Shelley Carroll’s million dollar booze addiction.

March 10, 2014

By Robert James


Ward 33’s Councillor Shelley Carroll just can’t stop wasting your money. Fresh from using her seat on the Toronto Hydro board of directors to secretly acquire an abandon building in which she paid $9 million tax dollars over the asking price, for no apparent reason what so ever… we hopped Councillor Carroll would take a brake with our wallets.

No such luck! As one of the heads of one of the most corrupt organizations in this province, Shelley Carroll is at it again. Playing all the dirty crony tricks Toronto Hydro is infamous for. With the most expensive hydro rates in the country, Councillor Carroll is taking money from your monthly bill payment for employee recognition perks such as paying for bar tabs. Of course not a drop of ale goes to the general labour or electrician, only the best royal stiffeners to the elite suits. Enough classy booze that would give Jack Daniels’ himself a decent 24/7 buzz.

Not surprisingly, a visit to Toronto Hydro’s website offers no insight into these expenditures. No accounting for who spent how much of your money in what bar. Remember, this is the same Toronto Hydro that after the auditor general reported clear financial deception, refused to release their records to the media; demanding thousands of dollars in fees and months of processing. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act be damned.

Again, and again Shelley Carroll proves she could not handle the fiscal transparency and required accountability in her last installment as the Chair of the Budget Committee. Yet on the Toronto Hydro board Councillor Carroll can run free through the imaginary park where money grows on trees. When you have a boss like Anthony M. Haines who still makes a million dollars per year thanks to his entirely counterfeit academic degree, cronies like Shelley Carroll can do no wrong.

Councillor Carroll, you must be a bartender’s wet dream. While you are too stingy to buy the house a round, at least you’ll pick up your wino friend’s tab… As long as you are paying with other people’s money of course.


One Response to “Shelley Carroll’s million dollar booze addiction.”

  1. antuerius Says:

    She was drunk.

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