By J.J.


For Ontario’s multi-million dollar rapper Drake the 2014 season of musical ‘grant-farming’ has reaped one heck of a harvest. Three-hundred-thousand of your tax dollars have been given to Drake’s company by the Ontario government for his 2014 OVO. The stated reason is that it will grow our economy and will help emerging local musicians. Yet at the time that Drake received the three-hundred-grand the only act booked for his OVO Festival was OutKast, an American rap duo. The newly-created Ontario Music Office is part of the Ontario Media Development Corporation whose mission statement is to fund LIVE music events across the province. Other live music events that your tax dollars are funding this season are the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Rock the Park and North by Northeast. Needless to say, the largest funding recipient is Pride Toronto/World Pride 2014.

Drake’s net worth is thirty-five million dollars and the tires on his Bugatti Veyron cost more than your whole car. Ticketmaster lists Drake’s OVO tickets at $66.50, $124.80 and $347.50. Best of all, HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY BACK A PENNY! Our Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Fest COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING and many events support causes that benefit all Ontarians. But unless there is money to go “missing”, the Ontario Liberal Party is not interested. Music promoter and Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine believes that no politician or oligarch should have a chance in hell to make a penny from local musicians. His Free the Music initiative is dedicated to the musician, and ONLY the musician.

Grant farming has become a profession based on cronyism and kick-backs and Drake’s team are top pros. Three-hundred thousand dollars offers a lot to spread around to those that award the grants. Ontario’s version of ‘corporate welfare’ is unique in that it is difficult to quantify tourist dollars as it is easy to massage the numbers. But enough talk of what THEY do, and time to concentrate on what WE have done for the community, emerging local musicians and the live music scene: For three decades we have been organizing Ontario’s blues, rock, folk and country musicians and have staged hundreds of festivals, concerts and CD release parties for LOCAL bands and LOCAL solo singer/song-writers. Did we mention that it COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING? We also ‘play it forward’ and have supported causes like animal welfare and our well-known food drive allows music fans to donate a can of food to attend. We know that any Ontarian can afford that. Tax-funded events can cost hundreds of dollars to attend. Like Drake’s OVO.

Progressive Conservative Vic Fedeli said that the Ontario government needs to end this type of corporate welfare. “We believe that money should be invested in infrastructure that ALL people can use”. Money-mills like the Ontario Music Office, Celebrate Ontario and the Ontario Media Development Corporation all are part of the Tourism, Culture and Sport Ministry. They are seriously considering a request from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to pour ten-million dollars into BMO Field in Toronto. So why are we still wondering how BILLIONS of Ontario tax dollars “disappeared” with the Ontario Liberal Party in power??? END CORPORATE WELFARE!!! FREE THE MUSIC!!!


By J.J.


The conspiracy that has led to an elite cabal using the Beaches for personal gain continues unabated. The first “public consultation” regarding the future of Kew Gardens took place at the Beaches Recreation Centre on Tuesday, March 18th/2014 and the Your Ward News Investigation Team was there. There was also a fresh new face stepping forward to shake things up and he was clearly determined to SAVE OUR BEACH! We’ll get back to that later. The meeting was déjà vu all over again as the meeting was a Xerox copy of the “Visioning Study” organized by Mary-Margaret McMahon to “consult” with Beachers about the condo assault on our Queen Street miracle mile. Is the fix in again? If you get kicked in the head ten times, might you not duck when you see the eleventh kick coming? Beachers have learned their lesson well.

Plant Architect Inc. is the design team that has been retained for the Kew Gardens project and you can bet that the additions and alterations are already chosen. Just like Mary-Margaret McMahon’s Visioning Study, overhead pictures of Kew Gardens were laid out on the tables. Little pictures of stairs, plants, walk-ways and art installations were loosely spread out on top of the map for participants to place here and there. After several minutes the people were asked to switch tables and to peruse the map again with new little icons. Simply put, it was pretty silly. They also totally ignored the stage as though it were in a vacuum. It wasn’t even on their map which made us realize that the project is already signed, sealed and delivered. Even more questionable was when the representative from Plant Architect Inc. opined that it was difficult to enter the park from the sidewalk on Queen and something must be constructed on a much wider sidewalk. Folks, it’s one step into the park and she’s talking as though the Great Wall of China was keeping people out! Unbelievable.

