Councillor Davis stop acting like you can make decisions for the Provincial Government!


Ward 31 Councillor’s Janet Davis Twitter account was tweeting twits, with Councillor’s Davis plan to raise the minimum wage. Under the Canadian Constitution, the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour laws, including the minimum wage rests with the province, not city hall. Apparently Councillor Davis did not get the message that she does not have the power to make decisions for all of Ontario.

Walking in toe with her OCAP minders, Janet Davis agrees the minimum wage needs to be upped to $14 an hour. The argument being made by OCAP is that people on ODSP get on average $14 an hour in free money and benefits assuming they actually worked 40 hours a week. What Councillor’s Davis and her friends failed to mention is that OCAP only wants a minimum working wage increase so they can argue that ODSP rates also need to be raised to keep up. Therefore ensuring as several Ontario jobs move to Québec or The Maritimes, local residents will be forced to become poor and flock to the dole. Janet Davis’ socialist dream.

Starting this summer Ontario will have the highest minimum wage in Canada along with Nunavut (where everything costs double or triple the price). $11 an hour still is not enough to live on, but Councillor’s Janet Davis fails to mention that $14 an hour is too much to stay in business. Who will pay for this raise? The customers of course, much of whom will be jobless without the income to spend in the first place anyways. On Feb 28, 2014 the Toronto Star even recommended raising the minimum wage to $16.60 to make sure small businesses are murdered.

Janet Davis wants to hurt small business more than large business, and the poor more than the rich. She will reduce quantity demanded of workers, both through a reduction in the number of hours worked by individuals, and through a reduction in the number of jobs. If Councillor’s Davis was the Premier of Ontario she would cause price inflation as businesses try to compensate. Sure it may benefit condo construction workers and government employees, but at the expense of the poorest. Small firms with limited payroll budgets cannot offer their most valuable employees fair and attractive wages above unskilled workers paid the artificially high minimum, and see a rising hurdle-cost of adding workers. Is less effective than other methods (e.g. eliminating tax and waste politician’s jobs) at reducing poverty, and is more damaging to businesses than giving Janet Davis and those lefties a pink slip.

Councillor’s Davis as proven she does not give a hot damn about the poor, one only needs to look at her record as slumlord. 500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. As one fed up resident put it “Janet Davis sucks! All talk and no action. I phoned her office today because it is 64 F. The rads are cold and there is frost on the windows. Her office told me to phone the city and complain. She managed to show up the day of the elevator fire and get her face in front of the TV cameras but has done nothing. The city isn’t much better. Two years to fix an elevator? What are these people getting paid for?”

Barbaric harm reduction methods and cruel staff at Grand Valley Institution. Behind prison walls. From our reporter on the inside. By Michelle L. Erstikaitis


As I write this follow up to my earlier Your Ward News exclusive “Knowing Ashley” (published March 2013) and last month’s “Ashley’s Legacy”, I am currently housed in the maximum security segregation unit of Grand Valley Institution for Women. The very unit on which Ashley Smith died six years ago. In October of 2007 I met Ashley Smith, the tragic nineteen year old girl who killed herself in prison while prison guards stood by watching the whole thing. Not only did I meet and know Ashley for four days prior to her death, but I was in the prison cell next door to her on the day that she died.

When I first arrived back at Grand Valley Institution I was treated generally well by most of the correctional officers, yet for reasons completely unknown to me certain staff began a campaign of harassment against me. Even though Grand Valley is supposed to follow a “cross-gender staffing policy”, somehow male correctional officers are still allowed to be on the segregation unit when inmates are showering. As I am uncomfortable with this and suffer harassment from them, I tend to politely decline my shower when male officers are working on the unit.

On the morning of January 12th, two male correctional officers named Chris B. and an Afro-American named Matt M. made derogatory comments about me, contrary to Grand Valley’s policy on bullying. Chris B. & Matt M. were working the segregation unit with a female correctional officer, when I mentioned to her about the incident she simply stared right through me. In my attempts to protest I was shot with pepper spray, dragged from my cell and tied to a bed.

