November 12, 2013

Rob Ford, the taxpayer’s Mayor by our investigative journalist J.J.

             The only thing our mayor promised was frugality. For better or worse, he kept his word. He did not promise to be a good little boy in his private life. Some people believe that he should resign for smoking-up with some brothers. Toronto’s elite left-wing council members wouldn’t be caught dead with our city’s impoverished lower strata, and are furious with a Toronto politician that would. That’s the funny thing about equality….those who scream it the LOUDEST mean it the LEAST!

The gulf that divides the elite from ‘everyday folks’ is the same divide that got Marion Barry RE-ELECTED mayor of Washington, D.C. after being videotaped smoking crack. We are seeing a similar reaction as our populist ‘people-person’ mayor retains significant and continual support from the public. And let’s not forget the alternatives: Adam Vaughan-Olivia Chow-Sarah Thomson. Maybe Mary-Margaret McMahon will run for mayor (O.K.,…we’re just kidding about that last one). Our mayor has not been charged with anything as we go to press, so why        resign? Some Toronto councilors and vicious columnists like Rosie DiManno have suggested that if the mayor had ‘come clean’ sooner, they would have been very   forgiving and understanding. Does anyone really believe that?

Toronto’s peculiar leftists couldn’t have cared less when their boy George Smitherman was discovered to have    experimented with amphetamine-derived ‘party drugs’ like ecstasy. Smitherman’s supporters are likely the same      people who didn’t mind Bill Clinton cheating on his spouse. His supporters screamed, “IT’S HIS PRIVATE LIFE!!! IT’S BUBBA’S PRIVATE LIFE!!! If a person cheats and lies to the closest person in their life, what the hell would they do to strangers? Of course, there’s nothing new about the leftist propensity for selective condemnation. It is one of the more persistent and noticeable blind-spots that plagues their ‘stated’ egalitarian ideology.

Rob Ford’s popularity was boosted when he was heard on The John Oakley morning show on Radio Talk 640. John has not completely turned his back on Rob who has been a good friend of the show. Chief Blair seems to have little sense of process as he voiced his disappointment in the video that he viewed. We’re not so sure that the Chief is in a position to wax morally. Mayor Ford respects tradition and that is appreciated by educated citizens. If it sounds like we agree with EVERYTHING the mayor has done then we haven’t made our point clear enough. Mayor Ford doesn’t throw his friends ‘under the bus’, and neither do we.

It’s time for mean-spirited, self-righteous councilors like Adam Vaughan, Paul Fletcher, Janet Davis and others (you know who you are) to come clean because ‘we know what you did last summer’, so to speak. From ex-communist leaders to cheating scoundrels, our top-flight investigative journalists are conducting ‘background’ checks on all      councilors leading up to a special edition. Relentless research is paying off. If any of our readers have even a molecule of information about the sordid pasts of Toronto City councilors please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325 or




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