The All Seeing Eye: Focus on Mary Fragedakis. Written by: Ella Stopapoulios

December 9, 2013

The All Seeing Eye is a new section of Your Ward News. We invite all residents to contact us with their concerns and feedback. Your information will be held in absolute confidence. Please tell us about your experiences & information you think is important to discuss in a public forum, published on your behalf. We invite members of the public to contact us about our upcoming article concerning councillor Mary Fragedakis. In recent weeks, we have received a plethora of questions and concerns concerning her past. We invite councillor Fragedakis and those associated with her in the below questions and comments to contact us with their personal responses. We don’t want to take a side, yet, and simply air grievances without having given Ms. Fragedakis an opportunity to speak for herself. We extend this invitation to the associates listed below. Mary, we have been approached by members of the public who state you lack the skills to be an effective councillor. They talk at length about a serious election fabrication concerning your stated business and want to see proof that it actually operated. We feel it is appropriate to ask for copies of your tax returns from the said-years you operated a business. Residents also raise concerns about your personal relations with the President of the Greek Community, Mr. Artemakis who also managed your campaign in 2010. There are further more concerns about potential conflicts of interest arising in 2014. We’d like to know more about your relationship, what is it? Is it romantic? This is a major area of concern we perceive in the upcoming year. We feel that there are many potentially legitimate grievances to air, should there be conflicts of interest and also that your involvement with an organization that has very recently been accused of serious conflicts of interest that should be investigated. These conflicts of interest are specifically regarding the board members’ misappropriation of funds, bidding on properties which they as a board sold below-market prices against the wishes of many members, and what looks like board members influencing significant contracts. We intend to get to the bottom of that, but before we do we are calling on you Ms. Fragedakis to contact us for an interview. What we heard is that there are board members who draw an income from this non-profit organization that in the past few years has been depleting millions of dollars in a potentially scandalous, failed capital campaign. We heard about a highly stressful AGM that was held in June 2013 regarding a potential sale of a cathedral where parish members indicated they felt terrorized by directors and their associates. We also saw publicly-posted communications between directors and the general public that, we felt, were extremely inappropriate causing great concern about the stability of this organization. Mary, we would like to hear from you and the others cited in this public communication regarding all of the above. We would also like to understand how you are associated with the organization. Also, we kindly ask that Your Ward News be privy to a report from a neutral third-party regarding things like your tax statements, certified transcripts, employer references, drivers abstract and criminal record. We are very concerns, honestly, about many things that residents are claiming and before we air our grievances in this section we’d like to give all an opportunity to contact us. We do know your work down there in chambers is important and respect it, but we do have a tight deadline for next month. Please get in touch with us well ahead of time.


6 Responses to “The All Seeing Eye: Focus on Mary Fragedakis. Written by: Ella Stopapoulios”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That’s quite the hatchet job.

  2. Of course it’s a hatchet job, considering Fragedakis is using her hatchet to chop up democracy. Oh’ by the way, didn’t the Greeks invent that term?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    -The Greek Community was never going to sell the church, there is property next to the church they have been trying to sell. They made this very clear at the AGM. A few parishioners spoke out of turn at the AGM and one was yelling not sure who felt terrorized.
    – The administration of the Greek Community has been working miracles the past 4 years to erase the over 10 million in debt incurred during the ten year presidency of conservative MP Costas Menegakis. Those allegations apply to this presidency not Artemakis.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fear one Greek, never fear two

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, these comments dance on the line of libel….its a good thing Mary didn’t respond…

  6. Sally Says:

    Terribly written. Very poor grammar.

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