My current stay at Grand Valley has been fraught with difficulty of unbelievable proportions, and I have not only been housed in cell number one myself on two separate occasions, but I have actually been tied down in preventive self harm restraints which correctional personnel refer to as “pinel restraints”, nicknamed after the Philippe Pinel Institute in Québec. There have been infamous media videos of Ashley Smith tied down in these same restraints. Ashley Smith’s doctor Renée Fugère testified that pinel restraints are only to be used as a “last resort, when all interventions fail.”

During this particular stay at Grand Valley, I have been in the exact same living conditions which Ashley Smith herself experienced, and I believe that I am able to offer some first hand insight into what Ashley may have felt. Further to that, I also believe that the recent ruling rendered by the jury at Ashley’s inquest that her death was an act of homicide was certainly the right decision, given the behaviour and actions of Grand Valley prison staff. Not only were the staff negligent and even cruel when dealing with Ashley to the point that it almost certainly caused her death, but I am able to reassure both readers of Your Ward News as well as members of the public that Grand Valley staff have NOT learned a single thing. What happened to Ashley will undoubtedly happen again.

Being placed in pinel restraints is a rather surreal experience and I suppose that it feels like a cross between a peculiar form of torture with minimal pain. I was tied up for 22 hours straight with heavy restraints (ten more hours then Ashley herself). During this time I was continuously verbally taunted and harassed by staff members about my personal life. I wish to note how absolutely sadistic and psychopathic certain correctional officers at Grand Valley are. Many were clearly taking pleasure in my torment, and did not bother to hide the smiles from their faces.

Tying a human being up like that for twenty-two hours is absolutely barbaric. I called the Office of the Correctional Investigator, talked to Shannon Stewart and complained about how I was treated. She refused to help me and told me not to call her office again. I am now banned from taking my case to the Correctional Investigator. This mean whatever happens to me I can not get any help or even lodge a complaint. (Editor’s note: after calling the Correctional Investigator to question Shannon Stewart, we were told by a receptionist that they will look into the matter, but they did not contact us back.)

I passed the time singing some of my favourite songs which is what I had been doing six years ago when I met Ashley. I was laughed at, mocked and called names by two of the correctional officers who were assigned to peer at me. So I began to swear at them, exactly as Ashley Smith used to do. I want to remind readers these officers are supposed to be entrusted with my well being. Yet the officers invited three other inmates to join in causing me more stress. Also I would like to remind readers that I was on watch in the very same area where Ashley Smith died, and all this was taking place while Ashley’s inquest was all over the news.

Shame on Grand Valley Institution for treating human beings that way. Even more so, shame on the Federal Government for giving psychopathic police and prison guards the opportunity to torture and abuse citizens while protecting themselves from punishment. Grand Valley Institution for Women is rife with staff corruption and extremely poor management. As I write this article it is almost midnight, and one of the correctional officers working the segregation unit tonight was actually the acting correctional manager on the morning that Ashley died. She was NINETEEN years old, and the guards don’t give a damn!

This is not to say Ashley’s experiences were the same as mine, but Grand Valley staff members still have not learned from her death. Ashley Smith is still dead and nothing can be done to give her back the life that she lost. The only thing we can give to Ashley is a legacy of change within correctional facilities across Canada. Clearly staff need to be much better trained in areas of sensitivity and suicide prevention. I am sad to say until this happens Ashley’s death will remain a homicide rather then a suicide.

(Editor’s note: due to this article most of the author’s inbound and outbound mail has been seized by correctional staff without being delivered. This smuggled article is being published without the permission of the Correctional Service of Canada.)


Mike Crawley, Liberal Party Politics and Industrial Wind Turbines


Hansard Snippets referencing Mike Crawley and the advance of Industrial Wind Turbines Into Ontario (What’s a few million between friends!)

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature:

Mr. Runciman: Once again the Premier clearly avoided the questions dealing with adherence to bid requirements. We’re talking about a contract that provided a company headed by a prominent Liberal with a guaranteed 20-year, $66,000-a-day contract. This is a very lucrative deal, and the hard-working taxpayers of Ontario have a right to know if this contract was awarded appropriately.

