By Robert James


Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis came from nothing and during her term did nothing. Unfortunately for her… that’s not much of a reason to run for re-election, is it? With a name like hers she obviously can’t run on name recognition alone. In fact other then this corner of so-called “misogynistic news”, most people in Toronto never heard the name Mary Fragedakis. She really has proved to be nothing more then an echo, shadowing Nathan Phillips Square as a 9-5 ghost.

Member of the city council freshman class of 2010, all Councillor Fragedakis can be known for is socialising with the wrong crowd. Close bosom buddies with her comrade in arms Councillor Paula Fletcher, Councillor Fragedakis joined politics for no other reason then to bond with her kindred spirits. In fact there is barely a motion, event or statement by lefties that Councillor Fragedakis does not leap into the open arms of her fellow Ford hating compatriots.

Mary Fragedakis showed up to work with no understanding at the job at hand. She got lost in the daily routine of City Hall. Well aware she still gets paid to push papers, pens and paperclips around – that is all Mary Fragedakis did in the past four years. Try as one might, no one can think of a single thing that made her anymore then a follower in the chic clique of leftist East Toronto bottle nannies.

Not that Councillor Fragedakis just sat there twiddling her fingers all day, she did at least try to make her opinion public during council meetings. Yet at no point ever did she add to anything whatsoever or even take a baby step in the lead. Mary Fragedakis is just a reflection of sound, arriving some time after the direct sound. A mindless lap dog, regurgitating party policy word for word for her NDP minders.

Ward 29 is not a safe seat for Councillor Fragedakis simply because of her NDP affiliations. Her re-electability is clearly an issue to voters who previously re-re-elected conservative Case Ootes for three terms to keep Mayor David Miller in check. With the unknown (but well financed by the Greek Community of Toronto) Mary Fragedakis winning in 2010 first past the post due only to a split between Jane Pitfield and Jennifer Wood. Several Ward 29 residents were left scratching their head wondering who the heck is Mary Fragedakis, and how she snuck in thanks to Case Ootes’ retirement after more then two decades in Toronto politics.

Mary Fragedakis’ background is extremely questionable, and some of her so-called skills and references are laughable or plain nonexistent. Her election as Ward 29 councillor was clearly a scheme blueprinted out by the Greek Community of Toronto. Councillor Fragedakis’ term in office is at an end, as these past four years have proved she still does not have the slightest understanding of her job. Treating City Hall like a high school, Councillor Fragedakis is just there to make friends and climb up the social ladder. This is not what Ward 29 needs in a leader, this is not what Toronto expects when they write her $102,608 a year paycheque. Honestly, Mary Fragedakis is not a politician in any form.

By Robert James


Shelley Carroll supports remote e-voting for the city of Toronto past the 2014 election where voting is performed with Internet connected computers and smart phones that are not physically supervised by community pollsters. It is well known that electronic voting, especially the online voting Councillor Carroll would like to implement, has easily facilitated electoral fraud.

Ward 24 Councillor David Shiner quizzed Shelley Carroll about voter fraud. “The concern with Internet voting is knowing who’s really on the other end, I’m really concerned about abuses.” As all ancient democratic notions and processes is completely tossed out the window with electronic voting, we can understand just why Shelley Carroll supports this state-made illusion of freedom.

Public acceptance of e-voting is thanks to popular TV “reality” shows and various other “vote for your star” programs which are phonier than any ballot with Vladimir Putin’s name on it. Not to mention biased online opinion polls where special interest groups vote multiple times, trying to tell you what to think. It is a mockery that Councillor Carroll wants to turn the 2014 election into a game show called Toronto Idol. Do we now have to listen to several short messages from Shelley Carroll’s sponsors before pressing “2” to vote for anybody but the incumbent Councillor Carroll?

If people are going to vote they will walk a few short blocks to their polling place. People who decide to vote do so because they are at-least somewhat informed. Shelley Carroll on the other hand is looking to get all those uninformed masses to spend one second clicking Toronto’s Next Top Model. Councillor Carroll’s e-voting scheme considers election results no more valid then likes on Facebook. Those too lazy to get off their butt for a few short minutes, yet will give a Facebook like to any politician that makes sure their ODSP cheques are mailed on time.

