YOU MIGHT SEE the gas plant scandal, ORNGE, and E-Health monster financial boondoggles, as Romper Room, compared with the miseries of the Green Energy Act. Look around Ontario for a province on a fast track to bankruptcy: wasteful politicians, and green projects built on complete fantasies, untold miseries of which are now unfolding in courtrooms, rural and cottage landscapes, iconic Canadian places such as where the Group of Seven painted. Pray that the catapult to the brick wall could possibly be halted. One of the most common expressions as we walked the streets of Toronto (and Ontario) during some recent elections was the expression of almost shock: “I had no idea the politicians are doing this to us. They are the worst scandal themselves.” Microcosm of the Province: the City of Toronto, fourth largest economy in North America. Used to be: Spend more, think less. (Mr Miller is currently rewarded for his cronyism and misshapen policies with a plumb position as the President and CEO of WWF. Mr Miller also rewarded the taxpayers with an utterly useless CNE turbine that has not worked since day one, a complete boondoggle to the taxpayers, a massive City hiring the year before he left office, as well as a totally unnecessary taxpayer funded UK office for his green to be exploits. We will never forget Mr. Miller’s angelic face recorded at Copenhagen on the 1 minute loop, in front of the CNE turbine.) Enter Ford Nation: unbelievably, wildly popular, with thousands appearing in parks in various sides of the city, Ford Fests, recorded by the media as hundreds as in Etobicoke, really two or three thousand, or as in Scarborough, two thousand, when there were five. The centre of Toronto appears to have “willful blindness.” Call these two sisters: downtown and burbs. These two equally powerful ladies are like an ancient tale of two cities, one circumambulating the other. Two sisters, one comfortable and powerful in the downtown provincial arms of Liberal land and the whiny other sis, the Burbs, stretching muscle and realizing that with six degrees of separation, and with some new rules of engagement, they might yet be civil and more. What is the Ford Nation? Is it a fan club, a social movement? We imagine that it is part of a rather deep social protest: a protest against waste and arrogance, against now recognized we would say planned obsolescence (how else do you describe some of the decisions around transit for example), provincial scurrilous scandals that help push us ever closer to bankruptcy, against an establishment that includes Liberal and “green” policies that have now heaped us high in unemployment, in corporate debacles, and sky rocket high in debt, and social angst. Another two sisters, city and province; and make no mistake about it, the City also drinks from the larger well. What poisons large, poisons the lesser. But what Mayor Ford represents, in the entire political arena, succinctly, is a breath of fresh air.Facts: Mayor Ford donates his salary to charity. Mayor Ford consistently answers phone calls from all areas of the city. Mayor Ford’s staff is congenial and also answers phone calls. Mayor Ford is known for returning phone calls, for talking on the street and at events to folks about their kids, their sports activities, their gardening endeavors, their hopes for the city. Can’t recall another mayor who did this. (For facts on how the city is being handled economically, please visit the nearly weekly updates from the Office of the Mayor. It is a literature of fiscal restraint. He does this in spite of a bloated, in our view, council, which does not listen to the people very well at all.) As some would describe the style, it seems that the Mayor is “job crafting”. The essential meaning of this is someone who expands a desire to create or recreate a job in their own positive manner, not just acting from a list of “things to do” or tasks to accomplish. Some would say this approach involves finding meaning, and “doing things that benefit other people.” This creates its own energy not just for the job crafter, but for those around. In the building of the Ford brand, many would note the features of casual but fierce individuality, creativity and a sense of “great work”. The Mayor constantly surprises the city, and the familiar territory of TORONTO politics and a living breathing city, becomes a land to explore, to change, and keeping customer satisfaction ahead of all games. The Mayor’s favorite phrase: respect for the taxpayer. None of these ideas are new: organizational management books often speak of the fact that nothing is worse than a leader on auto pilot. The wish to make things better is found Inside the Meaningful Pause of the Intelligence. Maestro Zander, kept the lines of communication open. As the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, Zander had 100 musicians in what some would say, “absolute control.” Kind of like running a city. As recounted in “Great Work,” a new book release outlining inspirational stories on innovation on the job, Ben Zander had an idea: even a rebellious one. He had the life changing idea to “make others feel powerful.” He shortly began to place a blank sheet of white paper in front of each player, asking them for observations; ideas that might help them play the music more beautifully. When the players began to trust the genuine interest in the process, they bought in and ideas simply poured forth, with a deepening confidence of playing. The impact was, as Zander says, profound, even “life altering.” This is what Ford does effortlessly. Rather innately, it seems, Ford engages the practice of talking to everyone, without prejudices, without snobbery, taking opinions, visiting sections of the city, responding to those white