Today I received information indicating that Mr. Mike Crawley, the president of AIM PowerGen, sent an e-mail in the midst of the bid process to various parties encouraging their attendance at the energy minister’s fundraiser at $5,000 a pop. Premier, I’m sending copies of this material over to you and asking that you have an independent third party review the contract award process to ensure that it was absolutely above-board.

Mr. Hampton: The McGuinty government has tried to make a big thing out of a little bit of wind energy, but what do we discover when we look at who is getting the contracts for the 300 or so megawatts of wind turbines?  One Mike Crawley’s name comes to mind. Who is Mike Crawley? Mike Crawley has done just about every job that a Liberal hack could do. If you read his resumé — all you have to do is go to the federal Liberal Party’s Web site and it’s right there — he’s counted paperclips and he’s sharpened pencils, he’s answered the phone and he’s been the gofer for this and the gofer for that. He’s made his living being a Liberal hack.

What is he going to get for his dedicated work as a Liberal hack? He’s getting a $475-million guaranteed hydro contract at 8 cents a kilowatt hour, wholesale price. People wonder why their hydro bill is going to go up. Let me tell you, your hydro bill is going to go up because the McGuinty government is going to be busy shovelling money into the back pocket of this Liberal hack.

If you go and look even at his own CV, it says that his other experience in life besides counting paperclips for the Liberal Party is some sales at the Bank of Commerce. Has this guy ever worked for an electricity company? No. Does he know how to put the plug-in in the wall? I doubt it. Has he got any experience working for an electricity company? No. He is a Liberal hack and he’s going to get a $475-million contract, guaranteed at 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That’s why the hydro bill is going to go through the roof.

Mr. Runciman: It just shows you how non-partisan we can be. In the announcement yesterday, you handed the folks at AIM PowerGen an incredibly lucrative contract, made even more lucrative by the fact that you fixed a price for the energy they’ll hopefully produce at eight cents per kilowatt hour, roughly 60% higher than the fixed price consumers will now pay.

This is a deliberately inflated price. The trouble is, it’s not for one year or five years; it’s for 20 years. In AIM PowerGen’s case, that’s worth $475 million in return for a modest 99 megawatts of power, a mere drop in the bucket, given that Ontario can now produce 30,000 megawatts. Your Liberal friends are now cashing in on a decision you made to the tune of a big red-ribbon-wrapped $475 million. How do you justify this extraordinary cost to a senior Liberal for a relatively small amount of power? I agree that this is not $9 million in backrooms; this is $24 million a year for 20 years to a Liberal crony.

Given what we believe is an obvious conflict of interest, will you immediately put this contract on hold, pending a review by Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner? If you have nothing to hide, let the independent Integrity Commissioner look at this $475-million deal. Will you do that?

Mr. Howard Hampton (Kenora-Rainy River): This question is for the Acting Premier. Just a few months ago, on June 24, the energy minister stood in the Legislature and boasted that 90 companies had come forward and expressed interest in generating renewable electricity in Ontario and that the total of the offers was 4,400 megawatts. In other words, there were a lot of companies that came forward; a lot of operators came forward offering to generate renewable power. Can you explain how it is that the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, gets a guaranteed 20-year deal to sell electricity to the hydro system at prices 60% higher than the current wholesale price?

The McGuinty government is giving the president of the Liberal Party a rich private hydro contract. I say that’s cronyism. I say it’s conflict of interest. Will you immediately terminate this rich contract for your Liberal friend? I want to just talk about Mr. Crawley’s expertise. Just go to the Liberal Web site. There’s Paul Martin. There’s Mr. Crawley. Here’s his expertise: Mike Crawley, president. Mike Crawley has extensive party experience. He has served the party in a number of capacities, including on riding executives, campaign teams, young Liberal executives and staff positions with federal MPs, the party office and the office of the Leader of the Opposition in Ontario.