Just as socialist tyrants do, they create an easily forgeable election system, offing an illusion that the public’s votes matter. This system not only does away with the secret ballot with your electronic identity and a state issued number attached to your vote. Yet to prevent fraud by anyone other then the government biometric keys such as your fingerprint, retinal scan, face scan and possibly DNA could be required to vote in upcoming elections if Shelley Carroll’s dastardly plans for e-voting gain motion.

Don’t be confused, Shelley Carroll is not just considering online voting for those legitimately disabled who can not leave their homes. There are already options in place to ensure our community’s physically disabled have their vote counted. Councillor Carroll expects everyone should vote online. With those in support even making it clear disabled individuals will only be guinea pigs to test out the pilot program. Once the e-vote system is in place using accessibility as an excuse, then as a way to cut costs the excuse will be used to make online public Facebook likes the single only way to cast a ballot in this city.


The Blue Flag is a certification by the Denmark based Foundation for Environmental Education assuming a beach meets it’s standards. The certification is granted by individual organisations on behalf of the FEE, of which there are 65 organisations in 60 countries. The Canadian organisation that bestows a flag on the Toronto Beaches is the scaremongering Environmental Defence Foundation, known to use junk science to back up their anti-corporate and pro-union agenda.

The Blue Flag criteria include some standards for water quality expected of any Beach, yet the vast majority of the requirements to become Blue Flag certified are purely bureaucratic and administrative. Examples include such gems as “Information about the Blue Flag Programme (sic) must be displayed”, “Code of conduct for the beach area must be displayed and the laws governing beach use must be easily available to the public upon request”, “A minimum of 5 environmental education activities must be offered”, “A beach management committee must be established to be in charge of instituting environmental management systems”, “Waste disposal bins/receptacles must be available on/by the beach in adequate numbers”, “On the beach there will be no unauthorised camping or driving”, “Regulation concerning dogs and other domestic animals on the beach must be strictly enforced”, “Beach area must be patrolled”, “A Supply of potable drinking water must be available on the beach”… and the list goes on and on and on about bylaws, rules and taxpayer funded services required to have the esteemed honour of raising the blue flag.

Take for example the Foundation for Environmental Education’s requirement that “an adequate number of lifeguards, first aid kits and lifesaving equipment must be available at the beach”, and “there must be safe access to the beach”. Common sense policies in place at every single public beach in the civilized world. It has nothing what so ever to do with the quality or cleanness of any beaches.

Does the blue flag make you feel any safer about taking a swim? Well it should not, as most Torontonians found out. While the blue flag does have a very small set of poorly worded requirements such as “the beach must be clean” and “no industrial or sewage related discharges may affect the beach area”; they do not seem important enough to deny a blue flag as long as the endless red tape and government oversight is present to make sure a Blue Flag beach has “wheelchair and accessibility features”. It’s no wonder why Toronto was the first city in North America vain enough to apply for Blue Flag certification.

In the August 2013 edition of Your Ward News reporter Robert James covered Lake Sewage Ontario in the article “Poo in the pond”. After the tropical rainstorm dumped over one billion liters of human sewage into the lake due to corrupt city counsellors bending backwards to condo developers without a care in the world about dilapidated sanitary systems. With record levels of E. coli in the Beaches, Toronto’s Blue Flag certification should have been revoked. Just goes to show you bullshit baffles brains, and affects those without brains dramatically.

S.O.S. = shit out sinking! The Environmental Defence Foundation is proud supporters of the so-called “Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan”, one of the most incompetent wastes of taxpayer dollars in Toronto history. This 25-year study to figure out what happens when it rains or snows and the water runs off is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.2 billion dollars (with a “B”). How in the nine hells does it take two and a half decades and tens upon tens of millions of dollars a year to study the effects of what happens to storm-water??? If city councillors claim to be so concerned about the environment that a King’s fortune must be spent on an endless study, then why in the hell did they not care about the 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools of raw crap dumped in the lake in just a single night?

