December 9, 2013

by our Investigative Journalist “J.J.”


The Beaches future continues to be defined by cronyism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs, pay-offs and all the other hallmarks of classic corruption. The Toronto network’s dominoes haven’t started falling yet, as they have in Montreal. Our deceptively soft-spoken Ward 32 Councillor has given the ‘green light’ for ideas as to what improvements would be best for our already wide-open and welcoming landmark Kew Gardens. The funny thing is that the starting and completion dates for the project have already been announced. How can this be? They don’t even know what landscaper or architect will win the contract……OR DO THEY? Beach residents are well-versed when it comes to political corruption as we have been taught by the best. Ex-councillor Bussin gets the ‘Teacher-Of-The-Century Award’ on the subject and we should thank her for the lessons we have learned. We have also done our home-work and have uncovered additional information beyond the standard curriculum. We have discovered that no-bid contracts are just part of ‘Corruption 101’. The no-bid contract awarded to George Foulidis in the ‘Beach Bully Bussin Boardwalk Bistro’ caper has put educated Beachers on alert for the more advanced corruption courses that are available to citizens. In our extensive research on the subject we have uncovered many sophisticated techniques employed by municipal politicians. A complete expose will be published in 2014 by our Ward 32 crime-beat team, as it is way too depressing for this Christmas issue. One nugget we can share is the ‘phony high-bid’ move. With enough conspirators in the pockets of the municipal movers and shakers, several contractors submit ridiculously high bids so that the ‘lowest’ high-bid seems reasonable. Enough profit is made to spread around in manila envelopes. That is the move that we must remain vigilant for in the Kew Gardens Conspiracy that is clearly taking place. The education that Beachers received from Sandra can now be applied to Mary-Margaret as there are a finite number of dynamics available to the corrupt councillors and criminal cohorts of our present councillor. The letters and e-mails that we have been receiving reveal an important aspect to the success or failure of the Kew Gardens Conspiracy: Beachers have passed their Corruption 101 course with flying colors and are ready to TEACH our councillor a very important lesson…. WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!


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