December 12, 2013


Needing to outdo Mary Fragedakis’ new $2.4 million ice-skating park, open a whole two months of the year Communist party leader Paula Fletcher really had to put red ink to paper. Taking the gravy off the dinner table and riding the express train straight to crony pocket books, Fletcher put a cheap wall-less roof on her community’s ice pond… astoundingly at a cost of $4.1 million dollars!

With the millions wasted already on crony contractors, the debt this city faces for public sector jobs, and administrative kick-backs on every maintenance project when will the people realize enough is enough. Feel good community projects may win quick votes from the incompetent, until people smell the coffee and a tax revolt is cultivated. Comrade Fletcher says it’s for the children, just like her plan to raise property taxes by $30 million dollars a year for recreation.

Fine, let the kids play hockey – we have no problems with that. We want our kids to have fun and play sports. The problem we have is when Paula Fletcher uses the same old and tired excuse “it’s for our children” to continuously rob this city blind. Only socialist bureaucrats could waste over four million dollars splashing water onto concrete! The original construction costs of Maple Leaf Gardens was $1.5 million and it only took six months to build.

It was good enough to house the Toronto Maple Leafs for 70 years, but according to Fletcher’s budget; not quite good enough for our children. Despite the fact all you need are skates and a garden hose it took two years for construction crews to complete putting a multi-million dollar metal roof over an outdoor ice rink.

Calling it a “prototype for years to come” Fletcher has big plans for her red pen. Even Rob Ford showed up to skate as one young kid shouted “you’re the best” to our mayor. Frazzled Fletcher took note, though she claims to do everything for the kids Ford clearly had their vote.


2 Responses to “SIBERIAN FLETCHER’S $4.1 Million Ice Pond by ROBERT JAMES”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Pillaging of contract monies and collusion with the intention of fraud are common in the TTC, TDSB and now City Council?! Where is Mayor Rob Ford when you need him? Toronto doesn’t need another skating rink when youth unemployment is skyrocketing and more and more adults are being laid off because of high expense costs to operate a business in Toronto.
    This article reminds me of that TDSB contractor Jimmy Hazel who charged thousands of dollars to screw in a lightbulb or the TTC contractor who charged tens of thousands of dollars for fixing a window. But wait, yesterday the Toronto Sun reported that TDSB Trustees and administrators were found by Ernst and Young auditors to have been misappropriating expenses, and the Director had the audacity to tell reporters “I see no criminal offence”!

    These frauds are disrespectful to Toronto taxpayers and Torontonians. I voted for Mayor Rob Ford because he promised to reduce the tax burden and save taxpayers’ monies, and he is doing a reasonable job at it. Meanwhile, the opposition of Mayor Rob Ford for example the TTC union, TDSB union, Liberals, Toronto Star, et al are hating on him and they will go to great lengths to discredit him by invading his personal life. The Toronto Star loves to smear Mayor Rob Ford’s name by finding every minor flaw with him- C’mon Mayor Ford is human. He curses, swears, drinks and eats like everyone else. What the Toronto Star wouldn’t write about is the amount of money Mayor Rob Ford is saving for taxpayers and small businesses.

    Mayor Rob Ford should look into the youth and adult unemployment situation in Toronto and he will most likely get around 10-20% more votes next year. Everybody needs a fair wage and employment these days.

    Mayor Rob Ford is the best Mayor in fixing a broken economy and I will vote for him next year.

  2. Where is Rob Ford? The same place he has always been every single day Torontonians pay his salary – City Hall, doing his job. Although lefty illegally decided that since voters did not vote for one of them, democracy is invalid.

    You are right on the ball Andrew! The fraud, waste and corruption this city faces could not continue if a mayor who demands accountability is in office. Just as all of Ontario figures, why have elections when the government can just appoint their own crony.

    The media is run by lefty, on behalf of government that is used to endlessly attack Ford, his supporters and his family – while arguing that they are trying to find accountability.

    Their version of accountability is not in the locked back rooms of politicians, developers, bankers, and wealthy power brokers – no accountability to be found in secret meetings. No, somehow the only place to look is in the personal, private life of those that say nay!

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