January 9, 2014


By J.J.

During the disastrous ice storm that left many in the dark, our mayor proved to be ‘king of the road’. The temporary ‘acting’ mayor, Norm Kelly, proved to be an old broken-down Chevy parked down Interstate 95 in Florida. A reunion of a few relatives took precedence over many thousands of freezing, starving and desperate Torontonians. Of course the rest of city hall’s councillor’s acted like jealous ‘junkers’, envious of our real life action-figure mayor. From Adam Vaughan to Denzil Minnan-Wong to Ward 32’s own Mary Margaret-McMahon, these real life bobbleheads spend your tax dollars with all the thoughtful consideration of drunk drivers.

Election Day falls on October 27th 2014 and the field of participants is getting crowded. The many competitors that will register will surely be stealing fuel from each others’ campaign. Few will gain much mileage, if any at all. As the front-running Ford easily out-laps the crowd, you can bet that all his opponents in the media and on council will use every trick in the book to make him crash and burn. But is any oil slick enough to make this fierce competitor hit the wall?

Your Ward News has seen Team Ford face horrendous obstacles in the recent past and has always negotiated its way around every deadly curve in the road. It is difficult to predict all the controversies and pile-ups that lay ahead, but we are certain that this will be the most exciting race in Toronto’s history

Your Ward News will be at the finish line to witness the most important prediction that we see in our crystal ball. The image we see is crystal clear, and that is….the checkered flag for Team Ford!



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