This guy is a Liberal hack. He’s a Liberal hack, and you’re handing him a $475-million contract. Where I come from, we call this wrong. Where I come from, we call this cronyism. Where I come from, we call this conflict of interest.

Mr. Hampton: Will you terminate the contract? Hon Mr. Duncan: What the member failed to indicate was that Mr. Crawley is also the president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association. Here is what really stinks: He goes to the Liberal policy conference three weeks ago and tells you what your hydro policy should be, and then three weeks later, he gets a $475-million contract. Where I come from, this stinks. This stinks. Will you do the responsible thing and will you terminate this blatant conflict of interest, this blatant payoff to your Liberal friend?

…we have the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, and even his own CV says that he was in sales management for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and before that he was a political hack. You are going to give him a $475-million contract at 60% higher than the current price of electricity. Meanwhile, for low- and modest-income families, who have been hit by an over-20% increase in their hydro prices, you are only going to give them a dollar for every extra $20 that you take out of their pockets. Maybe you can tell me, is this the McGuinty government’s definition of “change” — you whack ordinary Ontarians with double-digit hydro price increases and you give the president of the Liberal Party a guaranteed $475-million contract? Do you know what? Ninety companies came forward, and somehow the president of the Liberal Party, who has virtually no experience in this field, comes out on top.

According to the McGuinty government, you could have a bank robbery and you could have the bank robber walking off with the money and as long as you had an independent consultant who said, “It’s all fair,” that would be fine with the McGuinty government. Here is what is happening out there. It’s a very cold day today; in many places, it’s snowing. Across Ontario people who have to use electric heat are using a lot of electricity. They are being whacked with double-digit hydro rate increases. Many of them can barely afford it, yet the McGuinty government definition of “change” is that those people should be whacked; they should have money taken out of their pockets so that the president of the Liberal Party can walk away with a $475-million guaranteed contract.

The idea behind the standard offer was to encourage local communities to put together ten megawatt projects. The OPA provides small electricity generators (from residential photovoltaic rooftop generation of one kilowatt up to small wind farms of ten megawatts) with a standard pricing regime. John Kourtoff, president of Toronto’s Trillium Power Wind Corporation says, “The SOP is very good, but it’s been abused by the industry. It was meant for community power, but developers chopped big projects up into smaller, ten megawatt parcels.” Namely, Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen and the Harrow project.  They have abused the Standard Offer Program, thus pushing the smaller investor aside by piecemealing 4 projects into one in order to obtain the premium government sponsored subsidy.

Cry Baby Ainslie

February 26, 2014

Greetings from Ward 43!  Ainslie land once, no more.


It is truly hard for constituents to understand why Councillor, or anti-councillor, as he is now called, Ainslie, is spending so much on advertising his activities, pre-election mode. Flyer after flyer. How much has he spent, and is it legal?  Would he be quick to chastise the Mayor for these activities if they had occurred? Oh we do recall his good friend, and former boss, and current Mayoral candidate, Mr David Soknacki at city hall recently, whacking at the Mayor’s office for possibly being in election mode?  Calling the kettle something? Maybe Soknacki didn’t examine his good friend’s activities much.

Mr. Ainslie has hardly endeared himself to his constituents lately.  Baby like antics, petulance and arrogance appear to have overtaken the once more sedate persona.  Remember Mr. Ainslie’s big pout after not getting Budget Chief?  Toronto remembers this well. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out the big “Hate On” for the Mayor. Then, of course, things went from bad to worse.  Toronto Star attacks, very personal in nature, ugly, and not mindful of his own Driving Under the Influence suspension.  

Then the anti-subway vote. Ainslie was the only East End councillor to vote against his constituents, and indeed most of Toronto, hungry for up to date speedy and warm transportation.  According to one local, this vote was again a cry baby response to punish the Mayor for presumably overlooking the fine upstanding councillor, Ainslie, for budget chief.

Here is a letter which pretty much tells it like it is for the east end sentiment on subways vs Light Rail.

