Shelley Carroll’s Megamillion Real Estate Boondoggle!

December 18, 2013



It is amazing how Shelley Carroll is not feeling some buyers remorse for the clearly visible waste to taxpayers. Must be a symptom of parasitic psychopathy. Two years ago Councillor Carroll as a director for Toronto Hydro allowed the corporation to purchase the old Honda building on Milner avenue in Scarborough. Toronto Hydro used your money in 2011 to claim ownership of a vacant 272,000-square-foot plant that to this very day sits vacant and unused. If that is not disgraceful enough, almost $17 million tax dollars were spent to buy the building valued at only $8 million!

Councillor Carroll, as the board of directors for Toronto Hydro you got some explaining to do. The deal for 715 Milner Ave was done in secret, and behind the mayor’s back. It might have had something to do with the fact Rob Ford would be more than a little confused why taxpayers would accept such a blatant corruption. Maybe Ford would be asking too many questions as to why Toronto Hydro would pay double the market value for a building they did not plan to use in anyway. Shelley Carroll is refusing to answer any questions on her involvement in this possibly illegal and definitely nefarious back room deal.

Rob Ford was flabbergasted with Ward 33’s councillor and the hydro board, neither the public nor the mayor were notified of this deal. The mayor is calling for a complete rundown on the whole affair, but Toronto Hydro continues to do everything in their power to blind itself from responsibility, transparency and accountability. What does Shelley Carroll have to hide? With the skyrocketing costs in hydro bills across the city, how long till this city is robbed dry?

The city did not need the Honda plant, had no use for the building or the equipment inside, put on their own extravagantly harebrained price tag, completed the hush-hush transaction undisclosed to the mayor and had to use a mysterious intermediary to sign off on the deal. All this happened on Councillor Carroll’s watch two years ago and to this very day the building remains abandoned and still worth only half the value paid by Toronto Hydro. Such taxpayer theft is being used by Shelley Carroll as an excuse to raise Hydro bills and taxes. Apparently Ward 33’s councillor says the bureaucratic public sector is losing money, well no s**t Sherlock!

It’s never easy getting a straight answer from Toronto Hydro, they have to go through lawyers, bookkeepers and Shelley Carroll first to figure out what they can hide, and what they need to spin. Toronto Hydro executives refuse to say how much they are billing taxpayers for expenses or even what those so-call expenses are. Freedom of Information be damned, it’s not the publics business what they waste while upping your bill. Bonnie Lysyk, Ontario’s auditor general found unbridled favouritism and cronyism in the wages, benefits and expenses of the hydro elite during the time Councillor Shelley was singing her carols as board director. Compensation is “significantly more generous” than the private sector, causing financial loses and increasing the costs of electricity, the auditor general reported. Want to see the books? It will take Toronto Hydro weeks of processing and they first handled that request by demanding a $5,000 fee. They need to pay for a few more paper shredders and a few bottles of correction fluid first.

From “accidentally” overcharging customers while forcing them to pay their wrongly measured bills and contracting work out to Bangalore, India while preparing for local lay-offs it would be safe to say Toronto Hydro is not Torontonian’s friend. Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines is paid the comfortable sum of almost one million dollars a year based on his bachelor of commerce degree. Well I guess that goes to show you do need a university issued diploma to be successful. Only problem is Anthony Haines lied to get the job, for more then twenty years Toronto Hydro’s bigwig claimed he graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree the university does not even offer. Despite lying on his resume for two decades, High School educated Anthony Haines is still the President and Chief Executive Officer collecting his full and bloated salary. In fact his cronies trust Anthony so much they put him on the Finance Committee for the 2015 Pan Am Games. I can see why Shelley Carroll became a member of the Hydro board, every scheme is met with vigorous applause and kickbacks without the public scrutiny of serving in her old position as the budget committee chair. In the private sector this is called criminal fraud.

Councillor Carroll, we demand you step down both from the board of directors of Toronto Hydro, and as councillor for Ward 33 until a full criminal investigation can be completed. Ontarians are paying the highest electricity rates in Canada as you continue to allow your board to gouge the city. The Toronto Police Service needs to stop looking into the private lives of your enemies and more into the criminal lives of your compatriots. Councillor Carroll, we expect your resignation letter on the mayor’s desk and a call to your defence lawyer. Here is 50 cents for the payphone!


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