THE GRAVY TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION Merrily-Spending McMahon & her incautious cronies, all aboard! By ROBERT JAMES

December 9, 2013

By Robert James


Mary-Margaret McMahon flipped her two-face, totally aligning herself with the “progressive” mentality of the now illegally state owned city hall. Gone is Rob Ford’s democratically enacted power to govern this Metropolis, as he has for the past three years for the benefit of Torontonians. The once clearly visible glass offices in Nathan Phillips Square have been terrifyingly frosted overnight, ending public transparency of municipal government. All the while using lefty controlled media to convince gullible sheeple that it’s a good thing.

In it’s place Merrily-Spending McMahon and a cabal of conspiring cohorts have literally, and criminally usurped the position of our elected government. In our province we have an unconscionably spendthrift Liberal bureaucrat who unelected to the position of Ontario Premier is authorizing the seditious overthrow of the mayoral seat, and installing a despotic puppet ruler who until four months ago held no deputy mayoral office. Of course McMahon does not think it is contrary to good conscience for an unelected Ontario Liberal to allow an unelected Toronto Liberal to govern Canada’s largest city. The people have no choice in the matter, but to be fair they were both appointed by the Liberal Party. In Soviet Russia, party elect you… not the other way around!

McMahon forced to give an actually tolerable face to the putsch, dragged her own daughter in front of the media while treasonously declaring that the public’s vote is invalid. “There is no reason [for Ford] to be here as the leader of the city, [Ford must] step down immediately.” Why? Because Rob Ford has done exactly what he campaigned for, and exactly what the people elected him to do. Stop the gravy-train tax and waste that Mary-Margaret relies on, end oppressively large government that is unaccountable to the people, stop the selling of government to bribing political allies, and defend us from the irresponsible incompetence destroying this city in the name of a totalitarian fiscal policy.

What is most irritating to several Toronto city councillors is not only the international attention Mayor Ford has brought to city hall, but the public transparency of where exactly tax dollars windup. There was too much required accountability under Ford, and city councillors much preferred old fashioned closed door meetings, making their deals in the backroom – free from nosy parkers. With the hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus Mayor Ford has saved – councillors are drooling figuring out ways to waste it, simply so they can pretend to have the legitimacy to raise taxes in their 2014 budget. If they don’t have the power to spend our money this year, they can not extort us for more the next. It is very simple, and the reason why Merrily-Spending McMahon who has already sold this ward out to Bussin’s old condo-developing cronies has also sold out our mayor.

Although it may look like an exercise in civics, don’t be fooled… McMahon encourages crony capitalism through and through. Unlike Ford, Mary-Margaret McMahon was elected on a domino set of lies. The very concept of liberty is so repugnant to Mary-Margaret McMahon that she demands “mouths need to be duct taped” in order to protect the state. Whenever a libertarian speaks it is “absolutely deplorable, disgusting, appalling, unacceptable, offensive and atrocious” in McMahon’s own words. Constitutions, laws and civil liberties are only to serve the interest of the state. Constituents are to be governed, not rule. No longer are politicians civil servants, the people are public servants.

In a scene very reminiscent of 1991 and the August Putsch, this newspaper wonders how long until our own mouths are duct taped shut. Except in this case, the belligerents have unlawfully seized power and would love nothing more than ordering our mouths be physically crushed permanently. With democracy, perestroika and glasnost completely eliminated and the power to declare a city-wide state of emergency now in the hands of a puppet state, freedom of the press could become nothing more than a meaningless political buzzword.


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