Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

November 12, 2013

Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

       In childhood and ‘teenages’, I did get into a little mischief, none of it destructive.  I mostly heeded and obeyed adults at home and in school. I did my homework, got good grades, and entered University. My aim was to get educated, get a good job, and live happily ever after.

       Advice was to pursue my interests, for self-fulfillment, and to prepare to “be myself.  I succeeded in at least five courses in each of the classes of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, mathematics, politics, history and geography. “I just wanna be me!” What’s so wrong about that?

       I go for a job-interview, and get credit for abilities with words, numbers, and diagrams, but, no real job. Twenty-two hours a week, at minimum wage means I can’t repay my loans. Five of us are in about the same mess. We live, sort of, in a two-bedroom flop.

       What went wrong, where, when, how, and why?  Who is employed, where, and doing what, for how much?  How can I become one of them?  What about my room-mates?

       About ten years ago, McGuinty promised 50,000 new jobs from combining PST and GST to make the HST. This step would make Ontario so competitive that jobs would leap out to us. Name just one, please.

       Then he promised that 16,000 jobs would leap into our economy from projects from the Green Energy Act.

        Similar casual promises have been made to tots on the knee of Santa Claus at any local mall.

       McGuinty is not alone in his turpitude. All of his supporters who were silent are as guilty as he. Their aim has been to continue in the lifestyle of public figures, even if they do nothing to deserve rewards of any kind. They are guilty also of not protesting by resigning from the liberal caucus. The better step would have been to resign from their seats in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly.  The fact that none has so done speaks eloquently of the lack of integrity that empowerment fosters.

Mr. David Nesbitt


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