The value of your dollar, and the collapse of our nation.

October 22, 2013

One of the key problems with Mary-Margaret McMahon, Janet Davis, Shelley Carroll, Mary Fragedakis and the Communist Party of Canada’s leader Paula Fletcher funding an endless barrage of make busy round table talks is that the blood money is paid with taxpayer dollars and benefits only their few comrades. The city does not ask for the taxpayer’s consent before wasting money so NDPers can talk about how to waste more money. If we did get such a question, we might well decide that lots of frivolous city programs were not worth the money to the people who are flipping the bill. From 1990 – 2013 costs of living have increased over 67%, while wages have stagnated and work hours have declined. Given these conditions, it is not surprising that millions of hard working Canadians are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. At the same time, the only way for most Canadian families to meet their basic needs is to continuously accumulate debt. Often not being able to make the minimum payments, as their after-tax paycheque does not even cover the interest on their debts. “Pawn slavery is a form of servitude akin to bonded labor under which the debtor provides another human being as security or collateral for the debt until the debt (including interest on it) is paid off, the creditor has the use of the labor of the pawn” -Wikipedia. Even today slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry with estimates of up to $35 billion generated annually. The UN estimates that roughly 27 to 30 million individuals are currently caught in the slave trade industry. How is what Mary-Margaret McMahon is doing, along with those who suck the blood of hard working Canadians any different then slave-drivers? Even our great-great-grandchildren will be paying off the interest our current tax and waste city councilors build today. They will be indebted with the world our current NDP government leaves them. A world where labour is low paid, work is backbreaking, inflation is sky high, taxes are murderous and getting another loan is the only way to pay for a loaf of bread. This world is set after a financial apocalypse that has left a huge impact on all human civilization. Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic left Germans burning their paper money, as the currency system was so indebted and taxed firewood cost more pound per pound then even the highest denomination of cash. The taxes McMahon and her merrily spending thugs waste are only to pay off the minimum interest owed on our money they already wasted. At what point in the NDP’s Fletcher-inspired socialist “utopia” will all of society be forced to live off government handouts? When that day comes, the liberty to work for profit will be gone and those who bite the hand that feeds them will meet an untimely demise. Mathematically it is impossible for the public sector to solve any of these problems. The private sector generates wealth, while the public sector can only consume it. An excellent example of this was the Soviet government control of all manufacturing, industry, supply and demand in Eastern Europe. A system that left entire nations in perpetual poverty, without any free enterprise leading to an inevitable economic collapse. In Canada, we only have to look at our own pension plans to realize the vast fraud committed on the public. A forced taxation that clearly meets the criteria of a Ponzi scheme. Assets held in the Canada Pension Plan fund are insufficient to pay for future benefits, they are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul while making sure their politically correct cronies have a nice cushioned job. When the government of Lester B. Pearson first established the CPP in 1965 contribution rates were set at 1.8%. Since then this percentage has skyrocketed, while the retirement age to claim pensions keeps moving higher and higher. The CPP’s reserve fund is estimated to run out by 2015, many of those paying into the fund today will never be able to see that money back. Thanks Liberals! Due to over-taxation, government waste and the continuously growing public sector, businesses both large and small are forced to pass the loss onto employees and customers. As the vast majority of not only blue collar jobs but white collar jobs as well are sent overseas, at the same time a large number of overseas expats enter Canada to take advantage of our expanding welfare and disability bubble. How will our socialist government handle this crisis? By the unrepentant theft of the private property and bank accounts of the middle class. Much like Greece or Argentina, austerity measures will literally allow the government to freeze the nation’s bank accounts and withdraw what ever they damn well please. Even those who spent their entire lives being financially responsible, building good credit, and investing in their future will find themselves no better off then a family forced to stop living inside their sport utility vehicle because they could not afford to renew the license. For our very survival we must look towards the only nation in living memory to ever defeat the monetary odds stacked against them without a bloody civil war or devastating international confrontation. The Icelandic financial crisis was one of epic proportions causing the collapse of all three of the country’s major banks, with one of the largest runs on deposits of any systemic banking crises in Europe. Did Iceland devastatingly tax the public like the United Kingdom? No. Did Iceland sell out their nation like Greece? No. Did Iceland seize private property like Argentina? No. Did Iceland bailout the sleazy bankers like the United States? No. Did Iceland run out the wealthy like France? No. Did Iceland sour the mouth of corporate giants like Ireland? No. Did Iceland go into more debt to fund the public sector and social services, like Canada is currently doing? No! So what exactly did Iceland do to stay on the map? They returned to fishing, limited the size of government, decreased taxes, nullified debt obligations, and arrested the criminal bankers who were salivating at the notion of owning the country! Our socialist city councillors are aghast at the notion of limited government and free enterprise which Mayor Rob Ford has worked so hard to make policy. Just as the communist dictators before them, Mary-Margaret McMahon and her rag-tag comrades are so addicted to power, control and quick money. They are willing to bankrupt this city, starve the population, eliminate the private sector middle class, create a tyrannical nanny state, and tax every penny of expendable income. Prepare now, as economic collapse and currency devaluation in Canada is inevitable if we allow the Liberals, NDPers and Communists to continue down this route. Invest in Liberty, today!


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