Guest and Volunteer at Wesley Mimico United Church Community Supper Tel. 647 764 9060

October 22, 2013

There’s a little church out here in the west end of Toronto (Etobicoke) called Wesley Mimico United Church. There are under 100 parishioners nowadays, but they take on the work of many. The reason I know of the work they do is that I volunteer for some of the church projects and have done so for several years now. For example, every Friday promptly at 6 p.m. the church provides a full supper for as many as 75 local people in the church gym. We have a great host, chef, and organizer of this event lovingly known as Kim! Kim works her magic with skill and resourcefulness. She can take her limited budget and make you feel you’re eating at a classy five-star restaurant downtown. We are usually joined by some of the Wesley church folks. The new pastor, Paul Shepherd or one of the retired pastors at the supper lead in the blessing over our dinner and mill about the gym and talk to the guests attending the supper. The friendly conversation and advice they offer is greatly appreciated by all. The suppers are geared to people not only in need of food – of course, that’s very important, but the church has also become a meeting place for many in the community. Participants trade and acquire information about other programs and services available both at the church and around the community, e.g. the church’s weekly food bank, Sunday worship service, and special events in the community. Once a month, there is live entertainment at the supper. Another musician in the congregation and I play “golden oldies” and draw other guests into singing on stage or at the tables. Occasionally the youth group from Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church along with their leader visit, play their guitars, and sing for us. They even help set up tables, serve supper, and clean up. The small group of parishioners of Wesley Mimico United Church along with community volunteers do the work of so many here in this small corner of west end Toronto. By Donald Liptak Woods. For more information about Wesley Mimico United Church visit: For more information about Wesley’s renewal project:


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