pieces of paper that no other politician had ever thought to solicit, much less reflect upon. You might also call this process, improving the Mix, Checking for Fit. What we have heard, is that folks have had problems solved easily and that they have been able to speak with the Mayor, that he answers phone calls, and has an easy personable, even charming manner with them. This gets repeated from one side of the city to the other. It is unusual, and you often hear drivers calling out to the Mayor, “Good work, Mayor; Keep it up.” “Walking around Mangers” have a large advantage. They can assess different “shifts” of work, do their own quality control studies, and casually search for new ideas. Mayor Ford’s walking around is, we suggest, his request of all of us to fill in the white paper sketchpad, all the while making a better piece of music, and his real connection to the people of the city who are more than to be dismissed and disrespected with the most outrageous waste of the modern age via tax bills. Respect the tax payer, you got that right. Keep walking around, Mr. Ford. We like your common sense and humility. We appreciate the non-inflammatory “Aw Shucks” corrections to City Staff, and a unique approach to getting to the crannies of the city’s complaints, waste and foibles. Gretzy is often quoted as saying: “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.” We’d guess that Mayor Rob knows this quote well. Maybe the fascination for Mayor Ford is a bit “meta”. And maybe we just like the guy. Damn nice to talk to the Mayor who listens.


You are quite mistaken when you suggest that “The rest of us won’t directly benefit from the latest round of brazen suburban vote buying. But we will all pay a heavy price for it.” As the GTA continues to spread its wings, you will easily witness all manner of business and residential growth spurting from both sides of the centre core, but most developers are in agreement that the eastern side requires more attention as saturation is reaching some corners now, and that vast areas of development and jobs opportunities are in the East. This subway expansion has not been a shameless pandering, but an honest recognition that when an area has been neglected, as Scarborough has, that the opportunities for growth realized in a base load and collateral manner (and resultant increased tax base), will benefit the entire community of the GTA. You go on to express that the voters of Scarborough are “burdened” by a sense of inferiority, and are “sensitive to every slight and perceived humiliation.” I would suggest as a resident of Scarborough for the last nine years (we moved from a condo at Queens Quay and Spadina, a transplant that has been nothing short of amazing), that your downtown preconceptions are insulting and astonishing. Your scathing review of the East psyche is completely unreal and out of Wonderland, and the fanciful coloration of the East as the psychologically beat up, low density (where do you get 600,000 as low density?) politically unbalanced and vociferous, clamoring Quebec, may sell papers, but has not much to do with reality. You enhance your East dream world by suggesting that Mayor Ford’s vision of creating more business for the East of Toronto does not reflect that “all governments should be accountable to all residents.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Ford’s vision as I understand it in this instance, is exactly to enhance the areas that require refurbishment, and that the natural flow to the general tax coffers will adjust. When Scarborough was melded into the GTA, it had a balanced budget and a healthy plus balance to boot. Subsequent to amalgamation, balanced books and surpluses mysteriously vanished into the dark hole of a very indebted Toronto. Scarborough deserves subways, and the Mayor will long be remembered for having delivered on that promise. There should be more courageous and frankly, intelligent, politicians of his ilk. What is miraculous, is that with his leadership, and his positive relationships, he was able to deliver what will surely be a renaissance for this end of the city and that of course will profit all the coffers downtown & elsewhere. Interestingly, also in today’s paper was a reference to Mayor Ford’s incredible ability to pull the subway bunny out of the hat, and a rather surprised reporter suggesting that perhaps there is some deeper brilliant strategist at work, that he had not anticipated. (Royson James: Mayor Emerges from Subway Shenanigans Looking Good) The voters are not surprised! There is no great city that does not invest in subways. We should be pleased all of us, at every single expansion. Best regards, Sherri Lange Toynbee Trail Scarborough, Ontario

One of the key problems with Mary-Margaret McMahon, Janet Davis, Shelley Carroll, Mary Fragedakis and the Communist Party of Canada’s leader Paula Fletcher funding an endless barrage of make busy round table talks is that the blood money is paid with taxpayer dollars and benefits only their few comrades. The city does not ask for the taxpayer’s consent before wasting money so NDPers can talk about how to waste more money. If we did get such a question, we might well decide that lots of frivolous city programs were not worth the money to the people who are flipping the bill. From 1990 – 2013 costs of living have increased over 67%, while wages have stagnated and work hours have declined. Given these conditions, it is not surprising that millions of hard working Canadians are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. At the same time, the only way for most Canadian families to meet their basic needs is to continuously accumulate debt. Often not being able to make the minimum payments, as their after-tax paycheque