Since 1989 there have been several programs to date in an effort to clean up the Great Lakes and get rid of pollution. The Canadian government has invested $355 million into all of the Great Lakes since then and the results were nothing short of miraculous. This was not another study, this was action – and it worked. Just who the hell do these tax and waste left-wing municipal counsellors think they are spending over three times that amount just for paperwork while doing little about outdated sewage systems that were never built to handle towering condo developments? This spend frenzy insanity will bankrupt us all!

Funding for Blue Flag Canada is currently provided by anonymous donors and annual Blue Flag certification fees. The yearly costs of the city to be a bluebuddy is $400,000.00 for the implementation of the Blue Flag program, $50,000 public outreach and an annual membership fee of approximately $7,000.00. Yet get this, as a requirement the city has to raise a blue flag on each beach in the city, they spent $300,000 alone just installing flagpoles and signage with the Foundation for Environmental Education’s logo. NO, I am NOT making this up!

Let’s take a look at the organization that calls the shots for all Blue Flag beaches in Canada. The eco-terrorist sounding Environmental Defence Foundation, and it’s Executive Director until recently received the Rubber Duck Award in Junk Science Quackery. Rick Smith, a Toronto environmentalist who ran the Defence Foundation for the past decade is not only an NDP member but also served as Jack Layton’s first Chief of Staff. His book ‘How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health’ informs the public how everything man made on the planet is killing us. Backed up with plenty of pseudoscientific “facts” based on unproven evidence from experiments committed on his own co-author Bruce Lourie, who is still very much alive and spouting gibberish how every product we buy is toxic.

According to the Rubber Duck Awards. “Junk Science occurs when scientific facts are distorted, when risk is exaggerated or discounted, when science is adapted and warped by politics and ideology to serve another agenda.” It has everything to do with the Environmental Defence Canada’s courtship with the NDP Party, the United Steelworkers Union and the Communications, Energy and Paper Workers Union. Well at least that $300,000 blue fag means are Beaches are environmentally friendly… right?


The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, taxpayer subsidized and government monopolized was Ontario’s answer to prohibition. One of the world’s largest sellers of alcoholic beverages the LCBO proudly boasts it’s one of the only crown corporations to turn a profit! How exactly could it not? Known for their high prices and poor hours, the LCBO is a laughing stock to Western Canadians where privatization and countless small beer vendors are the norm. While Canada is subject to the Excise Act which contributes to the cost of beverages the vast majority of hidden liquor tax customers pay is provincial. With brands selling in Ontario for up to 60% more than in New York State. Using a legally sanctioned price fixing mechanism to guarantee profits and discourage price competition the LCBO enforces minimum selling prices on all their products.

The LCBO returns around $1.2 billion to the Ontario government which is a pathetically poor amount considering the large market share it retains. Due to the inevitable red tape and bureaucracy ripe in the public sector, this is not a surprise. In an effort to discourage any complaints of government-granted monopolistic hematophagy the province grants two small private companies to “compete”. Yet the Beer Store keeps the same LCBO hours and policies, while the Wine Rack by a fluke of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario is allowed to sell only Ontario wines from a small coalition of independent vineyards.

Private liquor stores and/or motor hotel vendors are legal in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They are legal in most jurisdictions on the face of the planet. Yet according to the Ontario government if private beverage resellers open up, and people are allowed to buy some drinks a single tick after 5:00 pm on a Sunday all hell will brake lose. Kids will be knocking back a mickey on the street, while drunk drivers run over elderly ladies and bare knuckle boxing brawls brake out in every park. Heck, Al Capone himself will rise from the grave and start bootlegging tax-free bathtub gin. The entire province will go blind with alcohol poisoning!

In order to avoid this disaster up until the early 1960’s the LCBO licensed drinkers the same way that driving is licensed. People who wanted to drink had to fill in several application forms and were issued individually numbered liquor permits that kept a record of the individual’s purchase history, just to buy some suds. Even past 1975 the LCBO conducted its own massive spying operations on customers employing an army of under cover investigators that clandestinely visited customer’s homes, workplaces, banks, neighbours and even churches to decide if an adult was worthy enough sip a sherry. Not only was this a blatant violation of privacy, but also a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to embarrass the public into temperance. Hundreds of thousands of individuals were blacklisted and banned from every retailer in the province, in some cases just because their investigation showed a customer bounced the rent cheque at their bank.

