Jay Jay the Wonder Dog

September 13, 2013

By ROBERT JAMES. The team at Your Ward News are proud owners and lovers of a 12-year old bull terrier whom well over three years ago was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on his head with only six months at the most to live. Without surgery or chemo he is still alive and happy today, enjoying life well past the expectations of even healthy bull terriers. When veterinarians encountered Jay Jay’s case of canine cancer, our refusal to provide chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery lead to an immediate diagnosis of a painful death. In a last ditch effort to profit, veterinarians offered a more affordable solution for our dog, something they inadequately called “euthanasia”. The answer is to enhance the quality of life for our best friends, not their veterinarians. Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs, with 45% of dogs that reach 10 years of age or older dying of cancer. Veterinary oncology deals with cancer “research” and “treatment options” of animals. There is no profitable cure for cancer. The costly techniques used to “treat” canine cancer have several adverse effects that lower the quality of life and in-effect poison our pets. Chemotherapeutic and radioactive techniques destroy the immune system to critically low levels, which can result in fatal infections. The life energy is literally sucked out due to these “treatments”, leaving our dogs in an almost catatonic fatigue. Not to mention bleeding, gastrointestinal distress, hair loss, organ failure, swelling, and cognitive decline are also common long-term effects. Yet Jay Jay has always been a fighter, even when it came to the Ontario Provincial Government. As a friendly bull terrier that has never harmed any person or another dog, moronic bureaucrats have been trying to murder him since day one. Under Bill 132 Jay Jay is automatically considered a violently aggressive spawn of Satan, with an unquenchable lust for human blood. The onus of proof that a dog is not a pit bull lies with the owner of the dog. So even with a grandfather clause all it takes is one look from the needle happy “humane society” to order his death. This is ethnic cleansing, canine style! To add vinegar to the wound, owners of any dog that even resembles a pit bull will have to face a $10,000 fine and six months in jail after their loved one is barbarically slaughtered by extermination camp cronies. Just over a month ago Jay Jay had another good fight left in him. His health considerably degraded, and we were forced to once again consider putting him down. Jay Jay lost most of his muscle mass, bone structure, and developed a major infection leading to a massive bloating of his stomach. He was unable to walk, move, urinate or defecate. What is more his brain cancer spread to all over his body, leading to squamous-cell carcinoma. After contacting several local veterinarians to inquire about the dirty dead, they were more then happy to finally get the opportunity profiteer on Jay Jay’s medical condition. The quote came back as $350.00 to “euthanize” our poor friend. That did not include cremation, which they upsold for an additional $350.00. Yet the disgusting slime bucket vets did not stop there. Once they thought they had a sale the bastards demanded an additional $400.00 just to get the ashes back. That was a deal breaker. We decided to let mother nature take it’s course, and we are glad of that decision because Jay Jay also decided to tell the Reaper to bugger off! With the same love, care, compassion and herbal remedies that kept Jay Jay fighting for this long gave him the courage and fortitude for this battle. Just two weeks after we said NO to the veterinary industry, Jay Jay came back to life – and now has no problems going for walks, getting up the stairs, doing his business and raising a little hell. For more information please visit: http://www.caninecancercomfortandcare.com or call (416) 693-6325


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