500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. The scurrying roaches are so numerous when the lights are turned in the apartment block it appears as if the floor is moving. After years of numerous visits from city standards, health, fire officials, and promises by Janet Davis to do something, nothing has changed. The owner, a woman the tenants seem to know only by several fake names such as Mrs. Linton or Mrs. Goodman, is rarely there. When Linton, aka Goodman, aka Krebs is there, she is confrontational when tenants complain.

This building is disgusting, the owners are disgusting, and Janet Davis is disgusting for not doing anything useful about it. If any tenants are interested, the management office is located at 44 Michael Crt, Thornhill, ON L4J 3A9. Their number is 905-707-5395. The building is owned by Carolyn and Harvey Krebs under the last name alias of Linton. On Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards website, the building has a long list of investigation requests and violation notices dating back to 2008, including issues such as pest infestations, cracks and holes in the walls, garbage in the hallways and water damage. Tenants say problems are never fixed to even the bare minimum and nothing is usually done by Janet Davis to bring the building up to code.

The building sits in the ward of city councillor Janet Davis (Beaches-East York), who complains endlessly – but does nothing. “My wall is falling apart in the kitchen, (and) I’ve had problems with cockroaches, mice,” said one tenant, adding that there is “no heat…whatsoever.” Hanna was one of the many tenants who were shut out of their apartments two years ago after a fire in one of the building’s elevators forced an evacuation. The elevator has yet to be fixed. Today, a large slab of wood sits where the elevator door should be. Tenants of the notorious Dawes Road high rise are renewing calls for action on much needed repair work in the building following the elevator fire that injured two. The building’s persistent state of disrepair has been an ongoing issue, say tenants, but since the elevator fire on Dec. 8, 2011 not one single thing has changed.

Tenant Julie Hanna says the building is falling apart, and Janet Davis seems to be doing nothing thing about it. The fifth-floor tenant said she’s experienced clogged garbage chutes, human feces in stairwells, as well as vermin and pests. “If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have moved in here,” said Hanna, who’s been a resident for several years. Hanna was dealing with a cockroach problem in her own unit. “I couldn’t even sweep under my couch or my furniture because it was so bad. They would just run everywhere,” she said. The garbage at the back of the building was overflowing. The elevator, where the fire occurred, is still boarded up. Dog feces — some bagged, some not — was found scattered all around the premises. In the basement, a light hung from where a ceiling tile should be. At the front of the building, a piece of glass inexplicably fell from a light. A rattrap, covered in dead insects, was stuck to one of the front pillars.

Still the landlord gets indirect subsidies from the government for this low income rat hole. Numerous tenants coming into and out of the building spoke of the issues they’ve had both with the premises and the landlord, but all declined to give their names citing fear of retribution from the owner. The voice is clear though, Janet Davis is all talk and no action. Residents feel abandoned and abused by their councillor. The building is owned by Carolyn Krebs who uses the fake names of Mrs. Linton and Mrs. Goodman — under Havcare Investments Inc. Havcare is also the property manager. Tenants, including Hanna, say Linton and Davis are unresponsive to tenants’ requests and needs, and they both neglect ongoing problems in the building. The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association reports 500 Dawes Rd. as one of the top three buildings in the city that garner the highest volume of tenant complaints.

Still after years Janet Davis is still pushing photocopied papers while her constituents live in subsidized filth and squalor. According to Janet Davis’ updated audit report on the city’s website, several municipal licensing and standards issued work orders have been dealt with and are closed. This is a lie. Local councillor Janet Davis said the city is using whatever means possible to help tenants out, in other words Janet will schedule more and more meetings while nothing is done. “We’ve taken a fairly aggressive approach to property standards in the building over the years and have issued dozens of notices and orders for maintenance issues,” she said. That is Janet Davis’ bureaucratic speak for more meetings, more paper work, more funding and no progress. To respond to tenants following the fire, Davis held a public meeting where she says a number of other complaints were raised, including the lack of heat in units, mould and unresponsiveness from the landlord. She is asking that tenants be diligent in reporting their problems to the necessary agencies, as the redtape gets longer and residents continue to feel hopeless. If the building is not providing tenants with the proper amenities, Davis says, they can turn to the Landlord and Tenant Board, passing off the problem as nothing else is done.

