Dear Martin Regg Cohn (of the Toronto Star)

October 22, 2013

You are quite mistaken when you suggest that “The rest of us won’t directly benefit from the latest round of brazen suburban vote buying. But we will all pay a heavy price for it.” As the GTA continues to spread its wings, you will easily witness all manner of business and residential growth spurting from both sides of the centre core, but most developers are in agreement that the eastern side requires more attention as saturation is reaching some corners now, and that vast areas of development and jobs opportunities are in the East. This subway expansion has not been a shameless pandering, but an honest recognition that when an area has been neglected, as Scarborough has, that the opportunities for growth realized in a base load and collateral manner (and resultant increased tax base), will benefit the entire community of the GTA. You go on to express that the voters of Scarborough are “burdened” by a sense of inferiority, and are “sensitive to every slight and perceived humiliation.” I would suggest as a resident of Scarborough for the last nine years (we moved from a condo at Queens Quay and Spadina, a transplant that has been nothing short of amazing), that your downtown preconceptions are insulting and astonishing. Your scathing review of the East psyche is completely unreal and out of Wonderland, and the fanciful coloration of the East as the psychologically beat up, low density (where do you get 600,000 as low density?) politically unbalanced and vociferous, clamoring Quebec, may sell papers, but has not much to do with reality. You enhance your East dream world by suggesting that Mayor Ford’s vision of creating more business for the East of Toronto does not reflect that “all governments should be accountable to all residents.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Ford’s vision as I understand it in this instance, is exactly to enhance the areas that require refurbishment, and that the natural flow to the general tax coffers will adjust. When Scarborough was melded into the GTA, it had a balanced budget and a healthy plus balance to boot. Subsequent to amalgamation, balanced books and surpluses mysteriously vanished into the dark hole of a very indebted Toronto. Scarborough deserves subways, and the Mayor will long be remembered for having delivered on that promise. There should be more courageous and frankly, intelligent, politicians of his ilk. What is miraculous, is that with his leadership, and his positive relationships, he was able to deliver what will surely be a renaissance for this end of the city and that of course will profit all the coffers downtown & elsewhere. Interestingly, also in today’s paper was a reference to Mayor Ford’s incredible ability to pull the subway bunny out of the hat, and a rather surprised reporter suggesting that perhaps there is some deeper brilliant strategist at work, that he had not anticipated. (Royson James: Mayor Emerges from Subway Shenanigans Looking Good) The voters are not surprised! There is no great city that does not invest in subways. We should be pleased all of us, at every single expansion. Best regards, Sherri Lange Toynbee Trail Scarborough, Ontario


2 Responses to “Dear Martin Regg Cohn (of the Toronto Star)”

  1. Voncile Says:

    I always feel so pumped when I thrift a shift dress!! Something about them makes me feel ladylike and svelte at the same time. This one you found is mod-tastic, you should definitely do a Twiggy dance to celbtraee!-Stephie

  2. You folks rock. I’ll be visiting often in the future. I found you with the Politics tag on my readomatic last night. I looked for a follow up to my question this afternoon and the next thing I know I’m going through the whole thread. I was suppose to start mowing the lawn three hours ago! {BTW, the header on my blog actually has a picture of a troll, but he is a Norwegian troll, very passive. I hope he can be the exception to your rule. 🙂 } Thanks again.

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