The main benefit of selling the LCBO would be sixteen billion dollars that would be the immediate windfall from the sale. And even with this one-time profit, the province could actually earn more money by dismantling the high-margin retail stores while keeping the lucrative wholesale business. The Alberta government actually showed more profit by privatizing their stores while acting as the middle man between the importers/manufactures and the stores.

With the ticking time bomb that is Ontario’s debt the government can not afford to keep the LCBO. All newborn babies born in this province owes over $20,000 in legislative debt the second they are born. Every single hour of every single day Ontario can add another $1.3 million dollars to our total debt from the interest. “A lot of Ontario’s problem stems from government entitlements and government wages which make up 50% of the money spent at Queen’s Park” according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “That’s what got Greece and what got Detroit as well.”

Here comes the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, as always offering moronic excuses of why privatization is such a filthy word that should only be spoken of in disgust. Last summer they threatened to make this a dry province unless their demands were met. Collecting the dues of 6,700 LCBO employees the union decried their contact, wanting more wages, more hours, more benefits and a signing bonus. No one makes $50,000 a year putting a bottle in a flimsy paper bag full time, except at your local LCBO. While the very few full time employees at the LCBO struck it rich, the part time contract workers who make up the rank and file had nothing to cheer about. The union clamed victory, taxing the backs of  “casual employees” on every paycheque. Working poor who got little out of the deal, yet hey at least they no longer have to wear ties to work. Well la-di-frickin-da! In the real world, companies make a profit to keep afloat while struggling to stay alive. Private sector employees can not afford to strike. They’re happy just to be employed.

The LCBO has phased out its plastic shopping bags, as part of its efforts to become a greener organization. Now handle-less LCBO paper bags make it next to impossible to carry heavy purchases, and melt in the rain. Countless oceans of the angels share made its way into the gutter thanks to this stupid move. In an effort to pretend to be green the LCBO does not want any plastic bags in landfills, ignoring the fact people use them to store garbage that would otherwise fly in the wind – and most cities accept them with recycling anyway. Thus forcing spontaneous purchases by pedestrians to buy a one dollar bag each time they shop at the LCBO.

In September 2006, the Government of Ontario announced another stupid green scam for the LCBO. The government program, which was forced on all alcohol containers in the province by charging customers a bottle deposit tax of ten to twenty cents a can or bottle and can only be refunded at Beer Store outlets. This program has been highly criticized by members of the public and employees of The Beer Store. Beer Stores were seeing upwards of 50,000 LCBO containers per week while the unprofitable nature of the program forced wage cuts and staff reductions across Ontario’s private beer distributor. In true to the LCBO’s stupidity this forced tax actually COSTS the province $15 million per year. Don’t have the transportation to take your empties back? You may like to know your friendly local binner is breaking the Residential Collection By-Law 844 by scavenging your blue bin.

God, after writing all this I need a drink…


“I don’t need that talk up here. Why don’t you just leave? You call yourself a lady? Give me a break!” – Doug Ford

Comrade Janet must take a leave of absence to get help. She is clearly out of control and is making Council a circus. They can’t get any work done with behaviour like this causing distractions. She’s made Toronto an international embarrassment. Where does she live? Let’s stalk her on her driveway and take pictures of her kids on Halloween.

Ward 31 residents are appalled and disgusted by Councillor Janet Davis’ deplorable and infantile language. It’s appalling how as a city councillor she attacks and provokes the mayor for defending himself by quoting a fake quote lefty media was bawling everywhere while a few months later telling the mayor’s brother, and her fellow councillor to S-T-F-U at a budget meeting.

To quote Davis herself “I’ve never heard such disgraceful language in statements made by an elected officer — ever!” This is beyond taking a leave of absence, councillor Janet Davis needs to resign. Her swearing can not be ignored, even if she had not been so vocal to immediately attack the Ford brothers. The updated Canadian Oxford Dictionary will soon have an image of Janet Davis to help readers better understand the word “Hypocrisy”.