The point is this: life is getting worse in many of the city’s aging, low-rent apartment buildings, where tenants of modest means face increasing financial pressure amid deteriorating living standards. Janet Davis is coming to no one’s rescue, content to talk—but not to act. During a news conference on the lawn outside the building, Janet Davis was blunt in her assessment of Havcare’s record as a landlord. “This building, along with several others on Dawes Road, has a history of failing to undertake the repairs that are required of them and of failure to respond to the tenants of this building,” said Ms. Davis, whose office receives countless complaints on a regular basis. Still even though she knows more meetings and more paperwork will mean nothing to the tenants, that’s her plan!

Janet, there is NO EXCUSE for you to allow people in the city of Toronto some of whom are paying $775 a month to have to live in third world conditions. Shame on you Janet, what do your constituents need you for? NOTHING! You have not got anything done for the residents at 500 Dawes in years, you will never get anything done and it’s time for you to step down and make way for an effective councillor that will do their job. You are utterly useless to your ward and this city. Sure you can make more calls, file more paperwork, have more meetings, press releases and pretend you care. Yet deep down, as you relax at home – how can you sleep at night knowing you have not accomplished a damn thing…


by our Investigative Journalist “J.J.”


The Beaches future continues to be defined by cronyism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs, pay-offs and all the other hallmarks of classic corruption. The Toronto network’s dominoes haven’t started falling yet, as they have in Montreal. Our deceptively soft-spoken Ward 32 Councillor has given the ‘green light’ for ideas as to what improvements would be best for our already wide-open and welcoming landmark Kew Gardens. The funny thing is that the starting and completion dates for the project have already been announced. How can this be? They don’t even know what landscaper or architect will win the contract……OR DO THEY? Beach residents are well-versed when it comes to political corruption as we have been taught by the best. Ex-councillor Bussin gets the ‘Teacher-Of-The-Century Award’ on the subject and we should thank her for the lessons we have learned. We have also done our home-work and have uncovered additional information beyond the standard curriculum. We have discovered that no-bid contracts are just part of ‘Corruption 101’. The no-bid contract awarded to George Foulidis in the ‘Beach Bully Bussin Boardwalk Bistro’ caper has put educated Beachers on alert for the more advanced corruption courses that are available to citizens. In our extensive research on the subject we have uncovered many sophisticated techniques employed by municipal politicians. A complete expose will be published in 2014 by our Ward 32 crime-beat team, as it is way too depressing for this Christmas issue. One nugget we can share is the ‘phony high-bid’ move. With enough conspirators in the pockets of the municipal movers and shakers, several contractors submit ridiculously high bids so that the ‘lowest’ high-bid seems reasonable. Enough profit is made to spread around in manila envelopes. That is the move that we must remain vigilant for in the Kew Gardens Conspiracy that is clearly taking place. The education that Beachers received from Sandra can now be applied to Mary-Margaret as there are a finite number of dynamics available to the corrupt councillors and criminal cohorts of our present councillor. The letters and e-mails that we have been receiving reveal an important aspect to the success or failure of the Kew Gardens Conspiracy: Beachers have passed their Corruption 101 course with flying colors and are ready to TEACH our councillor a very important lesson…. WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!

