By J.J.


For Ontario’s multi-million dollar rapper Drake the 2014 season of musical ‘grant-farming’ has reaped one heck of a harvest. Three-hundred-thousand of your tax dollars have been given to Drake’s company by the Ontario government for his 2014 OVO. The stated reason is that it will grow our economy and will help emerging local musicians. Yet at the time that Drake received the three-hundred-grand the only act booked for his OVO Festival was OutKast, an American rap duo. The newly-created Ontario Music Office is part of the Ontario Media Development Corporation whose mission statement is to fund LIVE music events across the province. Other live music events that your tax dollars are funding this season are the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Rock the Park and North by Northeast. Needless to say, the largest funding recipient is Pride Toronto/World Pride 2014.

Drake’s net worth is thirty-five million dollars and the tires on his Bugatti Veyron cost more than your whole car. Ticketmaster lists Drake’s OVO tickets at $66.50, $124.80 and $347.50. Best of all, HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY BACK A PENNY! Our Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Fest COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING and many events support causes that benefit all Ontarians. But unless there is money to go “missing”, the Ontario Liberal Party is not interested. Music promoter and Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine believes that no politician or oligarch should have a chance in hell to make a penny from local musicians. His Free the Music initiative is dedicated to the musician, and ONLY the musician.

Grant farming has become a profession based on cronyism and kick-backs and Drake’s team are top pros. Three-hundred thousand dollars offers a lot to spread around to those that award the grants. Ontario’s version of ‘corporate welfare’ is unique in that it is difficult to quantify tourist dollars as it is easy to massage the numbers. But enough talk of what THEY do, and time to concentrate on what WE have done for the community, emerging local musicians and the live music scene: For three decades we have been organizing Ontario’s blues, rock, folk and country musicians and have staged hundreds of festivals, concerts and CD release parties for LOCAL bands and LOCAL solo singer/song-writers. Did we mention that it COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING? We also ‘play it forward’ and have supported causes like animal welfare and our well-known food drive allows music fans to donate a can of food to attend. We know that any Ontarian can afford that. Tax-funded events can cost hundreds of dollars to attend. Like Drake’s OVO.

Progressive Conservative Vic Fedeli said that the Ontario government needs to end this type of corporate welfare. “We believe that money should be invested in infrastructure that ALL people can use”. Money-mills like the Ontario Music Office, Celebrate Ontario and the Ontario Media Development Corporation all are part of the Tourism, Culture and Sport Ministry. They are seriously considering a request from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to pour ten-million dollars into BMO Field in Toronto. So why are we still wondering how BILLIONS of Ontario tax dollars “disappeared” with the Ontario Liberal Party in power??? END CORPORATE WELFARE!!! FREE THE MUSIC!!!

By J.J.


The conspiracy that has led to an elite cabal using the Beaches for personal gain continues unabated. The first “public consultation” regarding the future of Kew Gardens took place at the Beaches Recreation Centre on Tuesday, March 18th/2014 and the Your Ward News Investigation Team was there. There was also a fresh new face stepping forward to shake things up and he was clearly determined to SAVE OUR BEACH! We’ll get back to that later. The meeting was déjà vu all over again as the meeting was a Xerox copy of the “Visioning Study” organized by Mary-Margaret McMahon to “consult” with Beachers about the condo assault on our Queen Street miracle mile. Is the fix in again? If you get kicked in the head ten times, might you not duck when you see the eleventh kick coming? Beachers have learned their lesson well.

Plant Architect Inc. is the design team that has been retained for the Kew Gardens project and you can bet that the additions and alterations are already chosen. Just like Mary-Margaret McMahon’s Visioning Study, overhead pictures of Kew Gardens were laid out on the tables. Little pictures of stairs, plants, walk-ways and art installations were loosely spread out on top of the map for participants to place here and there. After several minutes the people were asked to switch tables and to peruse the map again with new little icons. Simply put, it was pretty silly. They also totally ignored the stage as though it were in a vacuum. It wasn’t even on their map which made us realize that the project is already signed, sealed and delivered. Even more questionable was when the representative from Plant Architect Inc. opined that it was difficult to enter the park from the sidewalk on Queen and something must be constructed on a much wider sidewalk. Folks, it’s one step into the park and she’s talking as though the Great Wall of China was keeping people out! Unbelievable.

