Councillor Mary Fragedakis… can’t re-elect a nobody.

January 22, 2014

By Robert James


Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis came from nothing and during her term did nothing. Unfortunately for her… that’s not much of a reason to run for re-election, is it? With a name like hers she obviously can’t run on name recognition alone. In fact other then this corner of so-called “misogynistic news”, most people in Toronto never heard the name Mary Fragedakis. She really has proved to be nothing more then an echo, shadowing Nathan Phillips Square as a 9-5 ghost.

Member of the city council freshman class of 2010, all Councillor Fragedakis can be known for is socialising with the wrong crowd. Close bosom buddies with her comrade in arms Councillor Paula Fletcher, Councillor Fragedakis joined politics for no other reason then to bond with her kindred spirits. In fact there is barely a motion, event or statement by lefties that Councillor Fragedakis does not leap into the open arms of her fellow Ford hating compatriots.

Mary Fragedakis showed up to work with no understanding at the job at hand. She got lost in the daily routine of City Hall. Well aware she still gets paid to push papers, pens and paperclips around – that is all Mary Fragedakis did in the past four years. Try as one might, no one can think of a single thing that made her anymore then a follower in the chic clique of leftist East Toronto bottle nannies.

Not that Councillor Fragedakis just sat there twiddling her fingers all day, she did at least try to make her opinion public during council meetings. Yet at no point ever did she add to anything whatsoever or even take a baby step in the lead. Mary Fragedakis is just a reflection of sound, arriving some time after the direct sound. A mindless lap dog, regurgitating party policy word for word for her NDP minders.

Ward 29 is not a safe seat for Councillor Fragedakis simply because of her NDP affiliations. Her re-electability is clearly an issue to voters who previously re-re-elected conservative Case Ootes for three terms to keep Mayor David Miller in check. With the unknown (but well financed by the Greek Community of Toronto) Mary Fragedakis winning in 2010 first past the post due only to a split between Jane Pitfield and Jennifer Wood. Several Ward 29 residents were left scratching their head wondering who the heck is Mary Fragedakis, and how she snuck in thanks to Case Ootes’ retirement after more then two decades in Toronto politics.

Mary Fragedakis’ background is extremely questionable, and some of her so-called skills and references are laughable or plain nonexistent. Her election as Ward 29 councillor was clearly a scheme blueprinted out by the Greek Community of Toronto. Councillor Fragedakis’ term in office is at an end, as these past four years have proved she still does not have the slightest understanding of her job. Treating City Hall like a high school, Councillor Fragedakis is just there to make friends and climb up the social ladder. This is not what Ward 29 needs in a leader, this is not what Toronto expects when they write her $102,608 a year paycheque. Honestly, Mary Fragedakis is not a politician in any form.


10 Responses to “Councillor Mary Fragedakis… can’t re-elect a nobody.”

  1. bbob Says:

    I’m not even a fan of the Councillor, but I find your article to be seriously ignorant. You are lacking any fact, and use broad generalizations for everything.

  2. Really, because we here at Your Ward News find your reply to be seriously birdbrained. I take it you and your friends at the Greek Community of Toronto never even read the article before shouting your mouths off. This article is overflowing with facts!

  3. keith Says:

    she’s a twit….when she was campaigning she dismissed me when I said I was more interested in voting for a mayor…

  4. Thank you Keith, our blog has been inundated thus far with Twit Fragedakis’ twitty friends. Mary Fragedakis seems to be too busy spinning any criticism of herself then doing her 100 grand plus a year job that taxpayers demanded she do. Yet hey, we never expected any more of Ponokonosedakis back in 2010 when she barely slid through!!!


  5. Doug Kennedy Says:

    You are absolutely right about this numbskull councillor. Her website Bio says she is fiscally prudent….are you kidding me? When? As your article says, she never met a lefty, money wasting idea she did not love. In fact, I intend to submit my name and tun against just so I will have the chance to speak out at public events.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Vote for FORD, the rest do not care about the city and your well being!

  7. None of Your Business Says:

    It’s heartening and disturbing to know more about our councillor. Heartening because of the fact that Rob Ford lovers hate her which is a sure sign that she’s a decent woman.

    Disturbing because I now know that I’ve moved into a ward where we have people so depraved as to vote for Rob Ford and be proud of voting for a man who lies, commits crimes, wastes tax payers money to do his personal work and happily threw away a billion dollars of gravy on a re-election bid.

    I’ll be glad to let you know that three new NDP-Liberal voters replaced a family of staunch conservatives in this riding. Progress continues unabated 🙂

  8. Dave Andre for Ward 29 - Bye bye Mary Says:

    Dave Andre is seeking your support to become the next City Councillor for Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth.

    Civil engineer, husband, father and lifelong volunteer, Dave lives in East York with his wife and two children. In his professional life, Dave works as a technical specialist in the construction of infrastructure.

    He is the frontrunner for unseating the Mary – the NDP candidate. Dave Andre is endorsed by Case Ootes (previous councillor for Ward 29), Jennifer Woods (previous candidate for Ward 29) and Maria Manna (previous MP for Beaches-East York).

    Please spread the word and let’s get Dave Andre to City Hall!

  9. Christopher Says:

    Mary Fragadakis is a huge bitch. There, I said it. I never say that because I don’t agree normally with generalizations like “she’s a bitch” and want to make it clear this is not a sexist thing. I like powerful woman. But there are such things as a-holes (men) and bitches (women) and this woman was a huge bitch to deal with both times I had to deal with her. Also she treated her staff (very nice middle aged man) like garbage in front of us, clearly doing it to simply show that she could. I hate people like that. Also she has a habit of saying whatever she knows you want to hear, even more than most politicians.

  10. Sally Says:

    This is one of the worst written pieces in media today. The author’s grasp of the English language, and of grammar, are tenuous. This is astoundingly bad.

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