Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

November 12, 2013

Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

       In childhood and ‘teenages’, I did get into a little mischief, none of it destructive.  I mostly heeded and obeyed adults at home and in school. I did my homework, got good grades, and entered University. My aim was to get educated, get a good job, and live happily ever after.

       Advice was to pursue my interests, for self-fulfillment, and to prepare to “be myself.  I succeeded in at least five courses in each of the classes of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, mathematics, politics, history and geography. “I just wanna be me!” What’s so wrong about that?

       I go for a job-interview, and get credit for abilities with words, numbers, and diagrams, but, no real job. Twenty-two hours a week, at minimum wage means I can’t repay my loans. Five of us are in about the same mess. We live, sort of, in a two-bedroom flop.

       What went wrong, where, when, how, and why?  Who is employed, where, and doing what, for how much?  How can I become one of them?  What about my room-mates?

       About ten years ago, McGuinty promised 50,000 new jobs from combining PST and GST to make the HST. This step would make Ontario so competitive that jobs would leap out to us. Name just one, please.

       Then he promised that 16,000 jobs would leap into our economy from projects from the Green Energy Act.

        Similar casual promises have been made to tots on the knee of Santa Claus at any local mall.

       McGuinty is not alone in his turpitude. All of his supporters who were silent are as guilty as he. Their aim has been to continue in the lifestyle of public figures, even if they do nothing to deserve rewards of any kind. They are guilty also of not protesting by resigning from the liberal caucus. The better step would have been to resign from their seats in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly.  The fact that none has so done speaks eloquently of the lack of integrity that empowerment fosters.

Mr. David Nesbitt


Rob Ford, the taxpayer’s Mayor by our investigative journalist J.J.

             The only thing our mayor promised was frugality. For better or worse, he kept his word. He did not promise to be a good little boy in his private life. Some people believe that he should resign for smoking-up with some brothers. Toronto’s elite left-wing council members wouldn’t be caught dead with our city’s impoverished lower strata, and are furious with a Toronto politician that would. That’s the funny thing about equality….those who scream it the LOUDEST mean it the LEAST!

The gulf that divides the elite from ‘everyday folks’ is the same divide that got Marion Barry RE-ELECTED mayor of Washington, D.C. after being videotaped smoking crack. We are seeing a similar reaction as our populist ‘people-person’ mayor retains significant and continual support from the public. And let’s not forget the alternatives: Adam Vaughan-Olivia Chow-Sarah Thomson. Maybe Mary-Margaret McMahon will run for mayor (O.K.,…we’re just kidding about that last one). Our mayor has not been charged with anything as we go to press, so why        resign? Some Toronto councilors and vicious columnists like Rosie DiManno have suggested that if the mayor had ‘come clean’ sooner, they would have been very   forgiving and understanding. Does anyone really believe that?

Toronto’s peculiar leftists couldn’t have cared less when their boy George Smitherman was discovered to have    experimented with amphetamine-derived ‘party drugs’ like ecstasy. Smitherman’s supporters are likely the same      people who didn’t mind Bill Clinton cheating on his spouse. His supporters screamed, “IT’S HIS PRIVATE LIFE!!! IT’S BUBBA’S PRIVATE LIFE!!! If a person cheats and lies to the closest person in their life, what the hell would they do to strangers? Of course, there’s nothing new about the leftist propensity for selective condemnation. It is one of the more persistent and noticeable blind-spots that plagues their ‘stated’ egalitarian ideology.

Rob Ford’s popularity was boosted when he was heard on The John Oakley morning show on Radio Talk 640. John has not completely turned his back on Rob who has been a good friend of the show. Chief Blair seems to have little sense of process as he voiced his disappointment in the video that he viewed. We’re not so sure that the Chief is in a position to wax morally. Mayor Ford respects tradition and that is appreciated by educated citizens. If it sounds like we agree with EVERYTHING the mayor has done then we haven’t made our point clear enough. Mayor Ford doesn’t throw his friends ‘under the bus’, and neither do we.

It’s time for mean-spirited, self-righteous councilors like Adam Vaughan, Paul Fletcher, Janet Davis and others (you know who you are) to come clean because ‘we know what you did last summer’, so to speak. From ex-communist leaders to cheating scoundrels, our top-flight investigative journalists are conducting ‘background’ checks on all      councilors leading up to a special edition. Relentless research is paying off. If any of our readers have even a molecule of information about the sordid pasts of Toronto City councilors please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325 or



           The team at Your Ward News are saddened to announce the passing of our best buddy Jay Jay. Our beloved bull terrier has gone to doggy heaven.

