If you’re easily offended, don’t read this… By ROBERT JAMES

December 9, 2013

It must be exhausting for Janet Davis and her coalition of leftwing dingbats being appalled all the time. Offended by everything and ashamed of nothing, Janet Davis has lead a putsch against democracy. I find it truly appalling that there are dictators in waiting within our own city! Taking a page out of Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook, Janet Davis becomes outraged at the smallest, stupidest things. Suddenly, everyone, everywhere, is supposed to be offended by everything. How do these permanently whipped-up delicate dandelions live? Always worried that their precious snowflakes might have to grow up in the real world, they seek to destroy the very fabric of our democratic system in the name of a “better future for our children”. These Bolsheviks offend me. There is a contagious pandemic sweeping across the nation. It’s an epidemic called Bullshittitis, on the top of Health Canada’s list of major infectious diseases. A bacterial vaginosis that infects several female NDP councillors, causing severe intellectual disabilities and is accompanied by an unpleasant fishy smell. Symptoms include: traumatization, peevishness, incompetence, and an all-around hypersensitivity to anyone who they just don’t like. Doctors recommend that those infected stop looking for stupid little things to be offended by every single minute of the day. Unfortunately, that is not party policy. Case in point: It is okay for Janet Davis’ cronies to slander, attack, lie, cheat and steal. It’s okay for the left-wing media to yell the words pussy or fuck at the top of their lungs. Yet when someone defends themselves, quoting buzzwords the socialist agenda has been plastering everywhere… only then does it become appalling. Janet Davis, that spineless jellyfish spends our taxes going around bugging into people’s private conversations and finding more and more ways to scream how appalled she is. When there is nothing for her to be appalled at, she can just pull stuff out of her witches’ hat. Making up stories like a preschooler does to their mother, just so they have something to cry about. The worst are those who go out of their way to find things offensive on other people’s behalf, just for attention. In fact there are few things NDPers love more than being appalled. They spend most of their time waiting for the chance to be offended by something. They amass a personal army of offended do-little do-nothings, most of whom lacking any real employment have all the time in the world to be offended along side the hand that feeds their laziness. That’s how at a drop of a coin the Toronto Union of Unemployed Layabouts can mobilize for their common interest of being easily offended. At this point, it is acceptable to ask them to make their ever so valuable insanity public. NDPers call this “getting involved in the community”. And if you don’t agree with me, you probably vote NDP.


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