This letter is anonymous. Why? Because it seems that anyone who dares to stand up against the current mob calling for Rob Ford’s resignation can expect to be targeted for scorn, ridicule, and name calling. Those labelled as “Ford Nation” have alternatively been called fanatics, far right maniacs, extremists etc (see Royson James, The Toronto Star, November 3, 2013). Publicly attempting to put down and humiliate people with name calling and lumping them all into one category. Isn’t that called bullying and stereotyping? When I was educated it was. But what do I know? I’m apparently just another extremist – someone who thinks that a Mayor who was subjected to almost six months of 24/7 police surveillance, at least some of it with a Cessna over his house until the neighbours started complaining, and who has not yet been charged with anything, should not have to resign. Someone who wonders just how much all that investigation and surveillance cost. Someone who gets a little edgy when the police chief orders the investigation and a six month surveillance of an elected official, then releases a 400+ page report in which we learn that the Mayor and his friend Alessandro Lisi drank vodka together in a wooded area, that the Mayor relieved himself on a bush, and that they apparently had a strange penchant for convenience stores, Gatorade, potato chips, and little baggies of nefarious content. Good grief! Call in the RCMP! Mr. Lisi, this alleged underworld character, meanwhile managed to evade the top police team numerous times, and in the end was charged with dealing marijuana in a plaza and verbally threatening two alleged drug dealers in an attempt to get the video of the Mayor allegedly smoking crack. Really? That took six months of police surveillance, and resulted in the police chief being “disappointed” in the Mayor? This is the same police chief isn’t it who had no problem with his officers “kettling” innocent people in the rain during the G20, and who has defended police shooting of mentally ill people, at least one of them having been shot several times then tasered for good measure. And he’s disappointed in Ford? I think maybe the people of Toronto remain pretty disappointed in him. Does the Mayor have a troubled personal life? Yes, it appears he does. And I’m sure this is not helped by reporters swarming all over his driveway and his front yard, refusing to leave unless pushed and yelled at, with his two small children, 6 and 8, looking on. Nor is it helped by the Toronto Star’s campaign of the past three years from the moment the man took office. To hear The Star tell it, Armageddon would ensue. Has it? Well, actually it hasn’t. Since he took office Toronto’s aging infrastructure is being rebuilt, a subway extension to long suffering Scarborough, taxes kept low, getting rid of the vehicle transfer tax, better customer service – in fact he regularly goes out to see citizens himself and works to fix whatever is troubling them. He says he “loves to meet people at the doorstep”. Just in case all those Ford haters out there were wondering, that is exactly the reason his approval rating went up 5% in the wake of the police chief’s latest revelations about his bad behaviour. People know he is trying to do a good job for them. They appreciate it when they call his office and get their concerns addressed. They know he is unpolished and has shown bad judgement in being drunk in public places. Of course none of us has ever done that. “But we should hold the Mayorto a higher standard!” say the Mayor’s opponents. Really? Did we hold a certain drunken Premier to a higher standard? Or a certain drunken Attorney General? Or a certain Scarborough Councillor after his DUI? Did we put them under surveillance? Most importantly, do we honestly think that no politician at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels has not from time to time fraternized with shady characters – some of whom throw fundraisers for them and/or donate large sums to their re-election campaigns? Not only that, but weren’t there all kinds of untendered contracts awarded provincially by OLG, and did not provincial Ministers approve untendered contracts – 30 million worth wasn’t it, to IBM for eHealth (Toronto Star, October 1, 2009)? And did they not squander millions more on the failed Green Energy Act and ORNG? Are we not more worried about politicians misplacing our money than we are about them peeing on bushes when inebriated? Let’s get real. What really has all you Ford haters so upset? Could it be that the comfortable Toronto establishment doesn’t feel so comfortable anymore? Wasn’t it February of 2011 that the Mayor and the city’s Auditor General discovered huge waste and possible fraud at the Toronto Housing Corporation? And did that not result in Ford calling on the Chair and the whole civilian Board to resign? And wasn’t police chief Blair pretty upset with Ford in August of 2011 when Ford tried to introduce a 10% cut to the police budget? Seems he really upset Mike McCormack of the police union who vowed to take “every legal action” to fight Ford on it (Globe and Mail, August 31, 2011). He has certainly upset the downtown Councillors. Possibly about spreading city cash more evenly between the suburbs and the downtown core? Who are we kidding? Mayor Ford is far from perfect as he himself admits. But was there Armageddon? Is he “desecrating” the Office of Mayor as one Toronto Star columnist has said? Hardly. My advice to Ford Hater Nation? Get a grip!

by Sherri Lange CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)


