Councillor Davis shilling for taxes.

January 2, 2014



Imagine you are walking down the Danforth, several young men are standing beside a cardboard box cheering in joy at all the money they are winning. As you approach you see three bent cards as the crowd encourages you to put your money down. Pick a card you can’t lose! Now imagine you are at a budget meeting when half the crowd enthusiastically raises their hands in approval of whatever tax hike is “required”… more then 2.5 percent at least. Would you buy it? Ward 31 councillor Janet Davis expects you too, after all everyone else is in favour.

When Councillor Davis asked how many people in the audience at her year end budget consultation meeting supported a tax hike of over 2.5 per cent, more than half of the room instantaneously put up their hands. Either these people are stupid or they are shills for Janet Davis. Davis held her meeting at the Stan Wadlow Clubhouse, which she frequented for BBQs with NDP Member of Parliament Matthew Kellway and NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Michael Prue.

In attendance were several members of the Danforth East Community Association, an organization started in 2007 to get support from local city councillors and pay it forward. According to their mission statement the DECA was formed to “share dreams of what our little pocket(s) could be and plans to get us there”. In turn becoming very close friends to Ward 31 Councillor Janet Davis and Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon.

It is understandable that the city required a bit of extra funding for the badly needed Scarborough subway extension. Yet the most that is required is a 0.5 percent raise, assuming one does not dare to cut non-essential feel good funding to various councillor friendly community groups. So where exactly did Councillor Davis come up with the figures of over 2.5 percent before asking for a show of hands from the “general public” consisting of DECA members?

Janet Davis blames the Province of Ontario. $150 million in funding was cut from the pooling arrangement originally empowering the city to handle other municipalities’ welfare and disability handouts. Smaller towns thought they were not getting their fair share, and that there were too many healthy able bodied Torontonians claiming a nice disability support cheque every month. This was the reason given at the budget meeting for their absurd figures of how much more money the city “needs”.

What Councillor Davis failed to mention before she asked for a show of hands was that $364 million will pay for social programs this year, with high hopes of growing to $500 million by 2016. So as funding to non-essential services is cut, taxes increase while socialists keep digging the hole deeper. Janet Davis also failed to mention that Ontario’s funding cut is offset by Rob Ford working with the province to waive a $200 million loan that was issued during the 1998 amalgamation. Councillor Davis seems to think that since the money was already spent it does not count as equitable relief. Her policy is to continue taxing, lending and spending with a few planted stooges gleefully approving every pilferage. It’s what the people want, can’t you count the hands?


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