Ward 30 residents are being forced to clean up filth and dead rats due to their councillor’s inaction and indifference. Councillor Paula Fletcher has been made well aware of the semi-detached home at 185 Riverdale Avenue, also known as Toronto’s rat house. The house, which is uninhabitable for humans sits empty with only the hoard of garbage and countless rats. The home has been investigated six times in the past year by city inspectors and despite endless complaints Councillor Paula Fletcher does nothing.

Like a scene from the middle ages the rats have expanded into several neighbouring properties. How long must Councillor Paula Fletcher wait for disease and property devaluation to continue until she is General Secretary of the rat ward? Alice Broughton lives next door to the rat pack and said the problem started three to four years ago, nothing was ever done in those years and the problem worsened when she saw rats in her own bedroom. “We want those repairs done and we want all the access points closed off” she said after finding dead rats in their kitchen.

The city cleaned up some of the garbage around the area after weeks of notices, but still has done nothing with the garbage hoarded inside the abandon house, let alone do anything to end the rat problem.

Councillor Paula Fletcher is in the process of getting quotes from exterminators to figure out the cost ratio analysis of putting outside traps around the house. Most people would just go to Home Depot and buy a few rat traps, but our city’s socialist bureaucrats need to have more meetings – dwindling tax dollars in the process, all the wile letting the problem get worse.

According to Brad Gates, owner of Gates Wildlife Control the greatest problem of pests is caused by lefty’s own much applauded composting initiative “the green bin is becoming a real problem, providing food for raccoons, skunks, squirrels, you name it.”

Neighbours are beyond ticked off, a large plywood sign along with spray paint on the house’s garage clearly state “this house has rats!” Residents are desperate to get something done by their councillor, but she seems more concerned about the graffiti bylaw infraction. Yet rest assured Councillor Paula Fletcher has listened to her constituents that living next to the rat house is intolerable. Councillor Fletcher will bring up the issue of the rat invasion in her next meeting, after she adjourns for the weekend. Although nothing was done about the rats, the warning sign was ordered removed. Those living with dead rats in their homes will have to wait until after Councillor Fletcher’s break.

Even the Toronto Star says “there’s nothing like a meeting to make people who haven’t done much to solve a problem feel better about it.”

Endless meetings “did little to resolve the situation other than to identify what they can’t do and don’t know.” The place is a fire hazard garbage heap, full of diseased rats and collapsing infrastructure, but Councillor Paula Fletcher has not done a single thing other then send cleaning crews to remove the warning sign put up by residents.

Councillor Fletcher has been as useless to her constituents as a screen door on a sinking submarine. She still refuses to enter the home with inspectors and exterminators, and has not yet even approved outdoor rat traps to be issued. While she does noting the looming threat of a bubonic plague outbreak grows as property values in the area could collapse. Ward 30 residents may have to get rid of Councillor Paula Fletcher before they can get rid of her rat friends.



It is amazing how Shelley Carroll is not feeling some buyers remorse for the clearly visible waste to taxpayers. Must be a symptom of parasitic psychopathy. Two years ago Councillor Carroll as a director for Toronto Hydro allowed the corporation to purchase the old Honda building on Milner avenue in Scarborough. Toronto Hydro used your money in 2011 to claim ownership of a vacant 272,000-square-foot plant that to this very day sits vacant and unused. If that is not disgraceful enough, almost $17 million tax dollars were spent to buy the building valued at only $8 million!

Councillor Carroll, as the board of directors for Toronto Hydro you got some explaining to do. The deal for 715 Milner Ave was done in secret, and behind the mayor’s back. It might have had something to do with the fact Rob Ford would be more than a little confused why taxpayers would accept such a blatant corruption. Maybe Ford would be asking too many questions as to why Toronto Hydro would pay double the market value for a building they did not plan to use in anyway. Shelley Carroll is refusing to answer any questions on her involvement in this possibly illegal and definitely nefarious back room deal.

Rob Ford was flabbergasted with Ward 33’s councillor and the hydro board, neither the public nor the mayor were notified of this deal. The mayor is calling for a complete rundown on the whole affair, but Toronto Hydro continues to do everything in their power to blind itself from responsibility, transparency and accountability. What does Shelley Carroll have to hide? With the skyrocketing costs in hydro bills across the city, how long till this city is robbed dry?

