Councillor Janet Davis, you are NOT an MPP!!!

February 28, 2014

Councillor Davis stop acting like you can make decisions for the Provincial Government!


Ward 31 Councillor’s Janet Davis Twitter account was tweeting twits, with Councillor’s Davis plan to raise the minimum wage. Under the Canadian Constitution, the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour laws, including the minimum wage rests with the province, not city hall. Apparently Councillor Davis did not get the message that she does not have the power to make decisions for all of Ontario.

Walking in toe with her OCAP minders, Janet Davis agrees the minimum wage needs to be upped to $14 an hour. The argument being made by OCAP is that people on ODSP get on average $14 an hour in free money and benefits assuming they actually worked 40 hours a week. What Councillor’s Davis and her friends failed to mention is that OCAP only wants a minimum working wage increase so they can argue that ODSP rates also need to be raised to keep up. Therefore ensuring as several Ontario jobs move to Québec or The Maritimes, local residents will be forced to become poor and flock to the dole. Janet Davis’ socialist dream.

Starting this summer Ontario will have the highest minimum wage in Canada along with Nunavut (where everything costs double or triple the price). $11 an hour still is not enough to live on, but Councillor’s Janet Davis fails to mention that $14 an hour is too much to stay in business. Who will pay for this raise? The customers of course, much of whom will be jobless without the income to spend in the first place anyways. On Feb 28, 2014 the Toronto Star even recommended raising the minimum wage to $16.60 to make sure small businesses are murdered.

Janet Davis wants to hurt small business more than large business, and the poor more than the rich. She will reduce quantity demanded of workers, both through a reduction in the number of hours worked by individuals, and through a reduction in the number of jobs. If Councillor’s Davis was the Premier of Ontario she would cause price inflation as businesses try to compensate. Sure it may benefit condo construction workers and government employees, but at the expense of the poorest. Small firms with limited payroll budgets cannot offer their most valuable employees fair and attractive wages above unskilled workers paid the artificially high minimum, and see a rising hurdle-cost of adding workers. Is less effective than other methods (e.g. eliminating tax and waste politician’s jobs) at reducing poverty, and is more damaging to businesses than giving Janet Davis and those lefties a pink slip.

Councillor’s Davis as proven she does not give a hot damn about the poor, one only needs to look at her record as slumlord. 500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. As one fed up resident put it “Janet Davis sucks! All talk and no action. I phoned her office today because it is 64 F. The rads are cold and there is frost on the windows. Her office told me to phone the city and complain. She managed to show up the day of the elevator fire and get her face in front of the TV cameras but has done nothing. The city isn’t much better. Two years to fix an elevator? What are these people getting paid for?”


One Response to “Councillor Janet Davis, you are NOT an MPP!!!”

  1. Andy Crawford Says:

    A group of female university students last semester demanded that the minimum wage be increased by at least 30% above the minimum wage–FOR FEMALES ONLY!

    The irony of it all is that most of those female university students evade taxes by starting up their own self-employed escort business and collecting only cash for their 1 or 2 hours of rub-n-tug services. I guess the teachers at the high school school taught them important values of modern woman hood, sarcastically speaking

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