There was much banter about attracting Torontonians to the Beaches to spend some money. It seems to Your Ward News’ staff that if money just HAD to be spent on the park, an upgraded stage with dressing rooms and an awesome sound system would be the ticket. We could then accommodate everything from Hamlet to the Allman Brothers. That’s how to attract visitors to our little shops and businesses. Then again, the existing stage belongs to the Beaches elite and the little people have difficulty organizing anything that requires the use of local facilities. Just ask promoter/publisher Leroy St. Germaine about the many hoops he has been forced to jump through to stage fund-raising concerts and to present local musicians to the public….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS! But that’s the problem; there’s nothing that interested parties can do to skim, scam and skip away Scott-free.

Meanwhile, back at the Kew Gardens public consultation meeting at the rec centre, things started really heating up. Beachers wanted ‘Question Period’, but organizers wanted nothing to do with that. That didn’t stop an impressive young man to get on his feet and ask, “Who the hell came up with this idea initially anyway?” The answer was a conglomeration of mundane drivel, non-starters and double-speak. Our survey of Kew Gardens also reminded us that the hydrology of the Beaches has always been irrelevant to all builders, designers, architects, city planners and politicians. That’s because personal profit is the top priority. Ecological balance, flood prevention and the safety of Beachers are way down the list. Talk of maintaining the character of our neighborhood is vague but distracting. And what about the sight-line from the sidewalk on Queen Street all the way to the lake? After all, there is a reason the area is called the Beaches. Any obstruction to that view is surely a no-go.

So, who was that confident and strident fellow that stood up against the Beach bullies that have been kicking sand in our faces for many years? His name is Michael Connor and he would like to serve Beachers by being our next Ward 32 councilor. The next local councilor we choose will absolutely make-or-break the future of the Beaches. We are still trying to figure out if our present councilor is shrewder than we first thought, or just dumber than cold porridge. Either way, the result is the same; the destruction of the Beaches for power and profit. Another stumbling block that we have encountered are the so-called “grass-roots” organizations that are clearly just phony (astro-turf) operations (Hykamp, Graff et al.)

Beachers must know everything about all the candidates running for Ward 32 councilor and Your Ward News will keep you informed. As Election Day draws closer, we will decide which candidate we will be throwing all our support behind. If you need any information from us, or have any info for us about candidates, Please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325. WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

Written by our Investigative Journalist on the inside,

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


During the October 2008 Federal Election, I volunteered in multiple constituency offices surrounding my riding of Toronto Centre. I was infiltrating the New Democratic Party, observing their candidates as a strategic conservative. In order to assist conservative candidates I was attempting to pull the carpet out from under the Liberal’s feet from the other side.

I was able to observe closely my Toronto Centre candidate El-Farouk Khaki, a quick Google search still shows pictures of me holding his campaign fliers during an all-candidates debate. I was also working in Don Valley West with NDP candidate David Sparrow trying to split votes from Liberal Rob Oliphant, in hopes of a Conservative victory for John Carmichael.


My most cherished memory of that election however (aside from partying with Toronto Centre Conservative candidate David Gentili and his wife) was the time I spent working directly under Olivia Chow. I arrived at her campaign office in Trinity-Spadina one morning, and walked up to the reception desk, which was currently being presided over by the late Jack Layton’s son Michael (aka Mike) who latter became Ward 19’s Councillor in the 2010 municipal election.

“Hello, I’m from the El-Farouk Khaki campaign, but I thought I’d come and give Olivia a hand today, my name is Michelle.” Mike Layton looked at me, no doubt taking in my stylish clothing and hesitated for a moment before asking me “Have you ever canvassed door-to-door with a candidate before?” The answer was no, I never had at that point. Yet I did not miss a beat. “Of course” I replied nonchalantly. He handed me a volunteer application form and told me Olivia Chow is putting a team together at this exact moment. Sarah Layton (Campbell), Jack Layton’s other child was busy multitasking at her workstation.

