Fletcher and Friends Invade Local Property

December 20, 2013



Ward 30 residents are being forced to clean up filth and dead rats due to their councillor’s inaction and indifference. Councillor Paula Fletcher has been made well aware of the semi-detached home at 185 Riverdale Avenue, also known as Toronto’s rat house. The house, which is uninhabitable for humans sits empty with only the hoard of garbage and countless rats. The home has been investigated six times in the past year by city inspectors and despite endless complaints Councillor Paula Fletcher does nothing.

Like a scene from the middle ages the rats have expanded into several neighbouring properties. How long must Councillor Paula Fletcher wait for disease and property devaluation to continue until she is General Secretary of the rat ward? Alice Broughton lives next door to the rat pack and said the problem started three to four years ago, nothing was ever done in those years and the problem worsened when she saw rats in her own bedroom. “We want those repairs done and we want all the access points closed off” she said after finding dead rats in their kitchen.

The city cleaned up some of the garbage around the area after weeks of notices, but still has done nothing with the garbage hoarded inside the abandon house, let alone do anything to end the rat problem.

Councillor Paula Fletcher is in the process of getting quotes from exterminators to figure out the cost ratio analysis of putting outside traps around the house. Most people would just go to Home Depot and buy a few rat traps, but our city’s socialist bureaucrats need to have more meetings – dwindling tax dollars in the process, all the wile letting the problem get worse.

According to Brad Gates, owner of Gates Wildlife Control the greatest problem of pests is caused by lefty’s own much applauded composting initiative “the green bin is becoming a real problem, providing food for raccoons, skunks, squirrels, you name it.”

Neighbours are beyond ticked off, a large plywood sign along with spray paint on the house’s garage clearly state “this house has rats!” Residents are desperate to get something done by their councillor, but she seems more concerned about the graffiti bylaw infraction. Yet rest assured Councillor Paula Fletcher has listened to her constituents that living next to the rat house is intolerable. Councillor Fletcher will bring up the issue of the rat invasion in her next meeting, after she adjourns for the weekend. Although nothing was done about the rats, the warning sign was ordered removed. Those living with dead rats in their homes will have to wait until after Councillor Fletcher’s break.

Even the Toronto Star says “there’s nothing like a meeting to make people who haven’t done much to solve a problem feel better about it.”

Endless meetings “did little to resolve the situation other than to identify what they can’t do and don’t know.” The place is a fire hazard garbage heap, full of diseased rats and collapsing infrastructure, but Councillor Paula Fletcher has not done a single thing other then send cleaning crews to remove the warning sign put up by residents.

Councillor Fletcher has been as useless to her constituents as a screen door on a sinking submarine. She still refuses to enter the home with inspectors and exterminators, and has not yet even approved outdoor rat traps to be issued. While she does noting the looming threat of a bubonic plague outbreak grows as property values in the area could collapse. Ward 30 residents may have to get rid of Councillor Paula Fletcher before they can get rid of her rat friends.


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