The city did not need the Honda plant, had no use for the building or the equipment inside, put on their own extravagantly harebrained price tag, completed the hush-hush transaction undisclosed to the mayor and had to use a mysterious intermediary to sign off on the deal. All this happened on Councillor Carroll’s watch two years ago and to this very day the building remains abandoned and still worth only half the value paid by Toronto Hydro. Such taxpayer theft is being used by Shelley Carroll as an excuse to raise Hydro bills and taxes. Apparently Ward 33’s councillor says the bureaucratic public sector is losing money, well no s**t Sherlock!

It’s never easy getting a straight answer from Toronto Hydro, they have to go through lawyers, bookkeepers and Shelley Carroll first to figure out what they can hide, and what they need to spin. Toronto Hydro executives refuse to say how much they are billing taxpayers for expenses or even what those so-call expenses are. Freedom of Information be damned, it’s not the publics business what they waste while upping your bill. Bonnie Lysyk, Ontario’s auditor general found unbridled favouritism and cronyism in the wages, benefits and expenses of the hydro elite during the time Councillor Shelley was singing her carols as board director. Compensation is “significantly more generous” than the private sector, causing financial loses and increasing the costs of electricity, the auditor general reported. Want to see the books? It will take Toronto Hydro weeks of processing and they first handled that request by demanding a $5,000 fee. They need to pay for a few more paper shredders and a few bottles of correction fluid first.

From “accidentally” overcharging customers while forcing them to pay their wrongly measured bills and contracting work out to Bangalore, India while preparing for local lay-offs it would be safe to say Toronto Hydro is not Torontonian’s friend. Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines is paid the comfortable sum of almost one million dollars a year based on his bachelor of commerce degree. Well I guess that goes to show you do need a university issued diploma to be successful. Only problem is Anthony Haines lied to get the job, for more then twenty years Toronto Hydro’s bigwig claimed he graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree the university does not even offer. Despite lying on his resume for two decades, High School educated Anthony Haines is still the President and Chief Executive Officer collecting his full and bloated salary. In fact his cronies trust Anthony so much they put him on the Finance Committee for the 2015 Pan Am Games. I can see why Shelley Carroll became a member of the Hydro board, every scheme is met with vigorous applause and kickbacks without the public scrutiny of serving in her old position as the budget committee chair. In the private sector this is called criminal fraud.

Councillor Carroll, we demand you step down both from the board of directors of Toronto Hydro, and as councillor for Ward 33 until a full criminal investigation can be completed. Ontarians are paying the highest electricity rates in Canada as you continue to allow your board to gouge the city. The Toronto Police Service needs to stop looking into the private lives of your enemies and more into the criminal lives of your compatriots. Councillor Carroll, we expect your resignation letter on the mayor’s desk and a call to your defence lawyer. Here is 50 cents for the payphone!


Needing to outdo Mary Fragedakis’ new $2.4 million ice-skating park, open a whole two months of the year Communist party leader Paula Fletcher really had to put red ink to paper. Taking the gravy off the dinner table and riding the express train straight to crony pocket books, Fletcher put a cheap wall-less roof on her community’s ice pond… astoundingly at a cost of $4.1 million dollars!

With the millions wasted already on crony contractors, the debt this city faces for public sector jobs, and administrative kick-backs on every maintenance project when will the people realize enough is enough. Feel good community projects may win quick votes from the incompetent, until people smell the coffee and a tax revolt is cultivated. Comrade Fletcher says it’s for the children, just like her plan to raise property taxes by $30 million dollars a year for recreation.

Fine, let the kids play hockey – we have no problems with that. We want our kids to have fun and play sports. The problem we have is when Paula Fletcher uses the same old and tired excuse “it’s for our children” to continuously rob this city blind. Only socialist bureaucrats could waste over four million dollars splashing water onto concrete! The original construction costs of Maple Leaf Gardens was $1.5 million and it only took six months to build.

It was good enough to house the Toronto Maple Leafs for 70 years, but according to Fletcher’s budget; not quite good enough for our children. Despite the fact all you need are skates and a garden hose it took two years for construction crews to complete putting a multi-million dollar metal roof over an outdoor ice rink.