Observing everything I noticed the office, while fairly small was a hub of activity. With at least five computers setup staffed by teenagers, probable friends (perhaps even schoolmates) of Sarah Layton engaged in a ‘war room’ scenario. Monitoring various political websites, hijacking social networks, making comments extolling the virtues of Olivia Chow while posting nasty comments about her opponents and continuously re-voting on online polls. You may be shocked to learn that on a website like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, just ONE of Olivia Chow’s volunteers maybe responsible for up to twenty five different user profiles on each website. Olivia Chow’s ‘war room’ volunteers use anonymous proxy servers to mask their location and re-vote multiple times on opinion polls in Olivia Chow’s favour. It’s a full time job for these ‘war room’ teenagers who spent countless hours fully engaged at their computer stations. Olivia Chow and the Layton family alone is largely responsible for her own so-called popularity. I have worked with several candidates on all three levels of government and Olivia Chow is the ONLY candidate I have seen using five full time ‘war room’ tacticians spamming the internet.


When I was first introduced to Olivia Chow she was talking rapidly on her cell phone, clearly irritated with whom she was speaking with before making a snide comment and hanging up. With her trademark orange scarf on the back of the chair behind her, the initial introductions were quick. Mike Layton began to give her step-mother Olivia Chow a volley of instructions about how the remainder of the day was to play out, he knew her entire itinerary and directed all orders. Olivia Chow simply obediently nodded.

While Olivia Chow was talking I noticed she had a perfectly normal Canadian accent, with no hint of Chinese what so ever. However when speaking publicly on television, as well as to her constituents Olivia Chow exaggerates a slight Asian accent, simply for the benefit of ethnic votes.

“Okay, lets go!” Olivia Chow announced as we piled into her van, with Mike Layton driving and still calling all the shots. As I keep a curious ear on Mike Layton’s command of the otherwise obviously oblivious Olivia Chow, I rifled through the box of campaign pamphlets. I noticed something fascinating, there were three different types of filers, each written in a different foreign language and bundled separately. Quizzing Sarah Layton I was told “We have three different ethnic groups in the area, give the proper flier to the corresponding family, it’s all written down right here” handing me a clipboard. I have never before or since worked for another candidate who mapped out the individual homes of constituents based on their ethnic background, going so far pandering to immigrant voters.

As I went door-to-door that day introducing constituents to Comrade Chow, I could not help notice most people we spoke with were too enamored with her self-created z-list celebrity status to ask any real questions related to her family’s socialist agenda. The few who did ask a direct political platform question were met with vague, flippant answers, designed to sell. Hilariously one man was startled when Olivia Chow interrupted him requesting to enter the house and use his washroom.

Politically Olivia Chow is obtuse, her meticulously crafted image has been sold to the public as a lie by the entire Layton family. She uses sly manipulation tactics in order to appear to empathize with minorities. She is by no means fit to serve as mayor of Toronto. She clearly can not think for herself, lacking any possible type of independent thought let alone a political mind.

I can guarantee you that presented with a direct political question which she is not prepared for, Olivia Chow will give a vague answer and quite likely ask to use your washroom to call Councillor Layton on speed-dial for advice. I have dealt and worked with several female politicians over the years, opinionated, bold and outspoken. Women who can certainly fight their own battles. Olivia Chow is not by any stretch of the imagination that type of woman at all. She is an incompetent puppet, with her devious masters carefully pulling the strings in a deliberate manner.

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Michelle Elections


The Olympics are over, and Putin is locking up activists again. Shortly before the Sochi Olympics, the Russian government surprised many by granting amnesty to 20,000 prisoners, including Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, it seemed at the time like a fairly transparent bid for some good publicity ahead of the international media’s arrival in Russia for the Olympics. And given the events that have transpired in the days since the games ended, those suspicions now seem confirmed.

Maria Alyokhina is condemning Russia’s involvement in the ongoing Ukraine crisis. In an article she wrote with a translator for “The New Republic” she compares Russian troops marching in Ukraine’s Crimea region to the Soviet Union led invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin goes on to criticize what she calls the Russian president’s tactic of “divide and rule.” Alyokhina also urges the Russian people not to remain passive, arguing that unlike prisoners in a penal colony, they can decide how long they will “live like this” and prevent the Kremlin from becoming a prison tower.

Looking to start World War Three Vladimir Putin sent a Russian spy ship to dock just south of Florida. Along with electronic eavesdropping equipment and weaponry, including AK-630 rapid-fire cannons and surface-to-air missiles, Putin  parks himself within firing distance to the US, in Havana Cuba.