Dear Mr. Soknacki

Here is what my transportation experts (none of them politicians or news hounds) say about your reply:

Soknacki doesn’t know what he is talking about. LRT’s do not have the same capacity as subways. LRT carry 40,000 people per day while subways carry about 200,000 people per day. LRT only serve as feeders to an already extensive subway system in London and Paris. Calgary is only the size of Scarborough, so LRT is adequate there because it is much smaller than Toronto. Toronto is too big for LRTs and needs high capacity transit. The corridor along Sheppard is not wide enough to build an LRT as well as maintain the current number of traffic lanes. Also – there is the speed. LRTs only go about 13-17 km/h depending on the time of the day, while subways are up to 60 km/h which is the same as cars on the road.

Your assertion that LRTs are not the same as St. Clair Avenue’s is moot. The many LRTs and Rapid Transits included in the Metrolinx Big Move, are little different from the streetcars on St. Clair Avenue. They are all streetcars of somewhat different length than St. Clair’s, lower and air-conditioned. But with them running on their six inch high platforms they will be clogging the main roads just as badly or maybe worse than the ones on St. Clair Avenue West and they will take two lanes away from automobile traffic. Saying that these main roads will not be restricted to one lane anywhere is wrong. Just go measure the width of Sheppard Avenue East at the brand new Go Train underpass and show me how a frickin’ LRT can fit without restricting the road to one lane on the South side. And pretty well the same applies to the underpass at the CNR track between Midland and Brimley!

I’m surprised how many politicians in Toronto are not smart enough to see how these LRTs are going to double or triple the gridlock we already have. Toronto had a streetcar elimination plan in 1966 (attached) and bringing them back in 2014 under a different name can’t make them any better nor get rid of gridlock. Will we ever get rid of that destructive David Miller NDP mentality in Toronto that tears down everything but never builds anything useful? I guess not as long as we have the pedestrian – bicycle crowd in charge of the City of Toronto’s planning department who want to impose their downtown agenda on the entire City. And our city isn’t going to make any progress as long as city councillors vote to punish the Mayor instead of voting for what the city needs. Can’t we find a few politicians who live in 2014 instead of 1930? Mr. Soknacki certainly isn’t one of these. (Editor’s Note: neither is buddy Ainslie)
Karl Haab

It is clear that Soknacki Wanna Be is a cut from the cloth of Wanna Be Ainslie. Or vice versa.

We also heard about the Mayor having to solve community issues in Ward 43 because their anti councillor neglected or in instances worked “against” them, with insolence and bitterness.  
Someone also wrote: “Please tell Councillor Ainslie to stop talking about his constituents behind their backs.”  

So childish Ainslie could possibly benefit from more schooling, in the real world of polite behaviour and maybe the Mayor could show him how to respond properly to community concerns. How about next time a mature version of a councillor, and one that doesn’t backstab a very popular Mayor. You think?

David Miller yes-man and high spender Joe Mihevc, blowing your money in the wind! Joe Mihevc is the single WORST city councillor in Toronto’s history. For the premier issue of Ward 21 News we decided to let Joe Mihevc’s anti-taxpayer voting record, displayed on City Hall’s website speak for itself:


Councillor Mihevc voted YES to his own pay raise.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to public discloser of campaign contributions.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to make ambulances an essential service.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $2 million to eliminate traffic lanes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to waste $13 million on bikes lanes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $80 million by reducing staff.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $1 million on office budgets.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to David Miller’s corny jobs for campaign donors.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to $45 million dollars in city hall upgrades.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to ban ALL plastic bottles and a 5 cent bag fee.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $360 to just tear down the Gardiner Expressway.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to honour Canadian service men who died in Afghanistan.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to reduce the size and spending of city councillor.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to ending $80,000 in free meals to councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to refusing $255,000 in free baseball tickets for councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new car registration taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new land transfer taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to allow handicapped seniors exemption from those taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public referendum on his new taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to free home delivery of crack pipes and heroin needles.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to more garbage taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public meetings about his new garbage taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to up property taxes by 3.8%.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free city wide parking for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free TTC passes for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free golf passes for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $20g in cigarette handouts for the homeless.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $60g in booze handouts for the homeless.