Wind developers and anyone aiding and abetting should pay damages in full for turbine “trickery.” The damage to homes, people’s dreams, landscapes, is deep and long-lasting. The “green” bill of sale has been utterly false, with no concern about, but even visible contempt for, personal reports of financial losses and personal suffering. This is perhaps the lengthiest robbery of all time. Despite the trumped up reports by the wind proponents, and others whose financial interests are at stake, huge property losses are reported not just following the installation of massive turbines, but also at the whiff of a development. Sales are aborted, entire communities commonly almost instantly devalued; businesses lost or downgraded, tourism values slashed, including associate industries that depend on tourism. Inherent in these financial losses are the dashed dreams of people who have actively sought out peace, alternative living, farming and recreational havens, or even the peaceable enjoyment of their own personal property. A new website, provides summary materials and emerging events around property loss and wind turbine sprawl, suggesting that a robbery is well under way, stretching well beyond 30 years, and knowing no geographical limits. Some of the focus is on individual lives shattered by loss of property values. Roger Oliveira formerly of Melancthon, Ontario, writes eloquently of his sense of loss of his dreams, as well as his finances. In an open letter questioning of the wind developer, he asks, “How much is my dream worth?” The reality of living surrounded by nine massive machines impacting his health, his dreams dashed of country peace, a lifelong dream, Roger moved. Rather than continue the litany of health complaints, the depression from having lost “everything” financially, he had no choice but to gather the strength to pick up and move. For Roger and others like him, countless others around the world, there will be no damages awarded that will ever allow him to recover from that sense of complete and utter loss. FIGHTING INDUSTRY FICTION According to Mike McCann: The approval of wind turbine projects close to homes is tantamount to inverse condemnation or the regulatory taking of private property rights. Still as the industry continues its fiction on zero property impacts, and in the wake of thousands of stories like Roger’s, Michael McCann of McCann Appraisal, LLC, Chicago, Illinois, finds that the hard data is irrefutable. McCann refers to some unsalable properties as “ground zero.” Mike McCann further notes that noise and sleep disturbances are “commonplace,” that homeowners are almost instantly deprived of “reasonable liquidity” and market value; McCann measures losses of 25% to 40% with mention of those properties that are indeed, not able to be sold at any price. At the conclusion of his discussion of property devaluations at Brewster MA, two 400 foot turbines, he includes a list of the medical and disturbance effects that is like a catalogue of an almost unimaginable Gulag of suffering. INTO THE COURTS What happens when people lose 20-100% of their most precious financial and emotional asset overnight? Toronto lawyer, Eric Gillespie, now represents a growing number of clients whose assets are being reclaimed in as many as 14 different lawsuits reaching more than $50 million at the time of this writing. (The article referenced suggests a dollar value of 9 million, but Mr. Gillespie tells us recently, the actual dollar amount has now risen to more than 50 million CDN.) A twist in the evolving legal scheme is that individual landowners who support turbines on their land are also named in a number of the suits. CONCLUSION This is a marketplace adjustment that is only beginning, according to Lansink and others, and the downward pressure on tax base property evaluations can only begin to have other financial insinuations down the line. Talk about a fiscal cliff in escalated time. Eric Bibler of Save Our Seashore writes that there are a MILLION Reasons to be Concerned About Industrial Wind Turbines. He invites you to go to your computer and type in the words: wind turbine lawsuit. The result is a staggering (his caps) ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND. As 2013 evolves, more and more of these cases, we predict, will settle on loss of property values, loss of enjoyment, loss of health. Many are now calling industrial wind turbine proliferation the most serious health scandal of our times. Soon, we will also be referring to the onslaught as the longest running robbery of all times. How else do you call misrepresented “greening” and “inverse condemnation?” By comparison with Jesse James, who typically limited his stealing to the Express Safe on trains, the runaway profits of the wind industry appear to show no limits or same sense of reserve. The damages to people, landscapes, land values, the environment, are without precedent.