Councillor Davis f’ed up immediately after Dog Ford convinced the committee to reject her motion to spend over $400,000 on an after school recreation program. Ford argued against the motion as a clear “waste of taxpayers’ money.” Councillor Ford was appalled at Councillor Davis’ “totally inappropriate” language. “I got told to basically shut my f@#king mouth, I’ve never used that language down here to another councillor!”

Janet Davis continued to demand a raise in city taxes for any and all reasons, arguing it’s what her constituents want. Not according to Budget Chief Mike Del Grande who edumacated Councillor Davis that people HAVE the opportunity to pay more taxes then required through a voluntary donation section on their property tax form. “Go count the coffers. Where are all these people that said they are willing to pay more? I’m sorry but I don’t buy that argument that people are willing to pay more, it just doesn’t exist.”

For the sake of our children, city hall is in bad need of their own unionized overpaid day care attendant to hold these lefty bullies at bay. Prone to hissy fits, dirty mouths and loud crying maybe Councillor Davis just needed a diaper change. Her clearly obvious Fordophobia and distasteful hatred for anyone at a budget meeting who demands no more taxes causes the filth to pour from her mouth. Fiscal accountability is the major trigger for Councillor Davis’ profanity syndrome. She needs some permanent time off to seek professional help so Councillor Davis can understand grown up rules and how to act in polite society. That or the good old fashioned sting of a nun’s yardstick.

This letter just sent to the editor of Your Ward News sums it all up:

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I think I could do with more training. Instead Of: I don’t have a fucking clue.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m an aggressive go-getter. Instead Of: I’m a fucking power-crazy bitch.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Perhaps I can work late. Instead Of: And when the fuck do you expect me to do this?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m certain that isn’t feasible. Instead Of: Fuck off arsehole.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Really? Instead Of: Well fuck me backwards with a telegraph pole.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Perhaps you should check with… Instead Of: Tell someone who gives a fuck.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I wasn’t involved in the project. Instead Of: Not my fucking problem.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: That’s interesting. Instead Of: What the fuck?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m not sure this can be implemented within the given timescale. Instead Of: No fucking chance.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: It will be tight, but I’ll try to schedule it in. Instead Of: Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that yesterday?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m not familiar with the issues. Instead Of: I’ve got my head up my fucking arse.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Excuse me, Mr. Ford? Instead Of: Oi, fuck face.

By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)

Wind turbines now proliferate rural Ontario, with more projects announced nearly weekly as December 2013 closed. “Merry Christmas, Ontario.” The speed with which a rural transformation has occurred has left communities reaching deep into pockets for legal fees, creative measures to self-protect, and engaging in, even helping to refocus a shifting political landscape. Not easy, given the block of City voters with little knowledge of the rural demise.

What city dwellers may not yet appreciate, but increasing are coming to know, is that the heartland of Ontario, the vibrant foodland and historic muscle of the province, Northern communities with impressive tourism and natural beauty,  have been mercilessly shredded of democratic rights, rights to have a say about massive industrial energy facilities, and split from basic rights to protect home, property, community, and property values.   In a few short years, the Green Energy and Economy Act  has all but “snuffed” democratic principles and laws,  and meaningful public participation. Seventy-five Municipalities have declared themselves “unwilling participants” to wind turbine projects.  To little heed. More and more anti wind groups form as communities are faced with menacing turbine projects that will deface their landscapes and impact their lives indefinitely. There is break neck enlightenment about the impacts of turbines as projects creep from municipality to municipality, region by region, town by town.  Sometimes it is a $10 million project for Bhuddist meditation (Cavan) that conjures up possible relief, a legal challenge.  Sometimes it is an Important Bird Area. Most often  it is human health impacts.  But the roll out of projects into pristine and sensitive, often iconic landscapes, historic and multi generational farms,  is relentless. And the promise to “converse” with communities about siting of turbine factories leaves bitter taste when we think of the rural realities.

Ontario now knows of 46 families that cannot live in their homes, but how many more are living elsewhere, at cottages, in trailers, some in parking lots at Walmarts nearby, not having self-reported their eviction? How many bought out with gag orders? Hundreds reporting ill health to an MOE (Ministry of the Environment) that has acknolwedged for years now that they do not know how to mitigate the complaints; and they have done nothing to shut down offending turbines. How many economic losses of reduced farm viabilitiy?  How much dead or damaged, greatly reduced numbers of livestock? How many property values lost, some entirely?  If you wanted to imagine a rural Ontario in a more chaotic and angry mood, it would not be possible.