does not even cover the interest on their debts. “Pawn slavery is a form of servitude akin to bonded labor under which the debtor provides another human being as security or collateral for the debt until the debt (including interest on it) is paid off, the creditor has the use of the labor of the pawn” -Wikipedia. Even today slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry with estimates of up to $35 billion generated annually. The UN estimates that roughly 27 to 30 million individuals are currently caught in the slave trade industry. How is what Mary-Margaret McMahon is doing, along with those who suck the blood of hard working Canadians any different then slave-drivers? Even our great-great-grandchildren will be paying off the interest our current tax and waste city councilors build today. They will be indebted with the world our current NDP government leaves them. A world where labour is low paid, work is backbreaking, inflation is sky high, taxes are murderous and getting another loan is the only way to pay for a loaf of bread. This world is set after a financial apocalypse that has left a huge impact on all human civilization. Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic left Germans burning their paper money, as the currency system was so indebted and taxed firewood cost more pound per pound then even the highest denomination of cash. The taxes McMahon and her merrily spending thugs waste are only to pay off the minimum interest owed on our money they already wasted. At what point in the NDP’s Fletcher-inspired socialist “utopia” will all of society be forced to live off government handouts? When that day comes, the liberty to work for profit will be gone and those who bite the hand that feeds them will meet an untimely demise. Mathematically it is impossible for the public sector to solve any of these problems. The private sector generates wealth, while the public sector can only consume it. An excellent example of this was the Soviet government control of all manufacturing, industry, supply and demand in Eastern Europe. A system that left entire nations in perpetual poverty, without any free enterprise leading to an inevitable economic collapse. In Canada, we only have to look at our own pension plans to realize the vast fraud committed on the public. A forced taxation that clearly meets the criteria of a Ponzi scheme. Assets held in the Canada Pension Plan fund are insufficient to pay for future benefits, they are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul while making sure their politically correct cronies have a nice cushioned job. When the government of Lester B. Pearson first established the CPP in 1965 contribution rates were set at 1.8%. Since then this percentage has skyrocketed, while the retirement age to claim pensions keeps moving higher and higher. The CPP’s reserve fund is estimated to run out by 2015, many of those paying into the fund today will never be able to see that money back. Thanks Liberals! Due to over-taxation, government waste and the continuously growing public sector, businesses both large and small are forced to pass the loss onto employees and customers. As the vast majority of not only blue collar jobs but white collar jobs as well are sent overseas, at the same time a large number of overseas expats enter Canada to take advantage of our expanding welfare and disability bubble. How will our socialist government handle this crisis? By the unrepentant theft of the private property and bank accounts of the middle class. Much like Greece or Argentina, austerity measures will literally allow the government to freeze the nation’s bank accounts and withdraw what ever they damn well please. Even those who spent their entire lives being financially responsible, building good credit, and investing in their future will find themselves no better off then a family forced to stop living inside their sport utility vehicle because they could not afford to renew the license. For our very survival we must look towards the only nation in living memory to ever defeat the monetary odds stacked against them without a bloody civil war or devastating international confrontation. The Icelandic financial crisis was one of epic proportions causing the collapse of all three of the country’s major banks, with one of the largest runs on deposits of any systemic banking crises in Europe. Did Iceland devastatingly tax the public like the United Kingdom? No. Did Iceland sell out their nation like Greece? No. Did Iceland seize private property like Argentina? No. Did Iceland bailout the sleazy bankers like the United States? No. Did Iceland run out the wealthy like France? No. Did Iceland sour the mouth of corporate giants like Ireland? No. Did Iceland go into more debt to fund the public sector and social services, like Canada is currently doing? No! So what exactly did Iceland do to stay on the map? They returned to fishing, limited the size of government, decreased taxes, nullified debt obligations, and arrested the criminal bankers who were salivating at the notion of owning the country! Our socialist city councillors are aghast at the notion of limited government and free enterprise which Mayor Rob Ford has worked so hard to make policy. Just as the communist dictators before them, Mary-Margaret McMahon and her rag-tag comrades are so addicted to power, control and quick money. They are willing to bankrupt this city, starve the population, eliminate the private sector middle class, create a tyrannical nanny state, and tax every penny of expendable income. Prepare now, as economic collapse and currency devaluation in Canada is inevitable if we allow the Liberals, NDPers and Communists to continue down this route. Invest in Liberty, today!