The All Seeing Eye is a new section of Your Ward News. We invite all residents to contact us with their concerns and feedback. Your information will be held in absolute confidence. Please tell us about your experiences & information you think is important to discuss in a public forum, published on your behalf. We invite members of the public to contact us about our upcoming article concerning councillor Mary Fragedakis. In recent weeks, we have received a plethora of questions and concerns concerning her past. We invite councillor Fragedakis and those associated with her in the below questions and comments to contact us with their personal responses. We don’t want to take a side, yet, and simply air grievances without having given Ms. Fragedakis an opportunity to speak for herself. We extend this invitation to the associates listed below. Mary, we have been approached by members of the public who state you lack the skills to be an effective councillor. They talk at length about a serious election fabrication concerning your stated business and want to see proof that it actually operated. We feel it is appropriate to ask for copies of your tax returns from the said-years you operated a business. Residents also raise concerns about your personal relations with the President of the Greek Community, Mr. Artemakis who also managed your campaign in 2010. There are further more concerns about potential conflicts of interest arising in 2014. We’d like to know more about your relationship, what is it? Is it romantic? This is a major area of concern we perceive in the upcoming year. We feel that there are many potentially legitimate grievances to air, should there be conflicts of interest and also that your involvement with an organization that has very recently been accused of serious conflicts of interest that should be investigated. These conflicts of interest are specifically regarding the board members’ misappropriation of funds, bidding on properties which they as a board sold below-market prices against the wishes of many members, and what looks like board members influencing significant contracts. We intend to get to the bottom of that, but before we do we are calling on you Ms. Fragedakis to contact us for an interview. What we heard is that there are board members who draw an income from this non-profit organization that in the past few years has been depleting millions of dollars in a potentially scandalous, failed capital campaign. We heard about a highly stressful AGM that was held in June 2013 regarding a potential sale of a cathedral where parish members indicated they felt terrorized by directors and their associates. We also saw publicly-posted communications between directors and the general public that, we felt, were extremely inappropriate causing great concern about the stability of this organization. Mary, we would like to hear from you and the others cited in this public communication regarding all of the above. We would also like to understand how you are associated with the organization. Also, we kindly ask that Your Ward News be privy to a report from a neutral third-party regarding things like your tax statements, certified transcripts, employer references, drivers abstract and criminal record. We are very concerns, honestly, about many things that residents are claiming and before we air our grievances in this section we’d like to give all an opportunity to contact us. We do know your work down there in chambers is important and respect it, but we do have a tight deadline for next month. Please get in touch with us well ahead of time.

Higher property taxes in 2014, and tens of millions of more tax dollars will be wasted if Communist Party leader Comrade Fletcher has her way. The current system of having users of recreation services pay a small nominal fee is as obsolete as free enterprise in the modern Marxist- Leninist society. Getting rid of recreation user fees would cost taxpayers over an estimated $30 million a year. Why? Not because Paula Fletcher responsibly budgeted, not because Paula Fletcher is asking City Hall to take a pay cut, and not because Paula Fletcher eliminated several non-essential crony jobs off her books. Today, when people are making less money, working more hours, losing pensions, lacking employment benefits, and paying more for EVERYTHING. Comrade Fletcher’s answer for her socialist pipe dream is the money would have to come from YOUR property taxes. On the agenda for the 2014 operating budget, members of the committee are figuring out even more ways to steal money. You have a very nice house there, shame if anything happened to it! Councillor Fletcher thinks that more taxes will encourage kids to be physically active, and that’s not the job of the parent — raising children is the job of the state. “This is not gravy money, this is building character and health.” Fletcher notes. This coming from the gravyest of city councillors. A woman who thinks the name “park rangers” is politically incorrect, but creating 12 news jobs each costing taxpayers $83,000 a year to pick up trash and hand out park fines is correct. Local property taxpayer Mark Richardson, fired back at the committee. “Why can’t the city (continue to) ask the average Torontonian to pay user fees similar to what the rest of Ontario pays for recreation?” Toronto’s recreation fees are comparable to those in most Ontario cities. Families in the lower end of the income scale already do not have to pay these fees. The city’s “Welcome Policy” allows those on welfare, disability and low-income earners to have free access to recreation. So why is Fletcher demanding that property taxes need to be upped by over thirty million more dollars a year to help those who already get subsidised access to rec programs? The motion to up property taxes passed 5-1 by the committee, which is dominated by zealots against Mayor Rob Ford’s administration. “It’s an uphill climb,” notes Councillor Janet Davis, but it is only a “bit of a bumpy ride through the budget process.” In other words if our socialist elite want to pass their operating budget in 2014, and raise your taxes YET AGAIN, they need to work harder to slander and attack Rob Ford and his supporters even more!