           Over three years ago he was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on his head with only six months at the most to live. Without surgery or chemo he was still able to live a full happy life, baffling everyone.

He went out peacefully, and on his own terms.  Just as he knew his ‘dada’ wanted.

Thank you to everyone who watched him for us over the years, and those who helped lay him to rest. Jay Jay had a big loving extended family. He will be truly missed but our memories of him will last forever…

By Sherri Lange

The majority of people believe in incredible things which are absolutely false. The majority of people daily act in a manner prejudicial to their general well-being.” -Ashley Montagu, Anthropologist

                 A professor once told me: “I don’t read the newspapers anymore. I read other fiction.”  Slices of scandal, served with hate, do not translate into “news.”  The media in Toronto has been stooping very low with its repetitive sound bites on Mayor Ford. Missing, is the list of fiscal accomplishments, despite a very arrogant and self-serving council that the Mayor has somehow managed to work with.

Have you ever tried to deliver a message in person, in 4 minutes, to the Executive Committee? Well, it is an incredible experience. Some council members walk around the room, texting, laugh at your very serious concerns, and show the most astonishing lack of knowledge this writer has ever seen. Councillor Minnan-Wong showed complete lack of interest, yawned during the presentation, showed contempt via his body language, and then laughed raucously at the mention of animals being subjected to stray voltage from substations and industrial wind turbines in rural Ontario. Laughed raucously and made a denigrating remark to those people suffering. This experience of councillors not listening to constituents’ presentations is, I have discovered, sadly, common.

This is the same council, some members, including ring leader Minnan-Wong, who wish the good Mayor to step down, take a break. Let it not happen. It also appears that the Mayor is and has been for some time now, subjected to more than voyeuristic journalism. He is being taunted, hounded, harassed, possibly criminally, having reporters appear at his private residence, even as he walks his children in the neighborhood for Halloween. There is a brutish quality, a physical ugliness, to this  harassment, that has many Torontonians reeling.


Cessna aircraft over his home for days? Wiretaps? What is the Chief thinking? Or is there another plan at work. Perhaps he is “disappointed” in the Mayor’s wish to cut the Police Services funding by 10%? Is this a “revenge play” in several instances? Some are demanding a full accounting and rationale from Police Board Members, Councillors Nunziata and DelGrande, as well as from the Vice Chair, Michael Thompson.                                           The Star: once the “Paper for the People”, now vigorously and with malice,                                                   and with apparent relish, degrades the “People’s Mayor.”

The Toronto Star once modeled itself as a BIG TENT philosophy: Inclusive, forgiving, appealing to all. Now it is different. There is a     nauseating repetition to the daily phrases of hate. Rosie DiManno appears to have the corner on “hate literature.”  “Hate speech is a                  communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group (or person)….It is an incitement to hatred…”            Canadian anti-hate laws are clear.

The urban dictionary has some appropriate comments on “journalists” as opposed to reporters: “Journalist: A professional liar. A          professional distorter. A professional hate mongerer. They craftily use newspapers and television programs to create the illusion that the entire world believes like them. In reality, they are literally just a couple psychos with a really big megaphone. Like Satan, they only have any            influence in your life if you choose to let them in. Journalist=modern day sophist. Not only do they tell you things they know aren’t true, they charge you for it!!!! Yeah, like I’m going to pay 50 cents and 30 minutes of my time to get lied to.” Rosie DiManno clearly needs to reacquaint  herself with her responsibilities as a “reporter.”

Folksy Ralph, and Down to Earth, Mayor Rob Ralph as we all know, the former Mayor of Calgary, and then Premier, was folksy:  from high school dropout to Premier, King Ralph. The time for Klein platform expression resonates with his desire for cutting the costs of         government, trimming the fat, and sure enough, within short order, he eliminated an Alberta deficit of 23 BILLION. He privatized liquor stores, seriously cut government spending, and well, life was “prosperous.” Mayor Ford’s “Stop the Gravy Train,” is already in the works.


The same principles of hard working honesty and respect for taxpayers, found a home in the hearts of Albertans, and Klein was rewarded, despite a few          famous personal mishaps, sometimes, often in public. He received an Order of        Canada, 2012, and a string of other exceptional awards chronicled his dedication to the public purse. (We have to wonder the fate of Klein, had he had a Cessna over his home for days, or the Toronto Star harassing him for years, obscenely.)

Mayor Ford is bound to succeed. The “Nation” is strong and has not appeared to quiver with insecurity. It is not a new story, but one that reoccurs in varying shapes and degrees, with shadowy regularity, a town or city gripped by an unusual mind bending public execution.

