Shelley Carroll heils online e-vote corruption.

January 21, 2014

By Robert James


Shelley Carroll supports remote e-voting for the city of Toronto past the 2014 election where voting is performed with Internet connected computers and smart phones that are not physically supervised by community pollsters. It is well known that electronic voting, especially the online voting Councillor Carroll would like to implement, has easily facilitated electoral fraud.

Ward 24 Councillor David Shiner quizzed Shelley Carroll about voter fraud. “The concern with Internet voting is knowing who’s really on the other end, I’m really concerned about abuses.” As all ancient democratic notions and processes is completely tossed out the window with electronic voting, we can understand just why Shelley Carroll supports this state-made illusion of freedom.

Public acceptance of e-voting is thanks to popular TV “reality” shows and various other “vote for your star” programs which are phonier than any ballot with Vladimir Putin’s name on it. Not to mention biased online opinion polls where special interest groups vote multiple times, trying to tell you what to think. It is a mockery that Councillor Carroll wants to turn the 2014 election into a game show called Toronto Idol. Do we now have to listen to several short messages from Shelley Carroll’s sponsors before pressing “2” to vote for anybody but the incumbent Councillor Carroll?

If people are going to vote they will walk a few short blocks to their polling place. People who decide to vote do so because they are at-least somewhat informed. Shelley Carroll on the other hand is looking to get all those uninformed masses to spend one second clicking Toronto’s Next Top Model. Councillor Carroll’s e-voting scheme considers election results no more valid then likes on Facebook. Those too lazy to get off their butt for a few short minutes, yet will give a Facebook like to any politician that makes sure their ODSP cheques are mailed on time.

Just as socialist tyrants do, they create an easily forgeable election system, offing an illusion that the public’s votes matter. This system not only does away with the secret ballot with your electronic identity and a state issued number attached to your vote. Yet to prevent fraud by anyone other then the government biometric keys such as your fingerprint, retinal scan, face scan and possibly DNA could be required to vote in upcoming elections if Shelley Carroll’s dastardly plans for e-voting gain motion.

Don’t be confused, Shelley Carroll is not just considering online voting for those legitimately disabled who can not leave their homes. There are already options in place to ensure our community’s physically disabled have their vote counted. Councillor Carroll expects everyone should vote online. With those in support even making it clear disabled individuals will only be guinea pigs to test out the pilot program. Once the e-vote system is in place using accessibility as an excuse, then as a way to cut costs the excuse will be used to make online public Facebook likes the single only way to cast a ballot in this city.


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