There’s a little church out here in the west end of Toronto (Etobicoke) called Wesley Mimico United Church. There are under 100 parishioners nowadays, but they take on the work of many. The reason I know of the work they do is that I volunteer for some of the church projects and have done so for several years now. For example, every Friday promptly at 6 p.m. the church provides a full supper for as many as 75 local people in the church gym. We have a great host, chef, and organizer of this event lovingly known as Kim! Kim works her magic with skill and resourcefulness. She can take her limited budget and make you feel you’re eating at a classy five-star restaurant downtown. We are usually joined by some of the Wesley church folks. The new pastor, Paul Shepherd or one of the retired pastors at the supper lead in the blessing over our dinner and mill about the gym and talk to the guests attending the supper. The friendly conversation and advice they offer is greatly appreciated by all. The suppers are geared to people not only in need of food – of course, that’s very important, but the church has also become a meeting place for many in the community. Participants trade and acquire information about other programs and services available both at the church and around the community, e.g. the church’s weekly food bank, Sunday worship service, and special events in the community. Once a month, there is live entertainment at the supper. Another musician in the congregation and I play “golden oldies” and draw other guests into singing on stage or at the tables. Occasionally the youth group from Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church along with their leader visit, play their guitars, and sing for us. They even help set up tables, serve supper, and clean up. The small group of parishioners of Wesley Mimico United Church along with community volunteers do the work of so many here in this small corner of west end Toronto. By Donald Liptak Woods. For more information about Wesley Mimico United Church visit: For more information about Wesley’s renewal project:

On September 9th, 2013 J P Morgan and the Assurant Insurance Company completed a three-hundred-million dollar pay-off to the United States Department of Justice. The agreement that they hammered out assures that ANY accusations of wrong doing in the future will never result in ANY legal action against these two companies. The back-story stems from the fact that in the United States you have to buy insurance on property that you are mortgaging. It is called Forced Insurance. What the two criminally minded companies did was to form a ‘silent-partner’ operation. The ONLY way to get a mortgage through J P Morgan was to insure the property with the Assurant Insurance Company. One-hundred-and-thirteen-thousand mortgages were arranged in this manner since 2006. Assurant would inflate the prices of insurance and would then ‘kick-back’ seventy-five-per-cent on each policy to J P Morgan. Governor Cuomo of New York State believes that since 2006 JP Morgan Chase has received kick-backs from Assurant amounting to six-hundred-million-dollars…and that’s just New York State alone! Now that all the banks and insurance companies in the United States have seen that the fines are a mere pittance compared to the massive profits, they have adopted similar practices. But this criminality doesn’t stop at any border. On September 16th, 2013 J P Morgan Chase in Europe paid out nine-hundred-million dollars to stop all but one court action against them for illegal operations in the stock market that netted them BILLIONS of dollars. This one court action of one of their traders was likely arranged a long time ago. What little time the ‘lone gunman’ may spend in jail, you can be assured that he and his family will be richly rewarded for taking the fall. The fact is that white-collar banksters, insurance con-men and con-women rarely experience the cold metal bars of confinement, but profit greatly from their crimes against a struggling citizenry. J P Morgan Chase and Assurant Insurance Company have already made back all of the monies paid out to the United States Department of Treasury. The hearings were set up to give the two companies enough time to continue their criminal enterprise so they could steal enough money to cover the fines before the fines were even imposed. SO WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ONTARIO? Ontario is the Golden Goose. This province is well-known for the bargain-basement prices that most politicians can be bought for. With a reputation for extremely weak rules and regulations associated with the banking and insurance industries, Ontario is wide open for the criminally-minded financial predators. For instance, on September 23rd, 2013 the Toronto Dominion Bank got slapped with an order to pay out 52.2 million dollars in U.S. settlements regarding a Ponzi scheme they were involved in. The scam was run by Florida lawyer Scott Rothstein and it personally netted him 1.2 billion dollars. Although he was sentenced to 50 years in jail he likely won’t spend ten years. Toronto Dominion Bank NA (North America) was fined 37.5 million dollars by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. They were also fined 15 million dollars by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). The regulators said that from April 2008 to September 2009 the Toronto Dominion Bank violated the Federal Bank Secrecy Act. They had failed to uncover and report, in a timely manner, suspicious activities in accounts belonging to Rothstein’s law firm. It was not until after a review that Toronto Dominion Bank filed five reports identifying 900 million dollars of suspicious activity involving Rothstein. The regulators stated that, “In the face of repeated alerts on Rothstein’s accounts by the bank’s anti-money laundering software over an eighteen month period, the bank did not do enough to prevent the pain and financial suffering of innocent investors”. Another jury-decided verdict in