There was much banter about attracting Torontonians to the Beaches to spend some money. It seems to Your Ward News’ staff that if money just HAD to be spent on the park, an upgraded stage with dressing rooms and an awesome sound system would be the ticket. We could then accommodate everything from Hamlet to the Allman Brothers. That’s how to attract visitors to our little shops and businesses. Then again, the existing stage belongs to the Beaches elite and the little people have difficulty organizing anything that requires the use of local facilities. Just ask promoter/publisher Leroy St. Germaine about the many hoops he has been forced to jump through to stage fund-raising concerts and to present local musicians to the public….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS! But that’s the problem; there’s nothing that interested parties can do to skim, scam and skip away Scott-free.

Meanwhile, back at the Kew Gardens public consultation meeting at the rec centre, things started really heating up. Beachers wanted ‘Question Period’, but organizers wanted nothing to do with that. That didn’t stop an impressive young man to get on his feet and ask, “Who the hell came up with this idea initially anyway?” The answer was a conglomeration of mundane drivel, non-starters and double-speak. Our survey of Kew Gardens also reminded us that the hydrology of the Beaches has always been irrelevant to all builders, designers, architects, city planners and politicians. That’s because personal profit is the top priority. Ecological balance, flood prevention and the safety of Beachers are way down the list. Talk of maintaining the character of our neighborhood is vague but distracting. And what about the sight-line from the sidewalk on Queen Street all the way to the lake? After all, there is a reason the area is called the Beaches. Any obstruction to that view is surely a no-go.

So, who was that confident and strident fellow that stood up against the Beach bullies that have been kicking sand in our faces for many years? His name is Michael Connor and he would like to serve Beachers by being our next Ward 32 councilor. The next local councilor we choose will absolutely make-or-break the future of the Beaches. We are still trying to figure out if our present councilor is shrewder than we first thought, or just dumber than cold porridge. Either way, the result is the same; the destruction of the Beaches for power and profit. Another stumbling block that we have encountered are the so-called “grass-roots” organizations that are clearly just phony (astro-turf) operations (Hykamp, Graff et al.)

Beachers must know everything about all the candidates running for Ward 32 councilor and Your Ward News will keep you informed. As Election Day draws closer, we will decide which candidate we will be throwing all our support behind. If you need any information from us, or have any info for us about candidates, Please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325. WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

Written by our Investigative Journalist on the inside,

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


During the October 2008 Federal Election, I volunteered in multiple constituency offices surrounding my riding of Toronto Centre. I was infiltrating the New Democratic Party, observing their candidates as a strategic conservative. In order to assist conservative candidates I was attempting to pull the carpet out from under the Liberal’s feet from the other side.

I was able to observe closely my Toronto Centre candidate El-Farouk Khaki, a quick Google search still shows pictures of me holding his campaign fliers during an all-candidates debate. I was also working in Don Valley West with NDP candidate David Sparrow trying to split votes from Liberal Rob Oliphant, in hopes of a Conservative victory for John Carmichael.


My most cherished memory of that election however (aside from partying with Toronto Centre Conservative candidate David Gentili and his wife) was the time I spent working directly under Olivia Chow. I arrived at her campaign office in Trinity-Spadina one morning, and walked up to the reception desk, which was currently being presided over by the late Jack Layton’s son Michael (aka Mike) who latter became Ward 19’s Councillor in the 2010 municipal election.

“Hello, I’m from the El-Farouk Khaki campaign, but I thought I’d come and give Olivia a hand today, my name is Michelle.” Mike Layton looked at me, no doubt taking in my stylish clothing and hesitated for a moment before asking me “Have you ever canvassed door-to-door with a candidate before?” The answer was no, I never had at that point. Yet I did not miss a beat. “Of course” I replied nonchalantly. He handed me a volunteer application form and told me Olivia Chow is putting a team together at this exact moment. Sarah Layton (Campbell), Jack Layton’s other child was busy multitasking at her workstation.

Observing everything I noticed the office, while fairly small was a hub of activity. With at least five computers setup staffed by teenagers, probable friends (perhaps even schoolmates) of Sarah Layton engaged in a ‘war room’ scenario. Monitoring various political websites, hijacking social networks, making comments extolling the virtues of Olivia Chow while posting nasty comments about her opponents and continuously re-voting on online polls. You may be shocked to learn that on a website like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, just ONE of Olivia Chow’s volunteers maybe responsible for up to twenty five different user profiles on each website. Olivia Chow’s ‘war room’ volunteers use anonymous proxy servers to mask their location and re-vote multiple times on opinion polls in Olivia Chow’s favour. It’s a full time job for these ‘war room’ teenagers who spent countless hours fully engaged at their computer stations. Olivia Chow and the Layton family alone is largely responsible for her own so-called popularity. I have worked with several candidates on all three levels of government and Olivia Chow is the ONLY candidate I have seen using five full time ‘war room’ tacticians spamming the internet.


