Mayor Ford and Ralph Klein; protectors of the public purse.

November 12, 2013

By Sherri Lange

The majority of people believe in incredible things which are absolutely false. The majority of people daily act in a manner prejudicial to their general well-being.” -Ashley Montagu, Anthropologist

                 A professor once told me: “I don’t read the newspapers anymore. I read other fiction.”  Slices of scandal, served with hate, do not translate into “news.”  The media in Toronto has been stooping very low with its repetitive sound bites on Mayor Ford. Missing, is the list of fiscal accomplishments, despite a very arrogant and self-serving council that the Mayor has somehow managed to work with.

Have you ever tried to deliver a message in person, in 4 minutes, to the Executive Committee? Well, it is an incredible experience. Some council members walk around the room, texting, laugh at your very serious concerns, and show the most astonishing lack of knowledge this writer has ever seen. Councillor Minnan-Wong showed complete lack of interest, yawned during the presentation, showed contempt via his body language, and then laughed raucously at the mention of animals being subjected to stray voltage from substations and industrial wind turbines in rural Ontario. Laughed raucously and made a denigrating remark to those people suffering. This experience of councillors not listening to constituents’ presentations is, I have discovered, sadly, common.

This is the same council, some members, including ring leader Minnan-Wong, who wish the good Mayor to step down, take a break. Let it not happen. It also appears that the Mayor is and has been for some time now, subjected to more than voyeuristic journalism. He is being taunted, hounded, harassed, possibly criminally, having reporters appear at his private residence, even as he walks his children in the neighborhood for Halloween. There is a brutish quality, a physical ugliness, to this  harassment, that has many Torontonians reeling.


Cessna aircraft over his home for days? Wiretaps? What is the Chief thinking? Or is there another plan at work. Perhaps he is “disappointed” in the Mayor’s wish to cut the Police Services funding by 10%? Is this a “revenge play” in several instances? Some are demanding a full accounting and rationale from Police Board Members, Councillors Nunziata and DelGrande, as well as from the Vice Chair, Michael Thompson.                                           The Star: once the “Paper for the People”, now vigorously and with malice,                                                   and with apparent relish, degrades the “People’s Mayor.”

The Toronto Star once modeled itself as a BIG TENT philosophy: Inclusive, forgiving, appealing to all. Now it is different. There is a     nauseating repetition to the daily phrases of hate. Rosie DiManno appears to have the corner on “hate literature.”  “Hate speech is a                  communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group (or person)….It is an incitement to hatred…”            Canadian anti-hate laws are clear.

The urban dictionary has some appropriate comments on “journalists” as opposed to reporters: “Journalist: A professional liar. A          professional distorter. A professional hate mongerer. They craftily use newspapers and television programs to create the illusion that the entire world believes like them. In reality, they are literally just a couple psychos with a really big megaphone. Like Satan, they only have any            influence in your life if you choose to let them in. Journalist=modern day sophist. Not only do they tell you things they know aren’t true, they charge you for it!!!! Yeah, like I’m going to pay 50 cents and 30 minutes of my time to get lied to.” Rosie DiManno clearly needs to reacquaint  herself with her responsibilities as a “reporter.”

Folksy Ralph, and Down to Earth, Mayor Rob Ralph as we all know, the former Mayor of Calgary, and then Premier, was folksy:  from high school dropout to Premier, King Ralph. The time for Klein platform expression resonates with his desire for cutting the costs of         government, trimming the fat, and sure enough, within short order, he eliminated an Alberta deficit of 23 BILLION. He privatized liquor stores, seriously cut government spending, and well, life was “prosperous.” Mayor Ford’s “Stop the Gravy Train,” is already in the works.


The same principles of hard working honesty and respect for taxpayers, found a home in the hearts of Albertans, and Klein was rewarded, despite a few          famous personal mishaps, sometimes, often in public. He received an Order of        Canada, 2012, and a string of other exceptional awards chronicled his dedication to the public purse. (We have to wonder the fate of Klein, had he had a Cessna over his home for days, or the Toronto Star harassing him for years, obscenely.)

Mayor Ford is bound to succeed. The “Nation” is strong and has not appeared to quiver with insecurity. It is not a new story, but one that reoccurs in varying shapes and degrees, with shadowy regularity, a town or city gripped by an unusual mind bending public execution.

IRONY:  The province burns your money in advancing industrial wind         turbines that produce no meaningful power, create job failures and power dumping to the US for about 2 Billion per year. (They plan another 5-6 thousand!)  Scandal after scandal of McGuinty and Wynne and their entourage marches across the province. We are talking BILLIONS, or more likely, TRILLIONS, and most of that yet untold, unaccounted, but to be found and tabulated. Backdrop this excess and corruption with the honesty of Mayor Ford. It seems a no brainer.

A reporter eulogising Ralph Klein said:

“One part of Klein’s legacy that isn’t being adopted by politicians generally is his willingness to risk unpopularity to do what he felt was right. People respect you for that no matter what.” Dave Bennett April 5, 2013

Mayor Ford also seems to be building a legacy of willingness to risk             unpopularity. Despite obvious harassment, he has not wavered in his commitment to serve the   citizens of the City of Toronto. We appreciate the different Toronto this Mayor is building.  We suspect that Councillor Doug Ford is right when he calls his brother, “the most honest politician in Canada.”

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