Add to this angst neighbors who have sold out, bought the contract, sometimes 8 or 10 thousand per year per turbine, sometimes muc more. Hosting turbines is big business. Nothing, in our view, could be more divisive.

Like bees to honey

A snapshot of the current world of industrial wind provides us with some insight.  There are a few developers getting rich, very rich. Lucrative tax incentives, subsidies, loan guarantees, preferred access to the grid, even payments to NOT produce, all in the interests of the developer, not the public good.  Internationally, it is becoming known, well known, that the engorgement by wind companies is gutting economies, causing  net job losses as the costs of power guts manufacturing, that the green hysteria has led us to an environmental vandalism of the highest order, from which we will not recover for generations.  (In June of 2013, for one example, Mendick and Malnick reported from the UK that in one year alone, wind turbine developers received 1.2 BILLION pounds in subsidies.)

An expensive nightmare

In February of 2013, nearly one year ago, Member of the Australian Parliament, Alby Shultz, commented on the “unfortunate reality.” 


« The renewable energy target was designed to assist with climate change by reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. The unfortunate reality of this is that it has become what I have described as ‘the biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country’. »

 These words were echoed in the UK, when the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, espoused that wind turbine factories are causing “huge unhappiness,” and they are a ‘complete scam.’  The list of countries scrambling to disengage from this “huge unhappiness” and economic vandalism continues to accelerate.  Germany continues to build 24 more coal fired plants and acknowledges the energy poverty, reduced industrial competitiveness, and complete failure of its green energy policies.  Partially violent protests took place recently in energy chaotic Bulgaria, as people set energy bills on fire to protest the increasingly unsustainable high cost of power.  Those rising costs were immensely tied with the subsidies given to wind and solar developers.

What then is the real truth about the turbine misrepresentations causing disharmony and poverty, and the story of apparently scandalous, government assisted, ill-gotten gains?

  • Wind turbines simply do not produce sufficient or meaningful power. With about 240,000 turbines worldwide, we only capture less than one half of one percent of our needs. Net Zero. Because reliable back up is required at all times, there is also a growth industry in coal and gas.
  • Wind turbines are manufactured from oil and gas, transported using oil and gas, and require up to 1000 gallons of oil and lubricants in the moving parts. They contain highly toxic rare earth elements from China in the magnets. The carbon fiber blades, some 100 meters in rotor diameter, cannot be recycled. Turbines do not last 20-25 years, but begin to experience mechanical failures and wear and tear within 5 years, and generally last a mere 10-15 years.  Hardly long term thinking.
  • Energy sprawl from transmission lines, turbine factories themselves as well as substations, create dead zones for wildlife, and cause unnatural distortions in food sourcing.  Massive numbers of birds and bats are killed, and the developers get to do their own mortality studies. It is now known that 90-95% of mortality is NOT reported.
  • Some species will become extinct from wind turbine proliferation. There are permits given to developers to “harm, harass, main and kill as well as disturb habitat” of endangered species.  Developers have been breaking our most sacred and well intentioned laws, and are even being given get out of jail free cards, with increasing regularity.  Only recently has a developer been fined for killing birds: “The plea agreement calls for a mix of “fines, restitution and community service” in the deaths of 14 eagles and 149 other birds, including hawks, blackbirds, wrens and sparrows, between 2009 and 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement on November 22, (2013).” (Since that fine, the USFWS (Fish and Wildlife Services) has issued a new ordinance that developers may apply for permits of up to 30 years.)
  • Around the world, people are similarly reporting ill health, some to the extent of having to abandon homes, farms, often relocating to a new location, only to confront another wind project.
  • The subsidies are so entirely lucrative that developers have elaborate ways of responding to criticisms of lost homes, job losses, and “bombed out” damaged environments. The result has been a systemic scrubbing of rural values, landscapes, and economies, and darn the collateral damages.   Many properties no longer hold the same resale values: much land has been devalued, compacted from industrial action. Some properties are now worthless. There are disturbing records of losses to flocks and herds, pets, and bleeding, deformed or still born, livestock.  Some families have left the province. These thefts, losses, will not be recovered in many instances for generations, or possibly ever.
  • Job losses in Ontario continue to mount as the cost of power escalates.  Spain has lost 2.2 jobs for every so called “green job.” The UK has lost four, and Italy 5.4. The recent Samsung agreement announced by Energy Minister Chiarelli at the Empire Club at the Sheraton,  will by some estimates, cost Ontario 600 MILLION per year for the next 20 years. By any estimation this vandalism of jobs in Ontario is set to become terminal ruination.

