November 12, 2013

FELONIOUS FINANCIAL FINDINGS – MANY MORE “MADE-OFFS”                                             

  By Our Investigative Journalist J.J. and Special Financial Correspondent Allen Fields

Did you here the one about the Canadian who was caught investing in weapons of mass destruction? Your Ward News did, and the punch-line is so funny that we forgot to laugh. The zinger is that the TD Bank, the Royal Bank and even the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan invested in American companies that manufacture nuclear weapons. But our Special Financial Correspondent Mr. Fields has uncovered so much ‘funny-money’ that even this huge story has been dwarfed. Our recent expose regarding Intact         Insurance led us to believe that we had found the head of the snake. After more research we concluded that there were many more coils to unwind before the head of this financial beast was revealed. We can hear the hissing, you can bet that we are getting close.

ING Direct is the biggest bank in the world and dictates to all other banks and insurance companies exactly what criminal activities are appropriate at any given time. So just how big is this global creepy-crawler? ING Direct holds 40% of all current        account deposits in the Netherlands; a 44% stake in ING Vysya Bank in India; China ING has a 17% interest in the Bank of Beijing; In Thailand, they have a 30% concern in TMB which is a universal banking platform with a nation-wide network. In fact, they have wrapped their entire length around the globe and have skillfully slithered into dealings with Iranian and Cuban banks. All of this impressed the Canadian banking community to such a degree that ING Direct Canada was founded in 1997.

On June 12th, 2012 the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced a $619 million settlement with ING. A mere pittance for conspiring to violate New York State laws by moving billions of dollars through the U.S. financial     system on behalf of SANCTIONED Cuba and Iran. This anaconda-like entity may be impossible to destroy as it constantly sheds its skin to conceal its true identity. In December of 2011 ING Direct Canada introduced Canadians to yet another newly-created term: ‘COLLATERAL CHARGE’. This is yet another way to steal from us by way of synthetic nomenclature (phony made-up words). Simply put, all mortgages held by ING Direct Canada would be registered as ‘collateral charges’. This makes it more difficult to switch to another mortgage lender without paying approximately $800 dollars in legal fees. So RE-financing with ING Direct Canada will “save” you 800 bucks. Their mortgage will restrict you from taking out a second mortgage or any other type of credit against your house unless your property value sky-rockets, which is unlikely.

Bernie Madoff robbed Peter to play Paul, until Peter and Paul wanted to cash-in their ‘chips’ at the same time. His Ponzi scheme fell like a house of cards as there was no real foundation or value. The only difference between Bernie and today’s insurance companies like ING Direct is that he had no one to bail him out. In 2008, the Dutch government gave ING Direct $13.5 billion (U.S.) in bail-out money that they didn’t even ask for. To say that these felonious financiers are ‘connected’ is an understatement, as they are connected at the hip to politicians who are bought and paid for. Here in Ontario where Kathleen Wynnguinty’s Liberal Party has continued Dalton’s legacy by stealing billions of dollars, the banksters and insurance companies have great friends running the show. If Tim Who-duck’s Conservatives or Andrea Horwhack’s NDP gain power, the insurance criminals will still have great friends running the show. There is only one thing left that confuses us down here at the Your Ward News. When Nuremburg-type trials are conducted to prosecute the politicians and their co-conspirators in the banking and insurance world, who will receive longer jail sentences? But then again, those found guilty may get their necks stretched if the death penalty is reinstated. That is beyond our scope. Stay tuned for next month’s financial report!

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