Paul Murton’s POS Scam

October 22, 2013

Murton Ripoff

Dear LeRoy,

             First let me congratulate you and Robert James for being the consumer watchdog of the Beaches, Your Ward News’ fraud alerts have saved countless local business from being defrauded. Secondly, I can’t help but add my own personal story with business I have unfortunately done with Paul “Beady Eyed” Murton – one of the biggest scammers living in our Beaches.

             One year ago in the October 2012 edition you reported a fraud alert from Emma in Etobicoke about how she was defrauded by Murton, who was then working for Conquest Financial literally robbing small business owners out of thousands upon thousands of dollars. Yet Emma’s story doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the arrogant pattern of deception and deceit endlessly committed by Paul the Criminal Murton.

             Several years ago I was looking for a credit card POS system and Murton was more then ecstatic to add me to his sucker list. I was shopping around and stupidly agreed for Murton to give me a quote on price, just a quote. Paul required me to fill out an application and a credit check to see what price point he could offer. A short time latter I was surprisingly informed I had poor credit and would need cough up a few grand that he would keep as a deposit. Unless I gave him a fistful of hundred dollar bills, I was told my company would not be able to process credit card transactions.

             Smelling a rat I declined his offer, and looked elsewhere. Wouldn’t you know it… according to every other credit card processer my credit rating was fine, and I would have no problem purchasing their equipment. No deposits were required from any of the legit processers, and I could have a merchant account from an accredited merchant provider at a fraction of Murton’s “quote”.

             Needless to say I in no way what-so-ever signed, agreed to, or accepted ANY contract with Murton, and at no point did I receive any POS equipment from Paul Murton. A few months ago I noticed an unauthorized withdraw from my back account from a merchant provider in the amount of approximately $300.00, and requested the bank do an investigation. Just recently another unauthorized $300.00 was stolen from my account. These illegal withdraws could have been happening without my knowledge or consent for years. Murton took advantage of the fact I was very ill for some time, and as such was not reviewing every bank statement for irregularities. PAUL MURTON MAY HAVE ROBBED ME, AND MY BUSINESS OF SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

             Paul Murton with my credit information on hand was able to steal my identity, open an unlawful merchant account, and steal money right out of my bank account. He got away with it for years under my nose. My bank is investigating right now, but anyone who has done any business with Paul Murton in the past needs to check their statements, credit reports and all victims need to file a police report. Murton needs to be in jail, and we need more people like you LeRoy who can help send him there!


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