Calling it a “prototype for years to come” Fletcher has big plans for her red pen. Even Rob Ford showed up to skate as one young kid shouted “you’re the best” to our mayor. Frazzled Fletcher took note, though she claims to do everything for the kids Ford clearly had their vote.


500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. The scurrying roaches are so numerous when the lights are turned in the apartment block it appears as if the floor is moving. After years of numerous visits from city standards, health, fire officials, and promises by Janet Davis to do something, nothing has changed. The owner, a woman the tenants seem to know only by several fake names such as Mrs. Linton or Mrs. Goodman, is rarely there. When Linton, aka Goodman, aka Krebs is there, she is confrontational when tenants complain.

This building is disgusting, the owners are disgusting, and Janet Davis is disgusting for not doing anything useful about it. If any tenants are interested, the management office is located at 44 Michael Crt, Thornhill, ON L4J 3A9. Their number is 905-707-5395. The building is owned by Carolyn and Harvey Krebs under the last name alias of Linton. On Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards website, the building has a long list of investigation requests and violation notices dating back to 2008, including issues such as pest infestations, cracks and holes in the walls, garbage in the hallways and water damage. Tenants say problems are never fixed to even the bare minimum and nothing is usually done by Janet Davis to bring the building up to code.

The building sits in the ward of city councillor Janet Davis (Beaches-East York), who complains endlessly – but does nothing. “My wall is falling apart in the kitchen, (and) I’ve had problems with cockroaches, mice,” said one tenant, adding that there is “no heat…whatsoever.” Hanna was one of the many tenants who were shut out of their apartments two years ago after a fire in one of the building’s elevators forced an evacuation. The elevator has yet to be fixed. Today, a large slab of wood sits where the elevator door should be. Tenants of the notorious Dawes Road high rise are renewing calls for action on much needed repair work in the building following the elevator fire that injured two. The building’s persistent state of disrepair has been an ongoing issue, say tenants, but since the elevator fire on Dec. 8, 2011 not one single thing has changed.

Tenant Julie Hanna says the building is falling apart, and Janet Davis seems to be doing nothing thing about it. The fifth-floor tenant said she’s experienced clogged garbage chutes, human feces in stairwells, as well as vermin and pests. “If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have moved in here,” said Hanna, who’s been a resident for several years. Hanna was dealing with a cockroach problem in her own unit. “I couldn’t even sweep under my couch or my furniture because it was so bad. They would just run everywhere,” she said. The garbage at the back of the building was overflowing. The elevator, where the fire occurred, is still boarded up. Dog feces — some bagged, some not — was found scattered all around the premises. In the basement, a light hung from where a ceiling tile should be. At the front of the building, a piece of glass inexplicably fell from a light. A rattrap, covered in dead insects, was stuck to one of the front pillars.

Still the landlord gets indirect subsidies from the government for this low income rat hole. Numerous tenants coming into and out of the building spoke of the issues they’ve had both with the premises and the landlord, but all declined to give their names citing fear of retribution from the owner. The voice is clear though, Janet Davis is all talk and no action. Residents feel abandoned and abused by their councillor. The building is owned by Carolyn Krebs who uses the fake names of Mrs. Linton and Mrs. Goodman — under Havcare Investments Inc. Havcare is also the property manager. Tenants, including Hanna, say Linton and Davis are unresponsive to tenants’ requests and needs, and they both neglect ongoing problems in the building. The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association reports 500 Dawes Rd. as one of the top three buildings in the city that garner the highest volume of tenant complaints.

Still after years Janet Davis is still pushing photocopied papers while her constituents live in subsidized filth and squalor. According to Janet Davis’ updated audit report on the city’s website, several municipal licensing and standards issued work orders have been dealt with and are closed. This is a lie. Local councillor Janet Davis said the city is using whatever means possible to help tenants out, in other words Janet will schedule more and more meetings while nothing is done. “We’ve taken a fairly aggressive approach to property standards in the building over the years and have issued dozens of notices and orders for maintenance issues,” she said. That is Janet Davis’ bureaucratic speak for more meetings, more paper work, more funding and no progress. To respond to tenants following the fire, Davis held a public meeting where she says a number of other complaints were raised, including the lack of heat in units, mould and unresponsiveness from the landlord. She is asking that tenants be diligent in reporting their problems to the necessary agencies, as the redtape gets longer and residents continue to feel hopeless. If the building is not providing tenants with the proper amenities, Davis says, they can turn to the Landlord and Tenant Board, passing off the problem as nothing else is done.

