motion by Shelley Carroll’s bosom buddy Councillor Janet Davis on ways to waste over $60-million in your tax dollar surpluses. Shelley Carroll ranted in defense of Janet Davis, when you have the money – spend; when you don’t – tax. Always sing the Blues! Mr. del Grande knows that it is the job of the budget chief, Councillor Frank di Giorgio and his committee, to decide council’s priorities, not the job of individual members of City Council. Shelley Carroll, whose sits beside Mr. del Grande was ordered to “sit down.” Shelley Carroll and the other NDPers frequently interrupt the intelligent councillors who have the floor. Knowing she would never win in a fair debate, Shelley Carroll begged to get the morning off without a note from mommy or daddy. “I just want to get out of here. I want to find my bag so I can leave” she said, crying. The speaker then banged her gavel and adjourned the council meeting. Any other job when an employee leaves early, that’s time off their paycheque. With the NDP we are still paying their salaries for an extra long lunch break. “They pull that kind of shit all the time.” Councillor Frank di Giorgio noted in reference to the NDP’s tactic of rambling over any dissenting members of City Council. “You too, Councillor Vaughan, you’re one of the other ones” Mr. del Grande mentioned by name. Our local socialist councillors take tips from Piers Morgan, not to win an argument – but to silence dissent.


One Response to “CRY ME A RIVER!”

  1. antuerius Says:

    I don’t care for Adam Vaughan. Once when I was walking back from the foodbank, he was on the sidewalk and he glared at me with a mean and disgusted look in his eyes and on his face. I thought he must not be a very good person. I believe other people would have thought that as well, if they had been looked at with disdain and contempt for no reason and from no provocation. He seemed like a bully from gradeschool or an entitled sophomore who hadn’t yet travelled to Europe.

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