Ukrainian territory has been seized at the point of a Russian gun. The Russian invasion of Ukraine demands NATO’s response! Under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, NATO must act against Putin’s Warsaw Pact aggressions. For giving up their nuclear weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union, I quote: “The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.”

Putin is already losing in the Ukraine. In Russia, his war looks to be one of the most unpopular decisions Putin has ever made. Even the Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey that showed most Russians reject the war against the Ukraine. In the land of all propaganda and no decent, for the Kremlin to say that means Vladimir Putin is losing support from HIS OWN hardliners in Moscow. Only 15% of Russians support Putin’s new war. Off to Siberia with the one hundred and ten million Russians who don’t support Putin, I guess.

Even Russia’s closest ally the ex-Soviet state of Kazakhstan does not support Putin’s war with the democratic western nation of the Ukraine. Terrifyingly China has come out in support of Russian aggression, making World War Three a real Red Dawn wargame scenario.

O’ and Putin is getting really mad. After years and years of trying to become a presence in world government this year’s G-8 meeting was going to be held in Sochi. A chance for Putin to really propagandize his new Soviet Union. Yet thanks to Putin being a complete moron, most of the major national leaders pulled out of G-8 this year in response to Putin’s warmongering. Don’t forget, Russia was actually trying to JOIN NATO several years ago, a coalition of western countries setup to halt the Russian war machine and international communism.

I laughed at Vladimir Putin for pretending to be a Bond villain in the past, and now I’m not laughing because he’s not pretending. He just realized that ballot stuffing works better than orbital death rays. It’s much easier to make demands of a national government when you’re the ex-KGB new- dictator.

By Christopher di Armani


Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan is a complete and utter moron if he thinks that banning the lawful sale of products to law-abiding citizens will have any impact at all on the violent criminals shooting up downtown Toronto.

This isn’t the first time that the moronic Vaughan has focused on the people who are NOT the problem, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.  Vaughan hates guns and anyone who doesn’t share his vitriolic hatred of them.

Yes, that means that Adam Vaughan most assuredly hates me.  Trust me, I can live with that.  I’ve been reviled by much better men than this petty little tyrant and survived, so I doubt I’ll be losing any sleep over his despising me tonight either.

Let me be clear about something though, in case any mistake my mocking of the vapid Adam Vaughan as something it is not.

I despise the murderous and stupid people who are shooting up downtown Toronto.  My heart goes out to the families of every innocent person killed or injured by them.

Unlike the class of lunatics on Toronto City Council, Mayor Ford aside of course, I comprehend that if the problem you want to deal with is violent criminals in Toronto then do something about violent crime in Toronto! Don’t go blaming the people that ALWAYS get blamed for gun crime and gun violence… the very people who did not and never will commit those crimes: Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

Naturally this thought would never occur to the likes of Adam Vaughan or any of the other pathetic excuses for leaders that haunt Toronto City Hall.  Anyone who lawfully owns firearms is, in their eyes, no better than the idiot who shot and killed two people and wounded many more at the Eaton’s Center.

That’s where I have a problem. I and the millions of lawful firearm owners across Canada are not the problem. We never have been and we never will be.

Violent criminals and gangs are, but will we deal with that problem? Of course not. That doesn’t have a great sound-byte, does it?

It is utterly lost on Councillor Adam Vaughan that criminals like the one who shot up Eaton’s Center don’t obey the law.  That particular jerk was already under house arrest, we must remember, and that didn’t stop him from breaking his conditions of release, did it? Of course not. Why? Because he’s a criminal and he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about anyone but himself.

That reminds me a lot of Councillor Adam Vaughan, actually.  While not a criminal, at least not that I am aware of, Adam Vaughan cares only about himself and how much press time he can get. Calling for a ban on guns is guaranteed to get him some national air time and that’s what this is all about for him. Another few minutes in the spotlight.

Vaughan cites, in his own childish way, that nobody in Toronto needs firearms. Nobody in Toronto “needs” cars either, even though cars account for orders of magnitude more death and injury in Toronto than firearms ever will. Does Vaughan call for a ban on vehicles?  Of course not.  He owns one and isn’t interested in being inconvenienced.

“How (would) we enforce this?” said a chuckling Nathalie Des Rosiers, who added such a measure would not stop illegal guns from falling into the hands of criminals.

As Nathalie Des Rosiers of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association pointed out, banning ammunition would be impossible and expensive to enforce, violate federal firearms law and wrongly punish responsible gun owners, while leaving violent criminals completely untouched.

