Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, Dictator of Tomainia.

January 7, 2014


 Under City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 59 (Emergency Management) a state of emergency is a governmental declaration that the City Council can delegate it’s authority under the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and under any other legislation, exclusively for use to the Mayor alone. As such the Mayor’s authority is supreme thus suspending the democratic functions of municipal government for a period of up to 30 days. The city can declare a state of emergency during a time of natural or man-made disaster, during a periods of civil unrest, or acts of terrorism.

 Last November council chambers illegally revolked Rob Ford’s authority during emergency situations, making Ford little more then a figurehead. All powers during a state of emergency is in the hands of Norm Kelly appointed Deputy Mayor only a few months prior. “Let the people decide — not the media, not the politicians, not the councillors. This is about democracy” Rob Ford mentioned.

 Under provincial law only Mayor Ford can declare a state of emergency, indeed under municipal law only Mayor Ford can have powers during a state of emergency. Yet toss out the rule books, less then two months after Deputy Mayor Kelly was undemocratically bestowed all emergency powers Norm Kelly demanded Mayor Ford call the ice storm a major emergency so the military can be called in! This was a power grab, plain and simple to destroy any lingering illusion of democracy in Toronto. Those tanks rumbling down Queen Street? Norm Kelly says they are here to “help you”. Now really, where have we seen this before? The last time Mel Lastman tried that he was internationally made a laughing-stock.

 A state of emergency can also be used as a rationale for suspending rights and freedoms, even if those rights and freedoms are guaranteed. While Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms known as the notwithstanding clause allows the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to override the Charter, civil liberties were ingrained into common law. Non-derogable rights were never designed to be suspended, as they are the basic foundation of western law and civilization. However modern emergency laws and latter the Charter were written to override non-derogatory rights at the fist declare of a state of emergency.

 A total of 600,000 hydro customers were without electricity for a few days to a week. Many parts of Toronto suffered a blackout from the ice storm. The storm brought about freezing rain which during the hours of 2–3 am in the morning of December 22 caused major power outages in regions with above ground power lines mostly in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough. On the following Monday, December 23, 2013 approximately 125,000 users had their power turned on with help from crews from as far away as Michigan, Manitoba and other provinces. By New Year’s Eve, less than 100 homes were without power.

 There was absolutely no reason to call a state of emergency, work crews made sure to get power back to the city as quickly as possible. No one died and in a few short days all services returned to normal. The only reason Deputy Mayor Kelly wanted to play an emergency scenario was to grab power. Now all he can do is blame Mayor Ford for standing in his way, berating Ford for handling the “crisis”. At least Rob Ford did not have to call in the Armed Forces knowing that City workers and contracted labour was more then enough man power.

 Then again, Rob Ford was a better man for the job. Even though Rob Ford’s own home in Etobicoke was without power Mayor Ford was able to handle the city wide power restoration and clean up services that he would not be allowed to do in an emergency. On the other hand Norm Kelly was enjoying the warm beaches and wonderful weather while taking a quick vacation in Florida. I really don’t know how Deputy Mayor Kelly expected to manage the situation on his BlackBerry cell phone.

 “Hope (your) vacation was good with family as I could not share time with mine. All our homes had no power. No heat, no hot water. Still dark” one resident wrote on Norm Kelly’s Twitter account.

 What Norm Kelly wants, only a few months after being assigned the position of Deputy Mayor is for Rob Ford to effectively remove himself as the democratically elected Mayor. Deputy Mayor Kelly wanted to use the opportunity, while in the United States no less to call on the Canadian Forces to back up his new position as Dictator of Tomainia. Upon arrival to the city I am sure Norm Kelly expected posters of his image as plebs called on him to solve all the city’s problems.

 The reason given by Deputy Mayor Kelly for enacting the Emergency Management Act was “largely because it will assist the staff at the Province to make resources available to us, crews, generators, facilities for warming centres.” Lets us stop him right there, the resources were already in place, several crews were contracted out from Manitoba Hydro anyways, there was not an extra generator in the city and warming centres were more then able to handle their tasks. All while Rob Ford, here in Toronto managed timey and effective metro-wide repairs. Norm Kelly used the excuse that funding and assistance from the Ontario Government was contingent on the emergency declaration, and he is dead wrong! The province offered assistance without a declaration. So the whole idea of a state of emergency was absolutely pointless to the ice storm repair efforts.

 As one internet user noted “The media needs to continuously blow things out of proportion. Was the ice storm bad, yes, was it a hardship for those that lost power, yes. Did the damage from the ice storm need a State of Emergency to be called, no. Remember, in the media, controversy sells.”


3 Responses to “Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, Dictator of Tomainia.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We were told that when the city had Norm Kelly (who has the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk) appointed Deputy Mayor, that the man would be the political leader for millions people. The man that would represent all of us at city hall. The man whose job was so important that of course he would need more power then the elected Mayor Ford. The question that I want to ask – the question that we all should ask is: Who is Norm Kelly? I’d never heard of Norm Kelly, I never was allowed to vote for him. I would like to ask Norm, who voted for you? And what mechanism do the people of Toronto have to remove you from office? Oh, I know democracy is not popular at city hall these days!

  2. Those are the questions Toronto’s lefty clique will never answer. Heck if it was up to Dictator Kelly you would not be allowed to ask those questions in the first place. They seem to think they have the power to remove the elected mayor, while their puppet ruler is untouchable!

  3. Glenn Zembal Says:

    We as a Democratic Society are a shamed and appalled at the 37 Councillors who voted to take Ford’s powers away. The way they acted it is obvious they support the Ideologies of Dictatorship, Fascism and Communism. It is so shocking to think that 50 to 80 million people have died for Democracy and these councillors couldn’t care less! The 37 councillor’s actions have brought so much shame to Toronto’s City Hall. How could they spit on the graves of so many and turn their back on Democracy!! Also, a point to consider is most have ties to the Liberal Party which in my view starts to make this whole thing look like conspiracy. I feel the RCMP should investigate these councillors for Democratic Terrorism. They have started to act and become no different then, any organized crime syndicate. They are starting to act like Terrorists as they destruct the Democratic process. The process that makes us free!!! We should all be scared, very scared. Rob Ford please keep standing up and fighting these evil minded councillors who have become moral corrupt by supporting the Ideologies of Dictatorship, Fascism, and Communism.

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