The point is this: life is getting worse in many of the city’s aging, low-rent apartment buildings, where tenants of modest means face increasing financial pressure amid deteriorating living standards. Janet Davis is coming to no one’s rescue, content to talk—but not to act. During a news conference on the lawn outside the building, Janet Davis was blunt in her assessment of Havcare’s record as a landlord. “This building, along with several others on Dawes Road, has a history of failing to undertake the repairs that are required of them and of failure to respond to the tenants of this building,” said Ms. Davis, whose office receives countless complaints on a regular basis. Still even though she knows more meetings and more paperwork will mean nothing to the tenants, that’s her plan!

Janet, there is NO EXCUSE for you to allow people in the city of Toronto some of whom are paying $775 a month to have to live in third world conditions. Shame on you Janet, what do your constituents need you for? NOTHING! You have not got anything done for the residents at 500 Dawes in years, you will never get anything done and it’s time for you to step down and make way for an effective councillor that will do their job. You are utterly useless to your ward and this city. Sure you can make more calls, file more paperwork, have more meetings, press releases and pretend you care. Yet deep down, as you relax at home – how can you sleep at night knowing you have not accomplished a damn thing…

“Stop. Remember the Day Nelson Mandela was free. RIP. Love.” -Shelley Carroll


As expected Shelley Carroll jumped on board to pay her respects to Saint Nelson Mandela, advocate for freedom and democracy. Well the freedom of the state and the democracy of terror anyway. Lefty has always used the words “free” and “love”, just as Shelley Carroll is trained to regurgitate them. Words, irregardless of the actions always
vindicate the socialist elite. They believe if you love something, set it free… with a bullet, machette or bomb.

Facts that Shelley Carroll does not want you to know is that under apartheid a few thousand on both sides died over several decades of fighting and terror due to communist gorillas. When Mandela came to power he slaughtered tens of thousands of whites every single year! Women, children and the elderly – no one was safe from the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party.

Decades after events it becomes difficult to separate truth from left-wing whitewash. The death of Mandela allows us to think about what it means to be a terrorist, and how the language of terrorism is used to frame political debate. No dominant socialist system refers to themselves as terrorists, just as Shelley Carroll does not refer to herself as a crook for swindling hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to line the pocket books of Pride Toronto. Shelley Carroll’s “Major Cultural Organizations Program” ensures that traditional Canadian culture is eliminated, while ushering in the new era of left-leaning special interest groups. Pride events have become synonymous with overt displays of graphic sexuality, including semi-nude or completely naked people parading down the streets, revelers engaging in public sex acts, and raunchy dancing.

Shelley Carroll’s “Major Cultural” influence, and the hero of the anti-apartheid struggle was not the saint she wants him to be. The image of Nelson Mandela as a selfless, humble, freedom fighter turned cheerful, kindly old man, is well established by the left. If there is any international leader on whom socialists can universally heap praise it is surely he. But get past the halo Shelley placed on him, and it is clear Nelson Mandela had more than a few flaws which deserve attention.

He signed off on the deaths of innocent people, hundreds of thousands of them. Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. At his trial, he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists.

Tellingly, not only did Mandela refuse to renounce violence, Amnesty refused to take his case stating “[the] movement recorded that it could not give the name of ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ to anyone associated with violence, even though as in ‘conventional warfare’ a degree of restraint may be exercised.”

As President he bought a lot of military hardware. Inheriting a country with criminally deep socio-ecnomic problems, one might expect resources to be poured into redressing the imbalances of apartheid.

Yet once in office, even Mandela’s government slipped into the custom of putting national corporatism, power and prestige above its people. Mandela’s communist government announced in November 1998 that it intended to purchase 28 BAE/SAAB JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft from Sweden at a cost of about $65 million per plane. Not content with jets, in 1999 a $4.8 billion purchase of weaponry was finalised, which has been subject to allegations of corruption. The South African Department of Defence’s Strategic Defence Acquisition purchased a slew of shiny new weapons, including frigates, submarines, corvettes, light utility helicopters, fighter jet trainers and advanced light fighter aircraft.