Tony Bernardo, of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said that “Vaughan is just grandstanding,” adding that firearms and ammunition are already regulated under federal law.

This isn’t about actually solving a problem though, is it?  No. This is all about optics and being seen to be doing something… instead of actually doing something… the grand pastime of stupid politicians like Adam Vaughan.

He’s one of the morons on Toronto City Council who recently voted to ban plastic bags from Toronto… another brilliant move that came with absolutely no thought at all.

Seriously… how do these moronic buffoons get elected in the first place?

Republished with Permission:

Politicians who cannot stop spending — an example.

By Arthur Weinreb. Canada Free Press.


It is a well-known fact that many politicians, especially of the left persuasion, love to spend money as long as the bucks come from other people. The following is a perfect example of the mentality of spending money that does absolutely no good but achieves the stated objectives of making the politico feel good. And if by raising taxes to do it, making people who are less well-off struggle more, so be it. The city of Toronto has just passed its 2014 budget. Rob Ford, the most famous mayor in the history of civilization, submitted 18 proposals to reduce the city’s spending. Of these 18 motions, only four passed the largely leftist group of city mothers.

One proposal was to slash the budget by $1.58 million by eliminating security guards at city libraries. The mayor noted it is unlikely two six-year-olds are going to fight it out over a dinosaur book.

The very idea of getting rid of security guards in Toronto libraries drew the wrath of two city councillors; Mary-Margaret McMahon and Adam Vaughan. Their reasoning for keeping the security guards serves as great examples of the mentality of McMahon, Vaughan, and their fellow travellers.

McMahon informed the mayor that security guards are needed in libraries because there was a murder at a library once. Surely security guards could prevent such a tragedy. The fact it costs over one and a half million dollars to prevent a tragedy is worth it, regardless of how difficult tax increases are to lower income people and seniors.

Yes MM, there was in fact a murder at a library that is in your ward. On Dec. 2, 2010, Zhou “Peter” Fang took a crossbow into the Main Street branch and shot his abusive 52-year-old father. Fang was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole for 10 years.

The killing of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the library. Fang went to the library because he knew his father would be there and he wanted to kill him. If McMahon truly believes security guards are needed to protect “the children”, she should propose a motion that the city protect children by placing security guards in McDonalds, parks, and all places where kids can be found. But of course, even she will never do that; security guards in libraries are enough to make her feel good about herself.

What an unarmed security guard would do to stop someone with a weapon from killing someone is, and will remain, how Cadbury puts the caramel into its Caramilk bars. One of life’s little secrets.

If McMahon was angry, Councillor Vaughan absolutely lost it. The most ardent Ford-hater on council, it’s almost worth a few extra property tax dollars to watch him in action. The man certainly suffers from RFDS (Rob Ford Derangement Syndrome).

After accusing the mayor with the obligatory leftist mantra of conducting a “war on children,” Vaughan said security guards are necessary in libraries to enable parents to “feel” their children are safe. Vaughan doesn’t even try to argue security guards will be able to prevent future acts of violence from occurring—it’s all about “feelings.” It sure makes Adam feel good about himself, damn the taxpayers.

Another argument for retaining guards is that librarians should not have to be the ones to have to toss out undesirables from their libraries. True, but neither should workers, many of them young women, have to throw patrons out of their donut shops and fast food restaurants. Librarians can do what lower life forms do when confronted with a volatile or potentially volatile situation. They can call 911.

Vaughan really started to descend into ridiculousness when he mocked Ford for having security guards to escort him around City Hall. Well, ever since allegations of the crack video surfaced, the mayor is constantly swarmed by reporters, led by Shrill Katie of City News, needing security guards not to protect him but to allow him to get in and out of his office unimpeded. City News is of course where, prior to his election to council, Vaughan posed as an unbiased and impartial journalist.

The city of Toronto’s operating budget for 2014 is $9.6 billion. The cost of library security guards is a drop in the bucket. But retaining these guards is symptomatic of why most council members have no regard for the amount of money they take from taxpayers.

Mayor Rob Ford is a freak. Not because he smoked crack or gets drunk or not even because he litters and goes to Vancouver to jaywalk. He’s a freak because he actually does care about the ever increasing amount of money that is confiscated from Toronto taxpayers.

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