When I was first introduced to Olivia Chow she was talking rapidly on her cell phone, clearly irritated with whom she was speaking with before making a snide comment and hanging up. With her trademark orange scarf on the back of the chair behind her, the initial introductions were quick. Mike Layton began to give her step-mother Olivia Chow a volley of instructions about how the remainder of the day was to play out, he knew her entire itinerary and directed all orders. Olivia Chow simply obediently nodded.

While Olivia Chow was talking I noticed she had a perfectly normal Canadian accent, with no hint of Chinese what so ever. However when speaking publicly on television, as well as to her constituents Olivia Chow exaggerates a slight Asian accent, simply for the benefit of ethnic votes.

“Okay, lets go!” Olivia Chow announced as we piled into her van, with Mike Layton driving and still calling all the shots. As I keep a curious ear on Mike Layton’s command of the otherwise obviously oblivious Olivia Chow, I rifled through the box of campaign pamphlets. I noticed something fascinating, there were three different types of filers, each written in a different foreign language and bundled separately. Quizzing Sarah Layton I was told “We have three different ethnic groups in the area, give the proper flier to the corresponding family, it’s all written down right here” handing me a clipboard. I have never before or since worked for another candidate who mapped out the individual homes of constituents based on their ethnic background, going so far pandering to immigrant voters.

As I went door-to-door that day introducing constituents to Comrade Chow, I could not help notice most people we spoke with were too enamored with her self-created z-list celebrity status to ask any real questions related to her family’s socialist agenda. The few who did ask a direct political platform question were met with vague, flippant answers, designed to sell. Hilariously one man was startled when Olivia Chow interrupted him requesting to enter the house and use his washroom.

Politically Olivia Chow is obtuse, her meticulously crafted image has been sold to the public as a lie by the entire Layton family. She uses sly manipulation tactics in order to appear to empathize with minorities. She is by no means fit to serve as mayor of Toronto. She clearly can not think for herself, lacking any possible type of independent thought let alone a political mind.

I can guarantee you that presented with a direct political question which she is not prepared for, Olivia Chow will give a vague answer and quite likely ask to use your washroom to call Councillor Layton on speed-dial for advice. I have dealt and worked with several female politicians over the years, opinionated, bold and outspoken. Women who can certainly fight their own battles. Olivia Chow is not by any stretch of the imagination that type of woman at all. She is an incompetent puppet, with her devious masters carefully pulling the strings in a deliberate manner.

Chow for mayor button

Michelle Elections

By Robert James


            All those in favour of adopting the resolution to get an extra week’s paid vacation, say aye!

            City hall is closed mid-March, for a new made-up holiday that once again allows our so-called public servants to take some nice long undeserved them-time. Now, that’s not to say the private sector does not have their own version of “March Break”, it is simply unpaid with the slightly more ominous sounding name of “Temporary Layoff”. While there are no meetings at city hall as several councillors packed their snowbird bags, Mayor Rob Ford is busy spending the week personally visiting Toronto Community Housing residents… the only politician who will. All the other “sharing is caring” socialist politicians pack up with the camera crews, leaving subsidized housing residents in their councillor approved squalor.

             Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton on the other hand prefers to talk about his emotions at city hall, before voting against the residents of Community Housing and spitting in the face of the poor and taxpaying working class. Councillor Layton makes a big song and dance on his website in regards to the Auditor General’s report on Toronto Community Housing’s waste and corruption, although Mike Layton only uses the fluffier term “misspending”. He does not want to hurt any of his crony’s fragile and precious feelings.

             Councillor Layton voted against Mayor Rob Ford’s motion to remove Toronto Community Housing board members after the revelations of unrepentant theft. Mike Layton also voted against accountability with Community Housing’s budget, earning him the prestigious “F” grade on his report card with the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. In fact Mike Layton voted against virtually every single cost cutting measure ever presented to him at city hall.

             Not to call in the sins of the father and stepmother, but Jack Layton and Olivia Chow have abused subsidized housing like no other. In residences supposedly reserved for the poorest members of the community, Mike Layton’s own family were able to use their connections to score a prime pick, high end three bedroom apartment for cheap. All this wile Comrade Chow was earning $120,000 per year. It was only until protestors starting showing up at the Layton’s family door demanding habitable affordable housing, that the moving truck was packed and the co-operative home was given to a more worthy family.

