Fletcher wants More Property Taxes! MORE!!! MORE!!!

December 9, 2013

Higher property taxes in 2014, and tens of millions of more tax dollars will be wasted if Communist Party leader Comrade Fletcher has her way. The current system of having users of recreation services pay a small nominal fee is as obsolete as free enterprise in the modern Marxist- Leninist society. Getting rid of recreation user fees would cost taxpayers over an estimated $30 million a year. Why? Not because Paula Fletcher responsibly budgeted, not because Paula Fletcher is asking City Hall to take a pay cut, and not because Paula Fletcher eliminated several non-essential crony jobs off her books. Today, when people are making less money, working more hours, losing pensions, lacking employment benefits, and paying more for EVERYTHING. Comrade Fletcher’s answer for her socialist pipe dream is the money would have to come from YOUR property taxes. On the agenda for the 2014 operating budget, members of the committee are figuring out even more ways to steal money. You have a very nice house there, shame if anything happened to it! Councillor Fletcher thinks that more taxes will encourage kids to be physically active, and that’s not the job of the parent — raising children is the job of the state. “This is not gravy money, this is building character and health.” Fletcher notes. This coming from the gravyest of city councillors. A woman who thinks the name “park rangers” is politically incorrect, but creating 12 news jobs each costing taxpayers $83,000 a year to pick up trash and hand out park fines is correct. Local property taxpayer Mark Richardson, fired back at the committee. “Why can’t the city (continue to) ask the average Torontonian to pay user fees similar to what the rest of Ontario pays for recreation?” Toronto’s recreation fees are comparable to those in most Ontario cities. Families in the lower end of the income scale already do not have to pay these fees. The city’s “Welcome Policy” allows those on welfare, disability and low-income earners to have free access to recreation. So why is Fletcher demanding that property taxes need to be upped by over thirty million more dollars a year to help those who already get subsidised access to rec programs? The motion to up property taxes passed 5-1 by the committee, which is dominated by zealots against Mayor Rob Ford’s administration. “It’s an uphill climb,” notes Councillor Janet Davis, but it is only a “bit of a bumpy ride through the budget process.” In other words if our socialist elite want to pass their operating budget in 2014, and raise your taxes YET AGAIN, they need to work harder to slander and attack Rob Ford and his supporters even more!


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