Just who the heck is Mary Fragedakis?

January 9, 2014

Written by: Ella Stopapoulios

We here at Your Ward News are asking the community to help out by calling and sending us information about their councillor, Ms. Mary Fragedakis.  We have received many reliable tips and decided to ask the  the public for their help in putting together the jigsaw puzzle that is Mary.

Sources who knew Mary from the past say she never had her own business and that this was an election fabrication.  We’d like to talk to Mary’s past clients, and previous employers to hear ourselves just what Mary did for 40 years before she became a councillor.  We’d also like to see her tax returns because we really think this story has a lot of merit.

We are very disappointed in the information that comes to us about Mary’s background and associations in the East York.  Some point out her relationship with the current president of beleaguered Greek Community of Toronto, a non-profit that has recently been under fire from its members for selling assets such as their historic cathedral, to pay down debts from a capital campaign that went sour. We have heard that board members in that association have been accused of conflicts of interest, such as placing bids on the properties surrounding a historic cathedral.  We were told that this same group of directors caused a scuffle to thwart parish members of the cathedral’s attempt to forestall the sale of those properties.

We are very concerned with Mary’s alliance with this organization and, specifically, with Mr. Antonis Artemakis, who is rumored to have financed (as well as managed) her campaign in 2010.  It’s not our business if Mary has a romantic relationship with Mr. Antonakis, we told many sources that this wasn’t our concern, but we are concerned about potential election conflicts of interest in the upcoming municipal campaign.

We’re still asking, is all this true? Well, we’d like to invite councillor

Fragedakis to have a candid interview and to provide a neutral, third-party to examine her past.  We also ask the public to help us by providing details they think are helpful in understanding Mary’s background because we feel that there is some basis in the varied complaints surrounding her bizarre background.  Mary, please send us copies of your transcripts, professional references, Canadian tax returns and please have former employers get in touch with us.  We simply want to assure the residents in your ward that you do indeed have the qualifications claimed over the years.  If these complaints are hogwash, we want to know!

We are collecting information from every source we can, please stay tuned for developments.  Mary, please call us directly, we want to hear from you.


One Response to “Just who the heck is Mary Fragedakis?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well it’s good to know that you know how to write lots of malakies. Congrats.

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