So-called environmentalist Gord Perks, destroying the environment!

March 13, 2014

By Robert James


            Supporting city wide recycling collection sure makes Ward 14 Councillor Gordy Boy Perks feel good. Just like all his lefty compatriots, ignoring logic and cold hard facts in the name of feeling good. As the official Greenpeace Councillor, Gord Perks and his fellow eco-terrorist fruitcakes have drilled it into countless generations of impressionable young minds that people who put their trash in the garbage bin are killing mother earth.

             While recycling has won over most individuals who think they are doing good, unfortunately for Councillor Perks people are now waking up to the damaging economic and environmental effects cause by Toronto’s recycling program. Those who consider themselves “green” better think again. Other then scrap metal like soda cans that have some value, everything we were told about recycling turned out to be a lie of epic proportions. Citywide blue bins? Just another lefty waste.

          It costs more money to recycle then it does to create a new item, recycling creates more toxic byproducts that destroys the Earth then creating a new item, and recycling releases more Co2 into the atmosphere then creating a new item. If it was not for endless government subsidies turning that plastic milk jug into AstroTurf, the pollution caused by recycling initiatives for net zero profit would be criminal.

          Councillor Perks would have you believe forests are being clear cut into extinction to print this newspaper. What Gord Perks wont tell you is that to make paper companies actually farm tress as a RENEWABLE resource. Every time you recycle paper you help spill bleach and other waste into the environment, including chemical smoke and ash. Every time you buy un-recycled paper… a few new trees are planted in your name, for the next batch of fresh paper.

          According to the Society of American Foresters there is more forestland then ever before. Thanks in no small part to paper eating printers and photocopiers, the tree population in North America is 380 percent greater than it had been in 1920. You can always expect Councillor Perks to omit that little detail when he is campaigning for the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

          The last argument Councillor Perks could make would be to keep garbage out of city landfills, totally ignoring the purpose of landfills. His environmental lobbyists love using scare tactics that we are running out of space to put our garbage, big fat lie. If everyone in North America were to dispose of all their waste in one single landfill for the next thousand years, we still would only need a space roughly equivalent to 35×35 miles. With a rubber barrier on the bottom and soil on the top, instead of a garbage heap you would have a nice new green forest in no time. Another in a long line of “inconvenient truths” Councillor Perks ignores.


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