Stop your thinking and start your drinking!


Generally, the few times Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton wakes up at the tick of 6 AM his constituents don’t expect him to start guzzling down a 40 of malt liquor as soon as possible. People who drink as soon as they wake up is what you would call a drunk in shambles. From sunrise to pass-out the obsession for alcohol begins and does not stop until alcoholic liver disease puts a permanent end to the plastered. Some have said that Councillor Layton romances the bottle like a cheap masseuse first thing in the morning.

Councillor Layton’s plan for bars to start serving liquor before the crack of dawn is fraught with danger. People who start drinking alcohol as soon as they get up are definitely alcoholics. There’s no two ways about this one. Drinking is a thinking disease. It cannot just be voted out like certain dimwitted lefty politicians.

If Mike Layton wants to hit the bottle at six in the morning, the chances are good that he has a serious problem with alcoholism. At night, you can simply have a drink without need for any particular reason. Yet hitting up the bar just before the sun comes out, society demands you explain your alcoholic intake. Councillor Layton finally found his reason to peddle his cure. Sure Canadian Gold at the Olympic Games maybe an excellent reason to get sh*tfaced, but not this early. Councillor Layton must assume all his constituents are on ODSP without the irritating inconvenience of keeping down a regular job.

Even in the most rambunctious British football firms, hooligan save their piss up for the evening matches. The roughest football club supporters could not codswallop an excuse for such a cock up. Come on Councillor Layton, you know for a fact alchies are just going to keep drinking until last call, only to loiter outside the bar for a few hours until the doors open bright and early again!

If Councillor Mike Layton is unwilling to seek help, he must be forced into a CAMH centre for treatment. Based on clinical experience from many alcoholism treatment specialists the practice of downing morning shots fundamentally conflicts with modern ideas about employment. Councillor Layton we demand you take a very long unpaid, probably permanent vacation while you deal with your problems. If you continue to knock back a few wake up stiffeners that’s fine with us, as long as us taxpayers stop picking up your tab.


 Mayor Rob Ford and music promoter and publisher Leroy St. Germaine have had a ‘fast one’ played on them both by the Toronto Star newspaper. While Mayor Rob was visiting Austin, Texas to explore the musical landscape, Leroy was as busy as usual down at the Music Office. Months later, on Tuesday February 12th/2014 the Toronto Star asked, “WHAT IF TORONTO CREATED A MUSIC OFFICE?” Say wha-a-a-a-t!?! Where have these morons been (?)….or is something more sinister afoot? You can bet it’s the latter.

 Neither the mayor nor Leroy is mentioned a single time in the article on page A-3. Giving credit where credit’s due has never been a high priority for Toronto’s notorious fish-wrap commonly known as the ‘Star’. The guest columnist is another music promoter who says that he envisions an entity that would serve as an arbitrator between city councillors, residents and the industry. Over the past several decades Leroy has discovered that city councillors have been detrimental to the live music scene in Toronto. The existing Toronto Music Office would never get tangled up a millionth time with the present batch of self-serving councillors like Vaughan, Davis, McMahon, Fletcher and the like.

 The Beaches Blues Fest, the Danforth Music Festival and 100+ musical fundraisers and special events have been coordinated out of the Music Office which is located in the Beaches….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!!! To Leroy, it’s all about the music and the musicians and he has fought battles against councillors who have tried to muscle in for a piece of the action. That ain’t gonna happen! Austin has dubbed itself the “live music capital of the world”, yet Toronto’s industry is five times larger. Toronto City Limits and the Toronto/Austin Musician Exchange are the newest additions created over the office’s 20+ years of service to the musical community.

 When the Toronto Star pretends that Mayor Rob’s trip didn’t happen or omits that Leroy St. Germaine has ran the Music Office for many years their journalistic integrity is again called into question. Due to their well-known dishonesty, we would prefer that the Star cease and desist from writing about Mayor Ford, Leroy St. Germaine, the Music Office or anything related to all of the above.

 To contact the Music Office call Leroy at 416-693-6325 or 1-866-69BLUES