Out of the “chaotic standstill”

It is time to restore rural Ontario and make restitution for those whose lives have been shattered.  (Ontario is part of an international movement of more than 2000 groups, millions of people, armed with the truth.  The European Platform (EPAW) has more than 650 member groups: the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) has more than 350.)

What remains submerged are the numbers of families who have left without a record of departure, leaving behind shattered dreams of “growing good things” in Ontario.  Uncounted masses of displaced and dead wildlife.  Uncounted tourist dollars, and lower tax values, all part of the purse, and no counting the ultimate spiritual purse we share as guardians of the land. But the accounting will become apparent.  Restitution must also begin to be part of the “conversation.”

There can be no more fruitful place to begin to restore economic confidence, than by  asking Municipalities to aggressively demand the repeal of the Green Energy and Economy Act, and an immediate end to the Feed in Tariff for wind and solar.  (All subsidies for wind and solar must end, not just for large scale projects.)

“It’s very simple. They don’t work and never can. Here’s why: 1) no energy density; 2) not dispatchable; 3) not reliable; 4) can’t store electricity. And they are ruining the environment and making people very, very sick. It’s a mania driven by a torrent of tax subsidies. The developers are all opportunists who don’t give a damn. It’s a scourge.”

 — Eric Bibler, Maine




By J.J.

 Pray that our next Ward 32 councillor will not commit sins against Beachers to the degree of our present councillor Mary Margaret-Mahon. Now that the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has rejected the so-called “building guidelines”, there is still one true believer of McMahon’s “Beach Bible”. Can you guess who that is? You guessed it….McMahon herself.

 Your Ward News clearly characterized the ‘fire hall clock sightline’ issue to be a ‘red-herring’. It’s more like the biblical ‘red-heifer’ that signals a more dramatic realization. We now realize that Beachers have been cunningly scammed. It turns out that Councillor M.M.M.’s “building guidelines” weren’t exactly commandments written in stone. They weren’t even suggestions. They were lies from the beginning.

 Named the “Visioning Study”, Beach residents were duped in to attending revival-like meetings. Phonier than a Peter Popov healing extravaganza, Beachers were asked to share their ideas that we now know would never see the light of day. When Your Ward News publisher Leroy St. Germaine was interviewed about this recent revelation he said, “NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! OUTRAGED BEACHERS ARE CONTACTING MY OFFICE IN DROVES. WHAT’S OUR NEXT MOVE? AN EXORCISM (?) ONE CALLER ASKED.”

 The confused congregation are losing their religion. Who can blame them? They were deceived in to believing Councillor M.M.M.’s ‘dumber than cold porridge’ routine. Dumb like a snake. Another sect taking part in this political and spiritual vampirism is the G.B.N.A. (Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association) and its high priest Jan Hykamp. Close family members in the real estate industry indicates a serious conflict of interest.

 And yet another Judas in our midst is local “activist” Brian Graff whose grass-roots movement is really a phony astro-turf operation created to deceive his fellow Beachers. And all for just thirty pieces of silver. And what’s with this Beach “Village” and Beach “Hill” nonsense that keeps mysteriously appearing in local publications and on suspiciously-placed hanging signs? An added effort to change and confuse the character of the Beach so that there’s no distinct character left to preserve?

 The enemy is INSIDE the gates and Your Ward News has been the only media outlet to consistently spread this gospel truth! We really dislike the idea of burning books. But if we were forced to pick one book to burn it would be Ward 32 Councillor M.M.M.’s “Beach Bible”. Lead us not into temptation. Amen, Beach brothers and sisters.