Mandela was friendly with dictators. Despite being synonymous with freedom and democracy, Mandela was never afraid to glad hand the thugs and tyrants of the international arena. Two of the ANC’s biggest donors, in the 1990s, were Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and President Suharto of Indonesia. Not only did Mandela refrain from criticising their lamentable human rights records but he interceded diplomatically on their behalf, and awarded them South Africa’s highest honour. Suharto was awarded a state visit, a 21-gun salute, and The Order of Good Hope Gold Class. In April 1999 Mandela acknowledged to an audience in Johannesburg that Suharto had given the ANC a total of 60 million dollars. An initial donation of 50 million dollars had been followed up by a further 10 million. The London Telegraph reported that Gaddafi was known to have given the ANC well over ten million dollars.

No one ever asks, “Why was Mandela in prison?” Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman as President Nelson Mandela, Invictus makes a major contribution towards the building up of the mythology of Nelson Mandela as a modern day idol. Time and again the film focuses on Mandelas imprisonment on Robben Island, often with dream-like imaginative flashbacks of Nelson Mandela breaking rocks on Robben Island.

Invictus never mentions Nelson Mandela’s open support for brutal communist regimes such as Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Red China, Gadhaffi’s Libya, Saddam Hussein and other dictators. During the very time covered by Invictus Mandela received Fidel Castro, the longest reigning dictator in the world, and gave him the highest award that South Africa could give and then had both Houses of Parliament gather to hear an address from the Cuban tyrant. During the very time covered by the movie many hundreds of white farmers, and their wives and children, were being brutally slaughtered, actually tortured to death, often by UmKhonto we Sizwe guerillas, many of whom were now part of the South African National Defence Force.

Although Shelley Carroll and her buddies gives all glory to Nelson Mandela, it does not attach any blame to him for the rising crime and plummeting economy. During all 46 years of National Party apartheid rule over 18,000 people had been killed by rioters, terrorists, by the police and the army, on all sides, including terrorists, civilian victims, military casualties and police; both white and black. A total of 18,000 dead during 46 years of conflict under the racial segregation of apartheid.

However, in peacetime, under Nelson Mandela, an average of 20,000 to 25,000 people were murdered EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Shelley Carroll must have ignored that fact when she tweeted “RIP” to the Butcher Mandela, and not Mandela’s victims.

Yet to celebrate his birthdays, Mandela would regularly open the prison doors and set many criminals, including armed robbers, murderers and rapists, free. Some of whom were murdering and raping within 24 hours of being released. Sounds a lot like what NDPers are doing in Canada. According to Shelley Carroll, no blame can be attached to Nelson Mandela for the economic deterioration and the sky-rocketing crime rate under his presidency. No blame for the poverty, disease, drugs and death. However, he should be given all the credit for eliminating racial segregation! Sure, now both blacks and whites can use the same water fountain, which maybe a good thing if you ask Shelly – that is if the water was not undrinkabley poisoned with blood and they did not shoot the plumber before he had a chance to fix the broken tap.

By Robert James


Mary-Margaret McMahon flipped her two-face, totally aligning herself with the “progressive” mentality of the now illegally state owned city hall. Gone is Rob Ford’s democratically enacted power to govern this Metropolis, as he has for the past three years for the benefit of Torontonians. The once clearly visible glass offices in Nathan Phillips Square have been terrifyingly frosted overnight, ending public transparency of municipal government. All the while using lefty controlled media to convince gullible sheeple that it’s a good thing.

In it’s place Merrily-Spending McMahon and a cabal of conspiring cohorts have literally, and criminally usurped the position of our elected government. In our province we have an unconscionably spendthrift Liberal bureaucrat who unelected to the position of Ontario Premier is authorizing the seditious overthrow of the mayoral seat, and installing a despotic puppet ruler who until four months ago held no deputy mayoral office. Of course McMahon does not think it is contrary to good conscience for an unelected Ontario Liberal to allow an unelected Toronto Liberal to govern Canada’s largest city. The people have no choice in the matter, but to be fair they were both appointed by the Liberal Party. In Soviet Russia, party elect you… not the other way around!

