Calling all Musicians to Participate in Gorilla Jamming

February 10, 2014

A long time friend and fellow musician Jon Long is what has given me the idea for this Article! There’s been in Major Cities all around the world a phenomena where actors, artists and dancers will call, text and tweet one another.  Then they will pick a time and place to meet.  The participants will meet with a Leader/Conductor or will just adlib and entertain amongst themselves.  They refer to this activity as Gorilla Theatre. (Gorilla as in Gorilla Hit and Run Tactics).  Jon not knowingly has done this same sorta thing is well, but to the Jam Circuit  in Toronto!  Most positively affecting the whole Music Community.  I’ve been working with Jon Long now for over 30 years on many live shows, benefits and recording projects and have become a close friend and fan of his over the years.

Several years ago Jon Long, Norrah, Wallachy and myself (Don Woods) have recorded a CD with several Scavenger Musicians. Due to certain situations at the time the CD was mothballed until these things were resolved.  Recently Jon came to me and said it was time to properly release these works on his new Label which he shares with his new partner Susan Shaw.  A very savvy and worthy partner in this latest endeavour, on his on-going march into the world of Music Promotion.  We should be proud of his support to the Musical Community and applaud his efforts. Hooray Jon Long!!


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