January 2010 that is presently being appealed relates to their Rothstein dealings in the amount 67 million dollars. That particular action deals with a former Toronto Dominion Bank Regional Vice-President named Frank Spinosa who is accused by regulators of “telling outright lies to investors while assuring funds were safe”. We can assure our readers that Rothstein’s accounts were self-serving and completely unsafe. The Toronto Dominion Bank neither admitted nor denied the accusations of wrongdoing. TD spokeswoman Rebecca Acevedo stated (with a straight face) that “TD Bank is pleased to resolve these regulatory concerns and to put the Rothstein matter behind us.” SAY WHAAAAT??? Why don’t they just erect a statue of this Rothstein character in front of their building? After all, he is still making them money. By the way, remember that mortgage increase several months ago? Toronto Dominion Bank has just forecast a 1.7% growth in Canada’s economy, which means that their projected income for the third quarter will be an additional 2%. Of course, they will fall short of that projection by 142 million dollars to avoid paying taxes. With huge increases on the way for your home insurance and one of the largest increases in auto insurance EVER, their fourth quarter profits will be astronomical. But don’t be too discouraged by all of these financial shenanigans, because Ontario’s N.D.P. boss Andrea Horwacky says she’s in your corner and working toward your best interests. But only thieves do business with thieves. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynnguinty and Conservative leader Tim Who-duck also run with the same gang. In our next installment we will investigate and reveal the King Pins of the auto and home insurance industry that reside in the private sector. If some readers believe that the ‘GOLIATH’ insurance and banking industry are way too big for us ‘DAVIDS’ at Your Ward News to go to battle against, we can only respond with the words of Margaret Mead: “NEVER DOUBT THAT A GROUP OF CITIZENS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT EVER HAS.”

The North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) learned yesterday that no permit or licence is required by TREC (Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative) and WindShare, to run their second annual stair climb of the promotional wind turbine at Exhibition Place. Despite international calls for increased setbacks and safety. Fires, blade throws, other failures, and frightening levels of industrial accidents, more than any other energy production system, the CNE turbine climb organizers have been given “permission” by Toronto Hydro, to proceed with a possibly dangerous event. Other wind turbines around the world and the province are heavily posted with warning signs for stray voltage, danger of turbine blade failure, to name a few of the precautions. NA-PAW is attempting to determine if a hazards assessment was done prior to the planning of this event. According to organizers, the facility is in production of electricity, not hydrogen, as designated by nearby signs. According to Ontario Ministry of Labor documents and discussions, and explorations across North America, a draft policy and investigation regarding safety issues regarding climbing turbines is under way in some jurisdictions. However, at this time, we cannot locate agreed on safety policy, nor implementation of practices for safety of electrical hazards, or other industrial protections regarding turbine climbs. Worldwide, the astonishing number of industrial accidents accrues. According to Sherri Lange, CEO of NA-PAW, the industry virtually has a “licence to kill.” (This is reflected in the permits to kill endangered species in specific numbers, as well as harm habitat, “take permits,” as well as derelict duty to protect human health.) There are no fire regulations, little or no ability for developers to put out fires that occur, and no standby equipment that can reach 150-500 feet to stabilize or extinguish fires. Arran Elderslie in Ontario has instituted a bylaw requiring that such equipment be ready and able before developers build, and it is interesting to note that this Municipality that places the safety and health of residents above all else, does not have turbines. “What this promotional feel good activity does, purportedly,” says Lange, “is add to the false sense of security that people may have with respect to wind turbines, seeing them as friendly and benign, when indeed they are industrial electrical production centres, and obviously acknowledged by the industry from their signage and contracts with “hosts”, as posing possible danger to the public.” The event is open to those 18 years and older, and participants must sign a waiver. NA-PAW has requested a copy of that waiver. As well, it is forwarding safety concerns to Yasir Naqvi, the Ontario Minister of Labor, and the Premier, Kathleen Wynne. The CNE turbine has long been touted as an emblem urban turbine, and has only served to “confuse” the public about “green” energy objectives versus realities,” says Lange. “It has suffered several gear and bearing failures, a bankruptcy in its infancy, and other operational failures. It is certainly proving to be a financial boondoggle to the taxpayers of Toronto. “A turbine stair climb event at this time, given the international knowledge of the non-performance and hazards of wind turbines is ludicrous and in our view patently fraudulent,” added Lange. “The failed green fantasy of Europe should be a valuable lesson: Jobs are lost, many countries are suffering from energy poverty, we might say, “destitution,” due to the now exorbitant cost of power. (Less than ½ of one percent of our electricity is produced worldwide despite about 240,000 turbines.)” “The time for governments and all fire authorities to protect the public from the dangers of wind turbines is long overdue,” said Lange. To obtain an expert viewpoint on the turbine stair climb event, we contacted Bill Palmer, P. Eng.

