Kristyn Wong-Tam, nothing to be proud about!

February 20, 2014

By Robert James


Apple’s dictionary once said the word ‘gay’ means ‘foolish’ or ‘stupid’, before an international backlash. No Councillor Wong-Tam, just because you’re 100% gay does not make you immune from criticism for being 100% stupid. You have to give it to lefty for making the bedroom nasty an all encompassing political issue, after all they seem to think sex is a matter of extreme importance for the state.

What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is nobody’s business but their own, Kristyn Wong-Tam and her homosexual lobbyists on the other hand are overjoyed to have butt naked men hand out dildo shaped lollipops to young children during pride parade while committing public sex acts in the streets. Any parent who complains is automatically labelled and attacked for being homophobic. Kristyn Wong-Tam makes it clear, the only way not to discriminate is to give untethered freedom of expression in every possible way to homosexuals while telling the rest to shut up and take it!

Using the same tactics it is a wonder why Kristyn Wong-Tam is allowed to spread her anti-Semitic hatred against the Jewish community. Not to mention her support for brutal Islamic terrorist operations against Israel. As the registered owner of the ‘Queers Against Israeli Apartheid’ website Councillor Wong-Tam used her own credit card to spread her hate and racial discrimination. Call the human rights commission.

Russian President Putin’s recent law against disseminating homosexual propaganda to children received global controversy. Sure Vladimir Putin can commit election fraud, ransack private property, crush all dissent, assassinate opponents to the regime (even those living in western countries no less), violate arms embargoes and try to violently recreate the Soviet Union… but protect young Russian school children from gay indoctrination? Only then has he gone too far.

Rather then be proud of her adopted country, Kristyn Wong-Tam turned the Winter Olympic Games from an athletic issue into a gay “rights” issue. Rather then display the maple leaf in support of our athletes, she demanded the rainbow flag be raised at city hall instead. Of course predictively if anyone does not automatically and unquestionably salute the new flag Councillor Wong-Tam is quick to play her homophobic attack dog card.


One Response to “Kristyn Wong-Tam, nothing to be proud about!”

  1. John Says:

    the whole world is going to hell –

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