McMahon forced to give an actually tolerable face to the putsch, dragged her own daughter in front of the media while treasonously declaring that the public’s vote is invalid. “There is no reason [for Ford] to be here as the leader of the city, [Ford must] step down immediately.” Why? Because Rob Ford has done exactly what he campaigned for, and exactly what the people elected him to do. Stop the gravy-train tax and waste that Mary-Margaret relies on, end oppressively large government that is unaccountable to the people, stop the selling of government to bribing political allies, and defend us from the irresponsible incompetence destroying this city in the name of a totalitarian fiscal policy.

What is most irritating to several Toronto city councillors is not only the international attention Mayor Ford has brought to city hall, but the public transparency of where exactly tax dollars windup. There was too much required accountability under Ford, and city councillors much preferred old fashioned closed door meetings, making their deals in the backroom – free from nosy parkers. With the hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus Mayor Ford has saved – councillors are drooling figuring out ways to waste it, simply so they can pretend to have the legitimacy to raise taxes in their 2014 budget. If they don’t have the power to spend our money this year, they can not extort us for more the next. It is very simple, and the reason why Merrily-Spending McMahon who has already sold this ward out to Bussin’s old condo-developing cronies has also sold out our mayor.

Although it may look like an exercise in civics, don’t be fooled… McMahon encourages crony capitalism through and through. Unlike Ford, Mary-Margaret McMahon was elected on a domino set of lies. The very concept of liberty is so repugnant to Mary-Margaret McMahon that she demands “mouths need to be duct taped” in order to protect the state. Whenever a libertarian speaks it is “absolutely deplorable, disgusting, appalling, unacceptable, offensive and atrocious” in McMahon’s own words. Constitutions, laws and civil liberties are only to serve the interest of the state. Constituents are to be governed, not rule. No longer are politicians civil servants, the people are public servants.

In a scene very reminiscent of 1991 and the August Putsch, this newspaper wonders how long until our own mouths are duct taped shut. Except in this case, the belligerents have unlawfully seized power and would love nothing more than ordering our mouths be physically crushed permanently. With democracy, perestroika and glasnost completely eliminated and the power to declare a city-wide state of emergency now in the hands of a puppet state, freedom of the press could become nothing more than a meaningless political buzzword.

It must be exhausting for Janet Davis and her coalition of leftwing dingbats being appalled all the time. Offended by everything and ashamed of nothing, Janet Davis has lead a putsch against democracy. I find it truly appalling that there are dictators in waiting within our own city! Taking a page out of Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook, Janet Davis becomes outraged at the smallest, stupidest things. Suddenly, everyone, everywhere, is supposed to be offended by everything. How do these permanently whipped-up delicate dandelions live? Always worried that their precious snowflakes might have to grow up in the real world, they seek to destroy the very fabric of our democratic system in the name of a “better future for our children”. These Bolsheviks offend me. There is a contagious pandemic sweeping across the nation. It’s an epidemic called Bullshittitis, on the top of Health Canada’s list of major infectious diseases. A bacterial vaginosis that infects several female NDP councillors, causing severe intellectual disabilities and is accompanied by an unpleasant fishy smell. Symptoms include: traumatization, peevishness, incompetence, and an all-around hypersensitivity to anyone who they just don’t like. Doctors recommend that those infected stop looking for stupid little things to be offended by every single minute of the day. Unfortunately, that is not party policy. Case in point: It is okay for Janet Davis’ cronies to slander, attack, lie, cheat and steal. It’s okay for the left-wing media to yell the words pussy or fuck at the top of their lungs. Yet when someone defends themselves, quoting buzzwords the socialist agenda has been plastering everywhere… only then does it become appalling. Janet Davis, that spineless jellyfish spends our taxes going around bugging into people’s private conversations and finding more and more ways to scream how appalled she is. When there is nothing for her to be appalled at, she can just pull stuff out of her witches’ hat. Making up stories like a preschooler does to their mother, just so they have something to cry about. The worst are those who go out of their way to find things offensive on other people’s behalf, just for attention. In fact there are few things NDPers love more than being appalled. They spend most of their time waiting for the chance to be offended by something. They amass a personal army of offended do-little do-nothings, most of whom lacking any real employment have all the time in the world to be offended along side the hand that feeds their laziness. That’s how at a drop of a coin the Toronto Union of Unemployed Layabouts can mobilize for their common interest of being easily offended. At this point, it is acceptable to ask them to make their ever so valuable insanity public. NDPers call this “getting involved in the community”. And if you don’t agree with me, you probably vote NDP.