            It is no wonder why Councillor Layton rails endlessly against privatization of Community Housing. Our homeless today are put on a six year waiting list for affordable housing… if they don’t take the bed bug infested, rotting and uninhabitable bachelor pad offered, tough titty. Toronto taxpayers and subsidized housing tenants had enough, Mike Layton’s abuse of the social system needs to end.

By Robert James

(NOTE: The author recommended censoring these images of the Toronto Pride parade, but the editor-in-chief refused citing discrimination against naked wankers. They might start acting all offended if we blacked-out their nasties. This crap is shoved down kid’s throats as “normal”!)


Fully nude men committing sex acts on the streets of Toronto in broad daylight, masturbating in front of babies and school children. According to Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, if you don’t enthusiastically agree with such disturbing almost pedophiliac behaviour – obviously you must be a homophobic bigot. It’s a standard scene every year at the ten day Toronto Pride Orgy, with the full support of Councillor Wong-Tam and the unelected Premier Wynne. Anyone who complains, or even just refuses to attend can expect to be smeared and slandered as a prejudiced hatemonger.

Though somehow Councillor Wong-Tam is fully allowed to despise the Jewish community and use Pride Week to spread her hate speech which is contrary to the City of Toronto’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. I guess the Ontario Human Rights Code can be violated to commit hate speech or abuse free speech based on Councillor Wong-Tam’s prejudices and privileged special interest group’s particular whims. Only a scythe is granted the authority to call the spade a spade.

Kristyn Wong-Tam’s tactic to silence all criticism is not exactly new, her attack dog card has a very old lineage. In an open letter mailed to party members all over the world, the old school Communists laid out their tactics to immobilize all adversaries. Through endless libel and slander “enemies of the people” are fair game for public attacks. Call all opponents terrorists, criminals, villains, vile scum of the earth, fascist defilers. Reinforce endless lies and defamation in the minds of the people, it will quickly become true. Councillor Wong-Tam has learned well the methods of political and cultural assassination from her country of birth. Mao would be proud.

Ward 20 Toronto District School Board Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos quizzed Kristyn Wong-Tam about the criminal code violations freely occurring, and got a personal taste on how the now self-called “LGBTTIQQ2SA” community is bullying straight people. The criminal code clearly states “every one who wilfully does an indecent act in a public place in the presence of one or more persons” and “every person who, in any place, for a sexual purpose, exposes his or her genital organs to a person who is under the age of fourteen years is guilty of an offence”. By simply referencing the law on                 Kristyn Wong-Tam’s Twitter account, School Trustee Sotiropoulos faced the full fury of queer scorn.

I am not personally homophobic, I could care less what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. It’s their right and not my business… consensual sex is not the government’s business. I do though have a problem when I see oral sex being preformed in the mid-afternoon by two men on the streets beside Osgoode Hall on Canada Day. I also have a problem with how Canada Day celebrations in Toronto are all but cancelled by Pride Week as in 2012, without a Maple Leaf in sight over a distant sea of rainbows. Yet I am among those who are vilified for being an old fashioned bigot by wanting to celebrate my country and not gay “pride” on July 1st. When I asked one city volunteer where the Canada Day events were being held I was told bluntly that Pride Week takes precedence in Toronto.

I also take issue with Kristyn Wong-Tam wanting to use $50,000 in Section 37 condo developer bribes to paint rainbow colours on a crosswalk. I certainly take issue with the estimated $10 million dollar bill to taxpayers for hosting this year’s World Pride event. I am tired of Councillor Wong-Tam’s special interest group “Queers Against Toronto Taxpayers” and her tax dollar funded, subsidized speech that is by no means free. Shielding your children’s eyes from filth? That’s now homophobic too!

The new politically correct term at city hall is “LGBTTIQQ2SA”, they don’t want to offend anyone who self-identifies as “LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, TRANSEXUAL, INTERESTED, QUEER, QUESTIONING,   TWO-SPIRITED or ALLIES.” There is a rare psychiatric mental disorder called Cotard Delusion in which the sufferer self-identifies as being dead. An eccentric belief to be sure, but traditional society is not being forced to bend over backwards and accommodate their inclinations.

