February 18, 2014


 Mayor Rob Ford and music promoter and publisher Leroy St. Germaine have had a ‘fast one’ played on them both by the Toronto Star newspaper. While Mayor Rob was visiting Austin, Texas to explore the musical landscape, Leroy was as busy as usual down at the Music Office. Months later, on Tuesday February 12th/2014 the Toronto Star asked, “WHAT IF TORONTO CREATED A MUSIC OFFICE?” Say wha-a-a-a-t!?! Where have these morons been (?)….or is something more sinister afoot? You can bet it’s the latter.

 Neither the mayor nor Leroy is mentioned a single time in the article on page A-3. Giving credit where credit’s due has never been a high priority for Toronto’s notorious fish-wrap commonly known as the ‘Star’. The guest columnist is another music promoter who says that he envisions an entity that would serve as an arbitrator between city councillors, residents and the industry. Over the past several decades Leroy has discovered that city councillors have been detrimental to the live music scene in Toronto. The existing Toronto Music Office would never get tangled up a millionth time with the present batch of self-serving councillors like Vaughan, Davis, McMahon, Fletcher and the like.

 The Beaches Blues Fest, the Danforth Music Festival and 100+ musical fundraisers and special events have been coordinated out of the Music Office which is located in the Beaches….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!!! To Leroy, it’s all about the music and the musicians and he has fought battles against councillors who have tried to muscle in for a piece of the action. That ain’t gonna happen! Austin has dubbed itself the “live music capital of the world”, yet Toronto’s industry is five times larger. Toronto City Limits and the Toronto/Austin Musician Exchange are the newest additions created over the office’s 20+ years of service to the musical community.

 When the Toronto Star pretends that Mayor Rob’s trip didn’t happen or omits that Leroy St. Germaine has ran the Music Office for many years their journalistic integrity is again called into question. Due to their well-known dishonesty, we would prefer that the Star cease and desist from writing about Mayor Ford, Leroy St. Germaine, the Music Office or anything related to all of the above.

 To contact the Music Office call Leroy at 416-693-6325 or 1-866-69BLUES


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