January 9, 2014


By J.J.

 Pray that our next Ward 32 councillor will not commit sins against Beachers to the degree of our present councillor Mary Margaret-Mahon. Now that the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has rejected the so-called “building guidelines”, there is still one true believer of McMahon’s “Beach Bible”. Can you guess who that is? You guessed it….McMahon herself.

 Your Ward News clearly characterized the ‘fire hall clock sightline’ issue to be a ‘red-herring’. It’s more like the biblical ‘red-heifer’ that signals a more dramatic realization. We now realize that Beachers have been cunningly scammed. It turns out that Councillor M.M.M.’s “building guidelines” weren’t exactly commandments written in stone. They weren’t even suggestions. They were lies from the beginning.

 Named the “Visioning Study”, Beach residents were duped in to attending revival-like meetings. Phonier than a Peter Popov healing extravaganza, Beachers were asked to share their ideas that we now know would never see the light of day. When Your Ward News publisher Leroy St. Germaine was interviewed about this recent revelation he said, “NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! OUTRAGED BEACHERS ARE CONTACTING MY OFFICE IN DROVES. WHAT’S OUR NEXT MOVE? AN EXORCISM (?) ONE CALLER ASKED.”

 The confused congregation are losing their religion. Who can blame them? They were deceived in to believing Councillor M.M.M.’s ‘dumber than cold porridge’ routine. Dumb like a snake. Another sect taking part in this political and spiritual vampirism is the G.B.N.A. (Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association) and its high priest Jan Hykamp. Close family members in the real estate industry indicates a serious conflict of interest.

 And yet another Judas in our midst is local “activist” Brian Graff whose grass-roots movement is really a phony astro-turf operation created to deceive his fellow Beachers. And all for just thirty pieces of silver. And what’s with this Beach “Village” and Beach “Hill” nonsense that keeps mysteriously appearing in local publications and on suspiciously-placed hanging signs? An added effort to change and confuse the character of the Beach so that there’s no distinct character left to preserve?

 The enemy is INSIDE the gates and Your Ward News has been the only media outlet to consistently spread this gospel truth! We really dislike the idea of burning books. But if we were forced to pick one book to burn it would be Ward 32 Councillor M.M.M.’s “Beach Bible”. Lead us not into temptation. Amen, Beach brothers and sisters.


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