IRONY:  The province burns your money in advancing industrial wind         turbines that produce no meaningful power, create job failures and power dumping to the US for about 2 Billion per year. (They plan another 5-6 thousand!)  Scandal after scandal of McGuinty and Wynne and their entourage marches across the province. We are talking BILLIONS, or more likely, TRILLIONS, and most of that yet untold, unaccounted, but to be found and tabulated. Backdrop this excess and corruption with the honesty of Mayor Ford. It seems a no brainer.

A reporter eulogising Ralph Klein said:

“One part of Klein’s legacy that isn’t being adopted by politicians generally is his willingness to risk unpopularity to do what he felt was right. People respect you for that no matter what.” Dave Bennett April 5, 2013

Mayor Ford also seems to be building a legacy of willingness to risk             unpopularity. Despite obvious harassment, he has not wavered in his commitment to serve the   citizens of the City of Toronto. We appreciate the different Toronto this Mayor is building.  We suspect that Councillor Doug Ford is right when he calls his brother, “the most honest politician in Canada.”

FELONIOUS FINANCIAL FINDINGS – MANY MORE “MADE-OFFS”                                             

  By Our Investigative Journalist J.J. and Special Financial Correspondent Allen Fields

Did you here the one about the Canadian who was caught investing in weapons of mass destruction? Your Ward News did, and the punch-line is so funny that we forgot to laugh. The zinger is that the TD Bank, the Royal Bank and even the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan invested in American companies that manufacture nuclear weapons. But our Special Financial Correspondent Mr. Fields has uncovered so much ‘funny-money’ that even this huge story has been dwarfed. Our recent expose regarding Intact         Insurance led us to believe that we had found the head of the snake. After more research we concluded that there were many more coils to unwind before the head of this financial beast was revealed. We can hear the hissing, you can bet that we are getting close.

ING Direct is the biggest bank in the world and dictates to all other banks and insurance companies exactly what criminal activities are appropriate at any given time. So just how big is this global creepy-crawler? ING Direct holds 40% of all current        account deposits in the Netherlands; a 44% stake in ING Vysya Bank in India; China ING has a 17% interest in the Bank of Beijing; In Thailand, they have a 30% concern in TMB which is a universal banking platform with a nation-wide network. In fact, they have wrapped their entire length around the globe and have skillfully slithered into dealings with Iranian and Cuban banks. All of this impressed the Canadian banking community to such a degree that ING Direct Canada was founded in 1997.

On June 12th, 2012 the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced a $619 million settlement with ING. A mere pittance for conspiring to violate New York State laws by moving billions of dollars through the U.S. financial     system on behalf of SANCTIONED Cuba and Iran. This anaconda-like entity may be impossible to destroy as it constantly sheds its skin to conceal its true identity. In December of 2011 ING Direct Canada introduced Canadians to yet another newly-created term: ‘COLLATERAL CHARGE’. This is yet another way to steal from us by way of synthetic nomenclature (phony made-up words). Simply put, all mortgages held by ING Direct Canada would be registered as ‘collateral charges’. This makes it more difficult to switch to another mortgage lender without paying approximately $800 dollars in legal fees. So RE-financing with ING Direct Canada will “save” you 800 bucks. Their mortgage will restrict you from taking out a second mortgage or any other type of credit against your house unless your property value sky-rockets, which is unlikely.

Bernie Madoff robbed Peter to play Paul, until Peter and Paul wanted to cash-in their ‘chips’ at the same time. His Ponzi scheme fell like a house of cards as there was no real foundation or value. The only difference between Bernie and today’s insurance companies like ING Direct is that he had no one to bail him out. In 2008, the Dutch government gave ING Direct $13.5 billion (U.S.) in bail-out money that they didn’t even ask for. To say that these felonious financiers are ‘connected’ is an understatement, as they are connected at the hip to politicians who are bought and paid for. Here in Ontario where Kathleen Wynnguinty’s Liberal Party has continued Dalton’s legacy by stealing billions of dollars, the banksters and insurance companies have great friends running the show. If Tim Who-duck’s Conservatives or Andrea Horwhack’s NDP gain power, the insurance criminals will still have great friends running the show. There is only one thing left that confuses us down here at the Your Ward News. When Nuremburg-type trials are conducted to prosecute the politicians and their co-conspirators in the banking and insurance world, who will receive longer jail sentences? But then again, those found guilty may get their necks stretched if the death penalty is reinstated. That is beyond our scope. Stay tuned for next month’s financial report!