People who self-identify as Napoleon don’t get ten days of Psychogenic Amnesia Pride parades, and national holidays are not taken over by droves of naked straight protesters who expect to get a military decoration pinned on their bare chest just for getting laid. Toronto on Canada Day, just as the attempted St. Patrick’s Day seizure in Boston “LGBTTIQQ2SAers” setup their “pride” events to coincide with traditional holidays, destroying cultural values. Since I want to celebrate Canada Day and St. Patrick’s Day on those holidays instead of the forced gay “pride” takeover, I am attacked and called a homophobic bigot. In reality I could care less who or what a person consensually humps in their private free time, just stop forcing it in public.




By Robert James


            Supporting city wide recycling collection sure makes Ward 14 Councillor Gordy Boy Perks feel good. Just like all his lefty compatriots, ignoring logic and cold hard facts in the name of feeling good. As the official Greenpeace Councillor, Gord Perks and his fellow eco-terrorist fruitcakes have drilled it into countless generations of impressionable young minds that people who put their trash in the garbage bin are killing mother earth.

             While recycling has won over most individuals who think they are doing good, unfortunately for Councillor Perks people are now waking up to the damaging economic and environmental effects cause by Toronto’s recycling program. Those who consider themselves “green” better think again. Other then scrap metal like soda cans that have some value, everything we were told about recycling turned out to be a lie of epic proportions. Citywide blue bins? Just another lefty waste.

          It costs more money to recycle then it does to create a new item, recycling creates more toxic byproducts that destroys the Earth then creating a new item, and recycling releases more Co2 into the atmosphere then creating a new item. If it was not for endless government subsidies turning that plastic milk jug into AstroTurf, the pollution caused by recycling initiatives for net zero profit would be criminal.

          Councillor Perks would have you believe forests are being clear cut into extinction to print this newspaper. What Gord Perks wont tell you is that to make paper companies actually farm tress as a RENEWABLE resource. Every time you recycle paper you help spill bleach and other waste into the environment, including chemical smoke and ash. Every time you buy un-recycled paper… a few new trees are planted in your name, for the next batch of fresh paper.

          According to the Society of American Foresters there is more forestland then ever before. Thanks in no small part to paper eating printers and photocopiers, the tree population in North America is 380 percent greater than it had been in 1920. You can always expect Councillor Perks to omit that little detail when he is campaigning for the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

          The last argument Councillor Perks could make would be to keep garbage out of city landfills, totally ignoring the purpose of landfills. His environmental lobbyists love using scare tactics that we are running out of space to put our garbage, big fat lie. If everyone in North America were to dispose of all their waste in one single landfill for the next thousand years, we still would only need a space roughly equivalent to 35×35 miles. With a rubber barrier on the bottom and soil on the top, instead of a garbage heap you would have a nice new green forest in no time. Another in a long line of “inconvenient truths” Councillor Perks ignores.

By Robert James


Agnes Macphail’s annual Public Speaking Contest was held at the East York Civic Centre this year. Where young students get an opportunity to try out their oratory stills, and win inkjet certificates acknowledging their participation. On the judging list this year was none other than Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis.

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 headed down to the Davidson Council Chambers at the East York Civic Centre and expressed their right to stand on a soap box. Yet when Mary Fragedakis is appointed Judge Dredd over the proceedings one can hardly expect a fair debate.

Was it any wonder out of the boatloads of students speaking that day, Councillor Fragedakis picked a politically biased Ford bashing speech about the mayor’s private life as the winner? Of all of the speeches Mary Fragedakis had to judge that day, how many other students were ignored for the grand prize based solely on Councillor Fragedakis’ hatred against accountable government?

The argument that every single minute of politician’s private life is of utmost importance for media scrutiny, only ever seems to count with fiscal conservatives who rattle Councillor Fragedakis’ crony quo. When is the last time the front covers of newspapers were splash daily with lefty’s indiscretions? For some short examples: MPP George Smitherman’s five year addiction to narcotic party drugs, Jack Layton cheating on his wife in a brothel that hired underage Asian prostitutes, or Councillor Paul Ainslie driving drunk.

At least Ford still gets up in the morning, goes to his job everyday and works for the taxpaying Torontonian… which is more then all the other socialist councillors, the chief of police or the deputy mayor could ever pretend to promise. $1.2 million dollars later with a once secret Toronto Police Service Cessna spy plane, and 24/7 surveillance… all Bill Blair or Robyn Doolittle could prove after months was that Rob Ford drank a 1/2 bottle of vodka in a dark park late at night and pissed on a tree. Whoopty Freakin’ Doo!