Toronto City Limits

October 22, 2013

A musical phenomenon is underway since our mayor laid down tracks between Austin, Texas and Toronto, Canada. The Sister Cities idea was proposed by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a people-to-people citizen diplomacy initiative in 1956. Cities around the world are “twinned” based on educational programs, industries, economic development and cultural exchange. For example, Portland, Oregon and Bologna, Italy’s partnership arose from shared industries like bio-technology. Chicago and Warsaw’s coupling is due to the Windy City’s historic Polish community. Cherry Blossoms represent Sister Cities Washington, D.C. and Tokyo City. Toronto’s Mayor Ford recognizes that Austin and Toronto are not only a perfect match in regards to musicianship, but that the revenue generated by the music industry in North America is a multi-billion dollar gold mine. This brilliant idea has sparked the imagination of Your Ward News publisher Leroy St. Germaine who has organized Toronto’s live music scene for decades. This includes the Beaches Blues Fest, the Danforth Music Festival and important initiatives such as Free the Music. While Austin’s musician-friendly city councilors bend over backwards to accommodate their musical talent, Toronto city councilors are not as agreeable in these regards. The president of Toronto’s North by Northeast festival (NXNE) Michael Hollett says, “The city of Austin is better at saying YES than NO”. Sister Cities also learn from each other, so we hope that Toronto city councilors are good students. Free The Music was created by Mr. St. Germaine for a good reason. Toronto musicians have played with their hands tied behind their backs due to unreasonable restrictions as to where and when musical artists can perform live. The newly created Austin/Toronto Musician Exchange Coalition and Musicians Without Borders will be working together to forge a resistance-free path between these two musical giants. Although Austin is the self-proclaimed ‘Live Musical Capital of the World’, the Toronto music scene features some of the greatest musicians in the world. This is partly due to the fact that Canada doesn’t have the clearly-defined ‘star system’ as it exists south of our border. Our best musicians can be heard in bars and taverns across the city every night of the year. Toronto’s knowledgeable music fans will certainly appreciate the influences that Austin’s musicians bring to the table. Likewise, our musicians will stun the throngs of Texans attending the concerts that feature our talented Torontonians. Simply put, the only pipeline running through Toronto will be from our Sister City and not from Alberta’s tar sands. How important is music? French composer/conductor Nadia Boulanger said, “Nothing is better than music….it does more for us than we have the right to hope for”. Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle opined, “Music is well said to be the speech of angels”. Music is often referred to as a universal language. When genius Noam Chomsky completed his ground-breaking research in the field of language and linguistics he concluded that all languages share an underlying structure (syntax). He eventually deduced that humans have a language organ and that language is a permanent part of our living biology. If music is a language then it is part of us. How many times have we heard people say that they would be incomplete without the existence of music? We’ve all heard people say that music helped them make it through hard times…. that it even saved their lives! Musical tourism has proven to be a consistent money-maker. Memphis has raked-in impressive profits on the memory of a single musical performer. Liverpool has also capitalized on its musical past. Even Hawthorne, California celebrates being the birth-place of the Beach Boys despite the fact that most of the band has never even been there. With a population of only 842,592 Austin, Texas raised 1.6 billion in revenues directly related to its live music industry in 2012. But not a shovelful of ground has been broken to mine our local musical treasures. Considering that Toronto and its surrounding area are home to five million more people than Austin, we have to ask, “What took so long for Toronto to embrace its musical community?” Music Without Borders believes that music brings people together. Austin and Toronto are participating in a revolutionary undertaking with huge implications in the realm of human relations. If you believe in music, please contact – Leroy St. Germaine at (416)-693-6325 or